Halloween 2011 – Having Fun at Work (A REQUIREMENT at 3 Day Blinds)!

 Would you trust your window decorating to this crowd? Hundreds of thousands of your neighbors have, and our surveys say that 95% of them would recommend 3 Day Blinds to you! From left to right: Steve Marinca, Tilly Sanchez, Natalie Niverson, Karen Morrisseau, Joan Boardman, Ly Nguyen, Bashar Samman, Jennifer Bell, and Omar Espinosa.

By the time you show up to work on your first day at 3 Day Blinds, you have already been informed:  having fun at work is not optional, it is a requirement!  Yes, it’s true.  Before you get hired, you have to review, agree with and adopt our Core Values – and one of them is “Passion”, defined as “engaged in our work, enjoying the experience.”

Well, the manifestation of this core value on Halloween 2011 in the Irvine Corporate Headquarters, was that we created a monster, so to speak!  Throughout the office, team members were dressed up and cubicles were decorated in all sorts of creative ways.  We had a company potluck with frightfully fabulous fare, and a colorful costume contest.

At 3 Day Blinds, we have lots of policies and procedures that have been fine-tuned in the 30+ years we have been in business that we all buy into, follow and actually enjoy! They’re designed to ensure flawless, seamless, easy, wonderful experiences for our clients.  However, it takes all kinds to keep this well-oiled machine on the cutting edge and running fast, and we are a creative collection of folks, made up of all kinds of unique individuals with universally great personalities, a spectrum of impressive talents and – needless to say – a multitude of different ways of expressing ourselves!  

Rest assured, this creativity takes a completely different form when our local Design Consultants visit the homes and businesses of their clients.  In that scenario, they are using their creativity, along with expert product, technical and fashion knowledge to recommend the best window treatment solution.  Our clients are delighted with the outcome, and most of them report that they had fun in the process!  Not a surprise!

If you’re ready for a window makeover that can happen in as little as 3 days, give us a call at 877-614-3329 to schedule your free consultation today or click here to schedule online, 24/7!

From left to right: Ramona Seneviratne, Valerie Bauer, Rydell Oriel, Cynthia Ramos, Ana Aldave and Tamara Seyhun.

Venita Campbell and Kevin Sanders.

Eyvet Hartonni’s desk.

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