Which 3 Day Blinds Team is #1?

3 Day Blinds – Team Texas: #1 in Year-over-Year Growth in March. Front Row: Vada Moses, Traci Williams, Robin Simmons, Kyle Gilbert, Annie Butler, Tina Aiena, Yvonne Williams; Back Row: Joe Bechill, District Sales Manager, Bill Hill

At 3 Day Blinds, our associates in each local market belong to a team that consists of a District Manager, who runs the show, the Local Market Coordinator, who is responsible for many things, including training, and our Design Consultants, who serve our clients by providing free in-home window coverings consultations.

The members of these teams usually form deep bonds of friendship and support.  New Design Consultants are brought into the fold with 5 weeks of training, much of which consists on going on “ride-alongs” with more experienced Designers to learn about providing expert advice when showing clients our line of custom blinds, shades,  shutters, and drapes, how to take flawless measurements, and about how to conduct a consultation professionally and efficiently.

There is some friendly competition among the Designers to be #1 on their team, but the REAL competition is among the teams themselves!

“Here in Texas, everything is big, including our year-over-year growth, which was the best in the company last month” says Tina Aiena, the 3 Day Blinds Local Market Coordinator in Houston.  “This is a result of great people, training, teamwork and our relentless focus on our core value of providing a Superior Client Experience!”

What does it mean for a team to be #1?  Well, we’re real good at measuring things around here, so there’s no shortage of charts, graphs and computer-generated reports that could support almost any District Manager in claiming to be in first place based on some metric-or-another.  But what it really boils down to is providing great design recommendations, outstanding products and world-class service!

If you’re ready to give your windows a much-needed makeover, contact us at 877-614-3329 to schedule your in-home design consultation!  These experts will help you choose the perfect window treatments, take spot-on measurements, provide a quote and arrange for a professional installation.  Then they will call one of their team-mates to rave about the perfect window they just designed for you.  You’ll love the treatment!

Team San Diego was #1 in sales of our new products, Draperies – until this weekend! But now they’re beating their forecast by the widest margin! Back row- Sharon Reyes, Tammy D’Aquino, Teri Roberts, Tracy Colann, Karen Clark, Mary Rodriquez, Vince Sabala, Laura Livermore Front row- Christine Scott, Julie Gulliver, Rick Piacenza, Heidi Allen

This past weekend, Arizona moved into the #1 spot for Drapery Sales! From left to right: Valerie Loughlin, Rebecca Cetrone, Victoria Cooper, Jackie Johnson, Keelie Carlson, Juliet Egler, Maria Hauser (District Sales Manager), Gary Gilbert, Tammi Motsinger, Julia Clauss, Gerry Novotny, Scott Mendez (VP Sales), Kimmy Brock, Mike Kopp, Kathy Trojan

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