Reports from our Designers: Why our Clients Love our New Simply Sheer Shades!

Ramona Seneviratne and Maria Queeno, both from the Client Care team at 3 Day Blinds, take the exclusive, new Simply Sheer Shade for a test drive.

It has been a week since the 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants started selling our new, exclusive Simply Sheer Shades, and the stories are starting to roll in from across the country about how this new product was the perfect solution. 

“When I arrived at their home for their free consultation, I told my clients that 3 Day Blinds has a new product out called Simply Sheer Shades.  I took my sample shade to the window and showed them how it worked and HE LOVED the way the shade opened and closed. SHE LOVED how easy it was to operate!” says Victoria Cooper, 3 Day Blinds Designer serving Mesa, Chandler Heights and Gilbert Arizona.  “I demonstrated different ways to control the light  in the window, and they were able to envision what a perfect product this was for their home.  They ordered one for the dining room, one for kitchen and two for the family room.  I’m so excited to have this product for my clients, and will be going back to take pictures after the installation.”Ramona demonstrates how the fabric disappears into to color-coordinated headrail when the shade is raised, thereby providing an unobstructed view through the window.

The delight with the new product extended to the Pacific where Barbara Howell’s Los Angeles area client thought Simply Sheer Shades would be the perfect solution for a guest room.  “I placed a Simply Sheer order with one of my repeat clients.  His mother, who was visiting from Michigan, fell in love with the Eclipse fabric, and she insisted that they be put in the guest room for her to enjoy when visiting,”  says Barbara.  “He was in complete agreement.  This will allow complete privacy at any time of the day.  The room darkening fabric will work perfectly if his mom wants to sleep late or take an afternoon nap.  And she will be able to adjust the light in the room throughout the day, or easily raise the shades with the continuous cord loop control, which disappear into the coordinating headrail, giving her an unobstructed view.  To summarize, Simply Sheer Shades were the perfect product for my client’s guest room.”

Lora Remlinger, who serves our clients in the St. Louis, Missouri area had an interesting story to share:  “My clients ordered Simply Sheer to replace vertical blinds in a home that was damaged by tornadoes this past spring.  They originally intended to choose vertical blinds again, but they loved the Simply Sheer Shade. We priced out both products, and although Simply Sheer was a little more expensive, tehy thought it was worth it, because they felt that these shades were more functional for the application,” she said.  “Since only the bottom of the new window opens, they can raise the shades a few inches and allow air to flow in.   Basically, they can adjust the light control in a way that is preferable versus the old vertical blinds. They are very happy that they will no loger have the noise of the verticals with the window open, and Simply Sheer Shades proved to be a great solution for this hard-to-cover window.  They also loved the look of the fabric on the headrail.  It is exciting to be able to show my clients this exclusive, new product that is on the leading edge of window treatment design.”

“I met with a customer last week and originally she was considering wood blinds for her new home. She has not moved in yet, and needed something with good light control features for her kitchen and dining room. She has a gorgeous grey and beige granite with contemporary chocolate cabinetry.  I showed her several of our products, many of which she was interested in.  I held off on showing the Simply Sheer Shade to her, because I wanted to see how excited she would get if I showed it to her last :-). The whole time she kept glancing over at the hand sample,” says Susan Schemm, who serves 3 Day Blinds clients in Gaithersburg, Sykesville and Columbia Maryland. “So… finally I held it up and when I pulled the cord to expose the sheer, she loved it!  She loved the way the shade worked, and was interested in the clean modern design of the product.  When I explained it was a new product and was just introduced as a 3 Day Blinds exclusive, she was even more interested!  So I wrote my first order for Simply Sheer Shades, and got a huge grin from a customer that is so excited to get a new product!”

When the Simlply Sheer Shade is closed, it provides complete privacy. Shown here is a light filtering fabric. Room darkening fabrics are also available.

