Honeycomb Security Shade Launch!


One thing that deters home intruders from breaking into a home is seeing signs that someone is at home. Have you ever seen the movie “Home Alone”? The Wet Bandits avoided breaking into the McCallister home because of cardboard cutouts for Pete’s sake! Well, we’re excited to launch our new line of Honeycomb Security Shades. As someone approaches your window the shades will light up just as if you turned on the light in that room.

How they work

Our engineers used the latest in LED and motion sensor technology to provide the securest solution for homeowners. We have fitted certain styles in our honeycomb line with LEDs between the cells to light up as someone approaches your windows. The lights are turned on when a motion sensor is tripped and are set to a timer to stay on for up to 25 minutes at a time. The shade must be fully drawn in order for the sensors to work properly.

Future of Security Shades

As we move forward in the continual development of the product we hope to iterate on the design to make them the most functional they can be. With facial recognition technology advancing and becoming more affordable we hope to incorporate this into the design. Using this added technology you would then be able to set up trusted faces so that not everyone sets off the sensor.

In addition, we are also looking into programmable shadow patterns to give the appearance that someone is in the room, but currently this technology is still in the alpha stage of development.

So whether you’re beefing up the security around your perimeter or you’re trying to stop Kevin from seriously maiming home intruders with booby traps think of 3 Day Blinds Honeycomb Security Shades!

UPDATE: This was our April Fools Day Joke for 2016.