Vampires, Athletes, Rock Stars?? It Must Be Halloween at 3 Day Blinds!

072Some of our creatively costumed team members here at 3 Day Blinds! #33 is Venita Campbell, who took 1st Place in the Individual Costume Competition.
At 3 Day Blinds we make a point to keep the workplace fun and festive. And boy was that never more evident than on Halloween 2012!

At our Corporate Headquarters in Irvine, CA the vampires, ghouls, and even Oompa Loompas came out in full force to celebrate the holiday when kids can be grown-ups, and grown-ups can be kids. Throughout the office, cubicles were decorated from top to bottom and team members arrived to work in some extremely creative costumes. The entire team was supplied with pizza for lunch and there were contests aplenty all over the office.

We had several contest winners, including the team of Witches in the Appointment Sales Division made up of Dian Capasso, NAncy Fast, Kellie Proschek and Cynthia Ramos – they took the award for the Best Cubicle Decorations.

076Some of the fantastic decorations that we saw around the office all day! These are our “Vampires” who took 2nd Place Overall.

There was a dessert contest – and it’s no surprise that Willy Wonka and his team of Oompa Loompa’s took first price with their chocolate fountain.

Willie Wonka and his Team of Oompa Loompas showed they know desserts by taking 1st in the contest!There was a questionnaire contest, with several people in the office tying for first place by guessing 12 of 13 questions right, and two of our team members (Dan Lyle and Darlene Fajardo) walked away with gift certificates (for more candy perhaps?) by turning in questionnaires with 100% perfect scores!

Other contests included guess the # of candies in the cauldrons, Ashley Ragland and Glendy Gamoba were the lucky winners. They got to take home cauldrons filled with over 100 pieces of candy each!

The creativity that all of our team members showed made Halloween 2012 in the ISC one for the record books. Rest assured, this creativity takes a completely different form when our local Design Consultants visit the homes and businesses of their clients.  In that scenario, they are using their creativity, along with expert product, technical and fashion knowledge to recommend the best window treatment solution.  Our clients are delighted with the outcome, and most of them report that they had fun in the process!

If you’re ready for a window makeover that can happen in as little as 3 days, give us a call at 877-614-3329 to schedule your free consultation today or click here to schedule online, 24/7!

068Rosa Aguirre, our Appointment Services Supervisor , shows off her fantastic Peg Bundy costume that took 3rd Place overall today.

073Bashar Samman from our Special Orders Department took 2nd place in the individual costume competition. He arrived as “50 Shades of Grey” quite a topical costume!

069Billy Idol (David Andexler) came in to work today, along with several groupies (Eyvet Hartooni, Ramona Seneviratne, Jennifer Valenzuela) and his own private security (Christa Wadley)!