Venice, Italy: How do Modern People in an Ancient City Decorate Their Windows?

The Grande Canal, Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is known for their Gondolas, the Grande Canal, the Mediterranean color palette and the rich patina seen on the buildings. 

But what about the windows?  How does one decorate windows with such history?  I set out to find the answer.  In my unscientific poll, I rank interior window treatments as follows:

1) Lace and Sheer Curtains –  not so surprising, because Venice is known for its lace
2) Horizontal Blinds – or, as I’m sure they are called here, Venetian Blinds
3) Roman Shades
4) Pleated Shades

I found that most windows had exterior window treatments, such as storm shutters, awnings and outdoor blinds.  But what I found most interesting was the windows themselves.

        Most windows in Venice, Italy are layered. In this example, there is an awning, a rollaway outdoor shutter, an outdoor horizontal blind and sheer curtains inside. Flower boxes adorn many windows in Venice.          Sheer Roman Shades gently filter light.        Outdoor Shades provide protection.

Sheer Flat Roman Shades adorn a hotel lobby.Sheer curtains behind storm shutters.Iron gridwork on ground level windows.

Custom tailored outdoor shades.Sheer curtains in a Cafe along the Grande Canal.

More Mini Blinds

More Layered Looks.

More decorative grillwork accented by Mini Blinds.Rich layering of brick and stucco combined with lace curtains and storm shutters.Arches with lace curtains.

Stained glass adds a decorative accent and helps preserve privacy.

Storm shutters – closed!

An arch window with cafe curtains.

This Ice Cream Parlor chooses Mini Blinds.

A Gelato Shop goes with colorful Pleated Shades.


Sheer curtains behind a Morracan-influenced window.

Elegant Roman Shades.

A sheer Balloon Roman Shade.

A simple window, very typical of Venice.

Outdoor blinds paired with flower boxes.

Lace curtains under grillowork.

Cheerful sheer curtains, tied back, under storm shutters and outdoor shades.

A ground floor opportunity for the local window coverings retailer?

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