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Sell This House Extreme: 3 Day Blinds- Atlanta

For almost a decade, Sell This House Extreme has been helping homeowners sell their desperate homes, and 3 Day Blinds is proud to be a part of this process. Keith and Leigh have a small family home in Atlanta, Georgia and were forced to take out a reverse mortgage on their home in order to pay for their mother’s 24- hour care. In order to pay off their mortgage they need to sell their home fast, but buyers aren’t interested in their home that hasn’t been updated for over 50 years. Thankfully, the Sell This House Extreme cast is up for the job and has big plans to bring this dated home into the 21st century.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen BeforeSell This House Extreme: Kitchen- Before

This kitchen appears to have had an installation mishap, instead of a dishwasher a washing machine was installed! Unfortunately, this is no mistake, Keith and Leigh’s home had no place for a washer and dryer so the washer ended up in the kitchen and the dryer was a permanent fixture in Leigh’s room. That is not the only thing wrong with this kitchen, it is so small and outdated no one would want to buy a house with a kitchen in this state. Not to mention the unattractive bright orange window treatments yellow daisies, yuck.

Sell This House Extreme kitchen after

Sell This House Extreme KitchenSell This House Extreme: Kitchen- After

Designer Daniel Kucan’s inspiration for this home was to keep its quaint charm without looking old fashion. The renovated kitchen definitely achieves a charming look, the all-white counter tops and cabinets, paired with the dark blue tiled wall looks amazing. To complement the freshly painted, muted green walls, 3 Day Blinds has provided a Soft Roman Shade in Jasmine Palm. While you can no longer wash your clothes in the same room you cook dinner in, this kitchen has been completely transformed into a functional and attractive space.

Sell This House Extreme Dining Room BeforeSell This House Extreme: Dining Room- Before

You are probably thinking- wait this isn’t a dining room. Well, you are correct, this was Leigh’s bedroom when she was young, complete with a dryer.  Designer Daniel Kucan instructed builder Charlie Frattini demolish the wall between the kitchen and Leigh’s old bed room, to create a fluid kitchen and dining room.

Sell This House Extreme After- Dining roomSell This House Extreme: Dining Room- After

Daniel’s open floor plan includes French doors that bring natural sun light into this home and opens the space up. With the addition of newly tiled floors, fresh paint on the walls, and a few new chairs this room looks phenomenal.

Sell This House Extreme BeforeSell This House Extreme: Living Room- Before

After walking into this room one potential buyer stated, they “felt like they were in jail in this room.”  Another buyer followed that comment up saying they, “feel like this house should be haunted.” Yikes, Keith and Leigh are not giving buyers the right first impression when they enter their home.

Sell This House Extreme Living Room After

Sell This House Extreme 3  Day Blinds

Sell This House Extreme: Living Room- After 

Designer Daniel Kucan chose to go with light yellow walls to create a warm and cheery look in this room. 3 Day Blinds, Woven Wood Shades in Nassau Nutmeg were selected because they play up the rich wood tones of the floor. Complementing these shades are Marquee Stripe- Linen, custom 3 Day Blinds Draperies.  Buyers originally complained the house felt old fashion the moment you opened the door, they hated the featureless depressing white wall and old- lady furniture in the living room. To make this room charming without being old fashion, Daniel purchased some classic style furniture mixing it in with modern items.

Originally, host Tanya Memme had appraised Keith and Leigh’s home to be 50,000$ less than their asking price of $250,000 but with the hard work of the Sell This House Extreme team this Atlanta home is now worth at least  $240,000.

Be sure to tune in and watch 3 Day Blinds on an all new episode of Sell This House Extreme, in Tucker, Georgia on this Saturday, May 18th 10a/9C.