Great Write-up on 3 Day Blinds in Supply Chain Solutions Magazine

One of our most prominent value propositions at 3 Day Blinds is “fast”, which we highlight in our ability to schedule same-day appointments with our 200 in-home design consultants, deliver custom blinds and shades in 2 days, and install them within 3 days.

There are many team members involved in making this happen, but we could never deliver on time if it weren’t for our Supply Chain Department.  This group is responsible for working with our 120 suppliers to ensure that the materials we need are available in our factory to fabricate the custom blinds and shades as the orders come in, and ship them the next day.

 The editors of Supply Chain Solutions Magazine were so impressed with our ability to deliver custom product fast, that they featured the 3 Day Blinds Supply Chain Team in this month’s issue.  In the article, written by Luke Gillespie, Frank Gutierrez, our SVP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain is interviewed about what is involved.  Consider this:

  • 3 Day Blinds manufactures 11 different categories of custom blinds and shades in our factory (see them listed in the column to the left), that are available in over 1000 material choices.
  • We carry the 6000 components needed to manufacture these various products, and use an average of 30 unique components, many of which are color-matched, in a typical product.
  • Blinds and shades are custom made to the nearest 1/8″ in length and width and are available in sizes ranging from 8″x8″ up to 188″ wide and 168″ high.
  • With the combinations of materials, sizes, options, and upgrades, virtually each unit we produce is one-of-a-kind.
  • Orders placed by midnight tonight will be manufactured and shipped by 10 am the next business day.

Wow!  To manage this very complex process, Frank holds a daily meeting that includes all of his direct reports, both from the Irvine, CA headquarters and the factory team, led by Xavier Esparza, which is located in Ensenada, Mexico.   Every day, his Supply Chain Team reviews forecasts, actual incoming orders, material on hand, material on order, lead times and supplier performance. 

Frank discussed the importance of the relationships we cultivate with our suppliers.  “We choose the best suppliers available to us and work with them with the point of view of equality and respect,” he says.  “Our suppliers understand and support our need to meet our quality and delivery commitments to our customers.  We consider them to be a part of our team.”

And how exactly does “fast” translate when one of our designers meets with a client?  We asked Kathy Trojan of Scottsdale, AZ, our Design Consultant with the highest year-to-date sales:  “Unquestionably, our ability to deliver and install top quality, fashionable blinds, shades and shutters faster than any of our of our competitors gives us an edge.  We often have the product installed in our customers’ windows sooner than other sources are able to return their first phone call!”  

How can you review 3 Day Blinds’ fabulous line and have new window treatments in your windows in as little as 3 days?  Just call 877-614-3329 to schedule your free in-home design consultation, or click here to type in your zip code and meet your local designer.

And, CONGRATULATIONS to Frank, Xavier, Sercin, Kim and Laura for the recognition they received in this month’s edition of Supply Chain Solutions Magazine!

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