Kevin Rabbitt Hops to Greener Pastures

Kevin, on his birthday, with a Piñata covered with competitors’ ads, a gift from the design team in Ventura.Tuesday was not a typical day here at 3 Day Blinds (not that there really is such a thing)!

We came to work, rested from the New Year, ready to hit the ground running to start working on all the initiatives surrounding our aggressive growth plans for 2012, but were interrupted by Kevin Rabbitt’s announcement that he would be leaving his position as our CEO to accept a new job where he will lead a much larger organization involved in sports and entertainment broadcasting.  Given his professional coaching background and the fact that he does not exactly shy away from the limelight, we are confident that he will be every bit as passionate about elevating athletes and celebrities as he has been about promoting our custom blinds, shades and shutters!

In retrospect, it is not surprising that he was stolen from us.  In his nearly 2 years with 3 Day Blinds, Kevin proved to be a world-class CEO, motivating our tremendous growth with a long list of accomplishments, not to mention providing a never ending stream of great material for your blogger!  We will miss you, Kevin, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Here are some photos from his going away party:

Angie Helton signs Kevin Rabbitt’s Core Values Roller Shade.Representing the Designers, Angie Helton, Jeanette Nouribekian, Shannon Helling, Design Consultants from our Valley-Ventura Team, and Maria Hauser, District Manager, ArizonaKevin Rabbitt speaks to the crowd in his Rally Jacket.

Dave Hall, Amber Neely, Tikie Holewski

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