Why our Designers and Clients Love Horizontal Sheer Shades by 3 Day Blinds

Horizontal Sheer Shades by 3 Day BlindsWhat is the perfect custom window treatment for a window that features a fantastic view where light control is required?  There are lots of options, but many of our clients choose Horizontal Sheer Shades by 3 Day Blinds.

“In Colorado, we have windows with gorgeous views of sweeping vistas and lots of light, which changes throughout the day.  Horizontal Sheer Shades are a great option for many reasons, and I recommend them often,” says Brenda Saint, 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant based in Fort Collins. 

We asked Brenda for more details:

“First of all, it is technically brilliant, combining the best qualities of both blinds and shades. They feature horizontal 2″ or 3″ vanes that are either light filtering or room darkening to control the light, between two sheer layers of fabric.  When the shade is down and the vanes are closed, the shades can provide complete privacy.  The vanes can then be rotated 180 degrees, similar to a blind.  When the vanes are tilted open, much of the view is preserved, yet the shades provide UV protection for furniture.  When the shades are raised, the roll up neatly into a modern cassette valance, and provide an unobstructed view.  My clients are always amazed that these shades can be delivered from the 3 Day Blinds factory in just 2 days.”

That covers it!  And if you’re ready to cover your windows with Horizontal Sheer Shades by 3 Day Blinds, just give us a call at 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation, or or click here to meet your neighborhood 3 Day Blinds Designer.

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