Photo Booth Fun at 3 Day Blinds to Celebrate New Records Set and New CEO!

Ramona Seneviratne, Eyvet Hartooni, Maria Queeno, Chris Amber, Amber Neeley

At 3 Day Blinds, we like to celebrate when we set new records, not to mention the much less frequent event of naming a new CEO, Dave Hall!

The good news is that we continue to reach new highs in the number of free in-home window treatments consultations our clients schedule with our Designers.  The problem is that if we stopped to celebrate every time we reached a new goal, we wouldn’t get any work done!  So, contrary to the evidence in these photos of what happened when Tikie Holewski, our Senior Vice President, planted a Photo Booth in our Corporate Boardroom a few days ago, we are not taking our eye off the ball when it comes to providing superior service and cream-of-the-crop custom blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes!  Here are just a few of the hundreds of colorful shots that were taken that day!

Rest assured, our Design Consultants have much better fashion sense than those of us that support them!  Thousands of your neighbors have trusted their expertise and 3 Day Blinds for their custom window treatments needs.  Why not join them?  You’ll be able to update and beautify your windows and we’ll get to continue celebrating!  It’s a win-win! Just call 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation or click here to schedule online.

Judeann Glover, Scott Mendez,, Tikie Holewski and Augusta Gohil

Steve Marinca, David Vasquez, Bashar Samman, Natalie Niverson, Kendra MacDougall, Karen Morrisseau

Augusta Gohil and Frank Gutierrez

Mike McCarty, Laura DiMario, Abdel Zeyas and Kim Pague

Feri Khosrowpour, Ann Miranda, Tamara Seyhun, Rosa Galindo, Vivian Vo (front)

Dan Lyle, Darrell Wilson, Brian Holt

Ana Aldave and Glendy Gamboa

Natalie Niverson and Scott Mendez

Dave Hall, Tikie Holewski and Ed Scott

Matt Jamison, Cristin Harrigan, Greg Bibas, Ashley Ragland and Mary Kay Stam (front)

Sal Bahena, John Leto, Josh Glackin, and Phil Halbasch

Lucy Ortiz and Karen Chen

Diane Capasso, Candace Beaz

A smattering of senior managersCynthia Ramos and Kellie Proschek

Rosa Aguirre, Ed Scott, Amber Neeley and Jeff Miller (in pictures)Tamara Seyhun and Valerie Bauer


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