Handmade with Love in the USA! New Custom Soft Roman Shades and Draperies by 3 Day Blinds

3-day-blinds-drapes-and-shadesCustom Drapery Panels, Decorative Hardware and Top Down Bottom Up Shades from 3 Day Blinds.

We took a trip to visit the 3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shade and Drapery Panel factory last week, and loved what we saw!  It has been 6 weeks since we launched the program, and we have been deluged with orders.  

What is so fascinating though, is to see a factory full of products that reflect the creativity of our designers and clients.  Each product is completely unique, and custom-made to the exact specifications of the window it is intended for.  We saw Draperies and Soft Roman Shades being made in free flowing sheers, classic stripes, bright, modern prints, embroideries, textures and solids, ranging from natural linens to durable synthetics.

drapery-factory-3-day-blinds-P1030694Estrella has been making custom Soft Roman Shades for more than a decade.

“What we also saw was the LOVE that goes into making each of these custom products.  Most of the people who work in our factory have been making these products for more than a decade, so they are true professionals.  Part of the beauty of the decorative fabrics we chose for our line is their variability in drapability, weight, transparency and tendency to wrinkle.  Because of that, creating these shades and drapes is both an art and a science.  They can’t be mass produced, assembly line style, like the products you might find in a big box store,” says Karin Jeske, SVP, Merchandising and Product Development, 3 Day Blinds.

drapery-factory-3-day-blinds-P1030691Surrounded! Dave Hall, CEO, 3 Day Blinds, taken out of his element, which usually involves white boards and spreadsheets….pictured here with bolts of fabric for the new 3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shade and Drapery Lines.The 3 Day Blinds Custom Drapery and Soft Roman Shade program provides our clients with an extensive, exclusive fabric collection to choose from, and dozens of style options.

Your neighborhood 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant is ready to meet with you to show you these wonderful new products.  Just call us at877-614-3329 or click here to schedule online.

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