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Home Office

Make Your Home Office Multifunctional

Home Office

This blog post is dedicated to the 13.4 million people working from home, a number that has soared 41% over the past decade. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have a room designated as a home office or work area. That’s why this work space is so inspiring, it not only transforms a small corner of a home into a motivating work environment, but it’s multifunctional.

With tons of desk and storage space, any professional can work productively in this environment and the best part is, it’s completely kid friendly. Store kid’s craft supplies and other home items in drawers below the desktop and use the upper shelving to house anything work related.  Even with all the functional elements of this space it achieves a homey feel with all the personal touches, like the framed photos, pinboard and other wall fixtures.

While everyone loves the idea of having natural sunlight stream into their work space it can be extremely frustrating when it creates a glare on your computer screen.  For this space I suggest adding Woven Wood Shades-Morocco Spice, to control the flow of sunlight into your work space making it a functional yet comfortable work environment. Tell us how you make your work space functional at home.