Grey Skies are Going, but Grey Window Treatments are IN!

With Spring in full swing things are starting to heat up. Those gloomy skies are making way for a brighter tomorrow, but one thing remains clear – grey interior design is here to stay.

Designing with grey in mind will help the colors that you bring into the room pop with more effect than many other colors. Grey also works well as a base, though it may seem drab and dreary to have so much grey in your home the neutrality that it offers increases the options that you can bring into your home. Grey walls stand as an accent to those pieces that you choose to hang there.

Bedroom shot with red lamp and red valence

Using grey helps other colors come to life!

If you’d rather not go crazy with the grey, but you still like the added effect that it brings, you could always just use it as an accent wall color. If even that seems extreme you could always incorporate grey into your window treatments using drapery.

Four Tile Collage with Four Swatches

These are just some of the options when looking to go grey!

The great thing about grey is that the number of complimentary colors that comes with designing in grey opens a world of possibility. So whether you want to go grey all over, or just want to have a touch of grey there’s a design option available to you. 3 Day Blinds makes it easy to look at window treatments in any color you want, visit 3 Day Blinds today to schedule your free in-home consultation.