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Draping Your Home?

There are many benefits of having customized 3 Day Blinds draping in your home, office, or apartment. Our wide array of draping encompasses numerous types of cloth, and fabric, in the form of a curtain which can hang from your ceiling or your windows depending on if the drapes are for the exterior or interior. There are many important factors you have to take into account before you start draping and you must have an idea of what you want that fits you and or your family’s style. There’s nothing like a great set of custom drapes sweeping a room to set your superb design tone in your home. Drapes are as popular as ever because of their ability to effortlessly add magic and tastefulness to any window in your home or office. Draping allows you to hang and arrange different kinds of curtains, drapes, and cloth in a graceful manner.  These styles are seen on HGTV, House Beautiful magazine and more.

Remodeling is the Perfect Time for Updating Draping

Draping is a large component of remodeling your home to ensure a consistent flow and fit with your style and décor of your home. When you want to remodel your home, a room in your home, all your rooms, or you may have just moved and need drapes to fit your new home or apartment. Draping or Drapery when dealing with curtains is important to know when choosing Window coverings and adding design to your home. Draping is super important when choosing what the right look and feel in your home. This will soften that room and add colors and creativity. When you eventually decide of which fashionable draperies you need to decorate your home or office there is a huge choice of all the soft window covering styles, colors, and fabrics you have ever wanted. Feel comfortable with your interior design ideas and make a difference in your home with your creativity.

Best Place to Buy Drapery

A huge selection of high quality, custom drapery can be found at 3 Day Blinds. With over 35 years of experience, 3 Day Blinds has a highly qualified staff of design consultants whose sole job is to find you the right drapery to fit your style, home, and price range. These drapery consultants have amazing experience in a wide array of fields from interior design, fashion, and retail and provide customers with the highest level of service.  3 Day Blinds has a highly trained staff of interior Design Consultants to help find the ideal drapery for your home.