Moisture Resistant Blinds

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Moisture Resistant Blinds

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Ideal Rooms for Moisture-Resistant Blinds

Style is a primary concern when choosing window treatments. You want your new window coverings to complement your design aesthetic, and new blinds can really make your décor look great.

However, looks are not the only concern, especially when it comes to rooms that have a lot of moisture. Excess humidity can shorten the life of your window treatments, especially if you choose to install a type that is not well suited for the task.

The Home Is a Proving Ground

Kitchens can really test the longevity of blinds. Variations in humidity levels are a regular occurrence in the kitchen, as are fluctuations in temperature, not to mention the wide variety of aromas. Window treatments near a stove or sink are especially vulnerable.

The bathroom is another room where moisture-resistant blinds are a must. The privacy and light control offered by your new blinds won’t last long if the bathroom’s constantly fluctuating moisture levels ruin them.

And, let’s face it: as adorable as they are, kids are messy. Spills, spontaneous art projects, and other mishaps can all take a toll on the window treatments in a child’s room.

Last but not least, laundry rooms and finished basements are also parts of the home where moisture resistance should be taken into account when choosing window treatments.

Form and Function

If you’re looking for moisture-resistant blinds, 3 Day Blinds has you covered. Faux Wood Blinds are a great choice in areas where moisture or messes are a concern. They are durable, water-resistant, affordable and easy to clean. They resist cracking, fading, warping and peeling, and as a bonus, they sport the rich appearance of natural wood blinds.

Our clean, chic Vertical Blinds are attractive and energy efficient. They make a great statement on a large picture window or sliding glass door. Not only that, but they are also available in durable vinyl, which stands up very well to humidity and is virtually maintenance-free.

3 Day Blinds’ Vinyl Blinds are as easy on the budget as they are on the eyes. They offer excellent privacy and plenty of light control. They make the perfect partner for our vinyl verticals, and as one might expect, they are nearly impervious to moisture and messes.