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Top 6 Useless Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Is Amazon Prime Day living up to the hype? Boasting more deals than Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day has a lot to live up to.

Included in this sale are some of the wackiest items to ever be sold online. We’ve gathered these top 6 Useless Deals that are now on sale this Amazon Prime Day. Good news, now you can get free shipping on all the useless items you’ll be getting rid of next year for spring cleaning!

6 Most Useless Deals on Amazon Prime Day

1. Universal Headmount for Your Smartphone

Because really, why wouldn’t you want to store your camera on your head for safe keeping? Mustache sold separately.

head mounth - Copy

2. EZ Drinker Toilet Golf

Don’t pass up the opportunity to practice with this innovative potty putter.



3. Saturday Knight Seashore Window Art Valance

If you need a night to escape from it all, throw up this Saturday Knight Seashore Window Art and you’ll feel like you’re miles away, but only on Saturdays. You can create the illusion of sand dunes and tranquil ocean just outside your window without the hassle of traveling.

If you hate the look, like most people with a fashion sense, you’ll want to check out and schedule your free in-home consultation. We’ll have your windows dressed to impressed so you won’t want to pretend to be somewhere else !

Capture - Copy

4. Bright Light Lighted Slippers

Enjoy the convenience of having slippers that light your way. You’ve always loved shoes that glow in the dark!

bright feet

5. Accoutrements Waxed Bacon Floss

Leave your mouth bacon fresh. Everyone loves to wake up to the smell of bacon, right? Now you can taste it without the calories.


6. A Bag Of Poop

According to Amazon, This novelty gag gift has two uses:

  • To Fool Your Friends!
  • To Torment Children!

Use your imagination and proceed with caution if you order this online.

bag of poop


Share some of your wackiest finds or sweetest deals!