Top 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants Return from Hawaii Trip

View from the Sheraton Waikiki, where winning 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants stayed. Photos by Kevin Rabbitt.

Congratulations to 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants and President’s Club  members, Cheryl Pilkington, Corinne Mar and Susan Gwin, who all earned luxurious 5 day trips to Hawaii for 2 at the Sheraton Waikiki, a beautiful beach front hotel on the island of Oahu.  Trip winners met aggressive customer satisfaction and sales goals in 2010.

The group recently returned.  Sue brought her son, Ty, Corinne brought her husband Thomas, and they were joined by our CEO, Kevin Rabbitt, and his wife, Emily.  Unfortunately, Cheryl and her husband David had to cancel at the last minute.

“I was thrilled to learn that I had earned this trip.  Hawaii was wonderful.  We had a great time enjoying our beautiful surroundings, the fun things to do, and some team bonding time as well,” said Corinne. “For me it was also fun to watch Thomas surf, because that is one of his passions.  Every minute was well-spent.”

Looking north along the white sandy beaches of Waikiki, toward Diamond Head.

Some of the activities the group enjoyed included dinner at the beach house at the historic Moana Surfrider Hotel, which everyone highly recommends, and a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which offered some great shows and lots of ice cream.  Word from the team was that it would have been nice to have been able to order some rum-laced drinks with pretty umbrellas, but this was a liquor-free experience.

Emily, Ty, Sue, Thomas and Corinne together at a fun dinner. Kevin is behind the camera.

“We wante dto reward our hardest working and most productive Design Consultants with some rest and relaxation, but some work continued,” said Kevin.  “What impressed me was that when I looked at the daily sales reports, I saw that these ladies were still placing orders and following up with their clients, even while on what was supposed to be enjoying the getaway.”

Lounging in the crystal blue Hawaiian waters. 

A show at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The winners also spent some time on their own.  There was a lot to see on the streets, on the beach and in the water.  “I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my son in a place that I can only describe as paradise,” says Sue.  “A highlight for us was visiting the Bishop Museum, which celebrates Hawaiian history and nature.”

Professional bathing suit models caught poolside by the Paparazzi? No! Emily and Kevin Rabbitt relax at the Sheraton (while the rest of us on the mainland were busy serving our customers and making blinds).

Kevin and Emily, who left their 4 children at home with grandparents, enjoyed soaking up the sun.  “For me, it not just a chance to relax and spend some time alone with my husband, but by meeting Sue and Corinne, it was a chance to learn more about the work my husband does at 3 Day Blinds,” said Emily.  “It was so enlightening and interesting to hear about the company from the people who actually serve the customers day in and day out. I am proud that Kevin runs such a successful company, one that helps their clients beautify their homes with new custom blinds, shades and shutters and one that employs such outstanding professionals.”

Emily has reason to be impressed. Susan, Cheryl and Corinne are true window treatments and customer service professionals, as are all of our 200 Design Consultants.  And normally, they are not out globetrotting, but instead meeting with their neighbors in their local communities to help design the perfect window treatments.

During your free consultation, they will come to your home or business with more than 1000 product choices, listen to your needs and recommend the best custom blinds, shades or shutters for your application.  In addition, they take guaranteed measurements, provide a free quote and arrange for installation.  Call 877-614-3329 to schedule your in-home design or click here to type in your zip code to meet your team of neighborhood 3 Day Blinds Designers.

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