Window Treatments as Pretty As A Peach

With May just starting it’s time to get ready for Peach season. Peaches are delicious and are so versatile in how you can use them. Whether you are making a light summer lunch with a peach tartine or you want a wonderful dessert like a peach tart tatin they have many uses.

The color peach works much the same way. The way you design in peach can help inspire appetite and can make people feel more comfortable. It’s no wonder so many restaurants use on their interior design.

Psychologists have found that in addition to increasing appetite, peach also increases peoples willingness to speak and have a conversation.

Collage of four separate fabrics available in window treatments

These fabrics can help you feel peachy keen in whatever room you decide

It is also said that peach and other shades of orange help in accepting new ideas and processing information.

Kermit the Frog agreeing

Even though Kermit agrees he knows we’re right ;)

So the next time you are planning a big dinner party and want there to be a lot of conversation and don’t want any leftovers consider adding some peach or orange in the mix. 3 Day Blinds is here to help and we’ve got more fabrics and design options to help inspire whatever feelings you want in your kitchen or dining room. Schedule your free in-home consultation today!