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Spring Home Decorating Ideas | 3 Day Blinds

Spring is when nature resurrects itself, it’s also a perfect time to bring your décor back to life, and a superb source of inspiration for interior spaces in need of a little bit of extra seasonal cheer.

Spring Shades

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Living Rooms Are for Living!

Living rooms and shared spaces that could use some vitality can be revived by swapping out thick, cozy window treatments for something lighter and more airy.

Spring Decorating Polymer Shutters

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The Festive Kitchen

Make your kitchen splendid. Cheery yellows, pinks, and greens give walls a new lease on life, and you can’t go wrong with a garden-fresh tulip arrangement.

Add a touch of continental class with our Polymer Shutters in a soft creamy white. They provide privacy and natural light, and as an added bonus for the kitchen, they’re water-resistant. You can even dress up the tops of your windows in homespun charm with handmade handkerchief valances.

Honeycomb Blinds

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Light up Your Life

During the winter, you might be tempted to hibernate the morning away, but sleeping in during springtime is a waste of a beautiful sunrise.

Let a little more light into your bedroom with our airy Honeycomb Shades. They gently filter natural light, and provide ample privacy. They’re also available in an array of inspiring colors. Frame them with a complementary Sheer Curtain for a feeling of ethereal élan.

Faux Wood Blinds

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Go Bold in Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an ideal place to let your design fancy run wild. Redecorating the smaller spaces typically requires less commitment than redoing larger rooms. Don’t be afraid to go with bold greens, blues, or pinks that might be overwhelming in a larger space. Swap out that dowdy old shower curtain for something with a little more panache.

Add some romance to bath-time with color-coordinated accent candles. Faux Wood Blinds are a great choice for providing privacy to bathroom windows, as they are stylish, easy on the eyes, and water resistant.

Need Help?

Helping you make your home an inspiring space is what we live for. 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants will be happy to visit you in your home. They’ll help you put your ideas into form, and make the best window treatment choices for all of the rooms in your house. Best of all, the consultation is free, and there’s no obligation.