The 3 Day Blinds Board of Directors Names Dave Hall CEO!

In a conference call with all of 3 Day Blinds Managers, Tim Burke, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 3 Day Blinds announced that Dave Hall has been named our new CEO.

On January 3rd, we announced that Dave Hall was “taking over the leadership of 3 Day Blinds,” but yesterday we received the good news that this decision has been formalized, and that he is now officially our new CEO!  “Dave Hall has won our complete confidence and I am excited to announce on behalf of the Board of Directors that we have named him CEO of 3 Day Blinds,” said Tim Burke in a special conference call with the 3 Day Blinds management team.  “We unanimously agreed that Dave is by far the most qualified candidate to lead your team as you continue to exceed even our most optimistic forecasts.”

We never had any doubt that this day would come.  Dave was responsible for implementing many of the strategies that caused our tremendous growth in 2011, and as Tim indicated, the momentum has continued in 2012.  “Everyone is so excited about the news,” said Tikie Holewski, SVP.  “I have heard from the whole senior management team and from associates throughout the Irvine Support Center and across the country, in the field.  Now that we all know that Dave’s role is set in stone, we can fully focus on implementing all of our growth plans.”

Dave had just arrived back from a memorable family trip to visit his daughter in Rome (which had been planned before the January announcement) where she is currently attending college when he received the good news.  Hopefully he enjoyed that break, because we don’t antipate any big vacations any time soon!

Congratulations, Dave, from everyone at 3 Day Blinds! 

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