“I sold this product to this client on Monday night at a 6 pm appointment right after the product became available through our point of sale system,” says Vince Sabala, who serves 3 Day Blinds clients in the Fontana, Ontario and Redlands, California areas, and the first Design Consultant to sell Simply Sheer Shades.  “It was really exciting.  My clients were previous 3 Day Blinds customers and called us back because they were very happy with product they purchased in the past.  They were redecorating their media room from top to bottom, so they were looking for a product to block out light when watching tv or a movie as they have a projection screen for movies. After reviewing the various pros and cons of each product for these particular windows it was narrowed down to either Woven Woods or Simply Sheer Shades.  Ultimately they went with Simply Sheer because of the great look of the product, but the biggest reason for their choice was the light control options.  Every other shade product had limited light control compared with Simply Sheer Shades.  They have the option to fully open the blind and with outside mount you have full view out of the window.  The Eclipse fabric gives them the light blockage they wanted for viewing movies, etc.,  but the alternate light control with the shade still pulled down.  They are very excited to see these up in their windows real soon.  I will definitely be back to see the shades installed.  It is great to work for a company with an exciting new and unique new product”

In the greater Sacramento area, Lana Donahue’s client also replaced existing vertical blinds with Simply Sheer Shades. “My client wanted a product that would let the sunlight to filter through, that had great light control features and that also would provide privacy at night. She currently had verticals, and was not very happy with them. The Simply Sheer Shades sounded like a perfect fit for her. When I showed her my sample shade, the beautiful palette of colors and the light filtering and room darkening fabrics, she absolutely loved them! We reviewed several products in our line, all of which she liked, but nothing matched up to her excitement with the Simply Sheers, and she said she just had to have them!” says Lana. “It was exciting to me that our newest product introduction provided a superior solution for my client, and I LOVE knowing that my competition does not offer it.”

Lana had a second story to share also: “I met with a client who needed a replacement blind in the lobby of a church district office.  They had existing mini blinds, and wanted something new, and she suggested the possibility of vertical blinds.   I mentioned that we have this brand new exclusive product, and I would like to show it to her, and to see what she thought.  The minute I brought in and demonstrated the Simply Sheer Shade, she literally (yelled) SOLD!!!” 

Sandy Tuite, who covers the the cities of San Rafael, Mill Valley and Sausalito, in Marin County, CA told us this story:  “My client just moved into her new home and was looking for a product that she could show off to her friends and family.  She wanted to be the first in the neighborhood with a product that would be noticed and exciting.  When I showed her the Simply Sheer Shade and the outstanding features as room darkening and light filtering fabrics, the easy of the operation, the control of light with a pull of the cord, and earth tone colors available, a shade she had not seen before, she was sold.  Without hesitation this is the window treatment for her to show off!  She knows she will cause some excitement with her friends and family.”

“The Simply Sheer Shades came at a perfect time! My client wanted to have lots of light and keep his stunning view.  He absolutely loved the way the fabric rolls up into the integrated valance and disappears, leaving an unobstructed view. What really sold him was the opening slide option. He could keep his light and view and still protect his floors from the Salinas sun. He covered all 14 windows with Simply Sheer and matched his paint, Knotty Alder doors, floors, cabinets and the Carmel Stone fireplace with the Sonoran Jute. The heathered fabric we chose brought all the colors together along with the chocolate leather couches,” says Dina Labossiere, our Design Consultant who covers Carmel, Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, CA.  “His last comment was that they were more “manly” than shutters. I agreed – of course!”

Deborah Anderson, who serves Benicia, Fairfield and Vallejo, CA shared her story also: “First I showed her our Honeycomb Shades, and she wanted to look at other options.  The next product I showed was the Simply Sheer Shade.   She loved the fabric selections and texture it adds to the room, as well as the versatility of this product.  She was excited by how beautiful the product was and decided to cover all of the windows in both rooms with Simply Sheer Shades.  I know she made a great choice!”

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