The Giving Season at 3 Day Blinds Has Begun!

3 Day Blinds Design Consultant Kathy Trojan and one of the Hospice Scottsdale patients on Halloween – all dressed up!

With the first of November here at last, at 3 Day Blinds we like to remember to not only spread holiday cheer around the office, but also within the communities where we are represented by some of our fantastic Design Consultants and team members. 

A great example of this giving is shown by Kathy Trojan, one of our Design Consultants from Scottsdale, Arizona. Kathy spends a lot of her time volunteering at Hospice in Scottsdale. 

“As a volunteer it is my responsibility to visit the patients within the Hospice facility, some of whom are near the end of their lives,” said Kathy. “I sit and talk to them, we read books or magazines together, it’s really about whatever they need. The most important thing is that we have fun!” 

A lot of the volunteers at the Hospice center help out with painting, arts and crafts, and getting the patients dressed up for Halloween in their costumes.

A Hospice Volunteer and her dressed up companion for Halloween 2012“It’s really all about doing whatever we can do lift their spirits and give them life enjoyment. I always hear from them about how happy they are when I come to visit,” said Kathy. “It really gives me more pleasure knowing that I am helping to cheer them in some small way.” 

Last night, Halloween, Kathy and other volunteers (including one of her 3 Day Blinds clients!) went down to the Scottsdale Hospice in their costumes and handed out candy and helped to show the patients a festive time. 

3 Day Blinds client Cathy Vallecorsa, another volunteer with Hospice of Scottsdale, and her dressed up friend!

It is a pleasure for 3 Day Blinds to get involved in the local communities that we serve, and to bring smiles to everyone during this holiday season. 

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