Don’t Let El Nino Spook You…Be Prepared.

As we get closer to the annual fun and spookiness of Halloween, you’ll probably see many costumes decked out in the latest “monster” that’s trending this year: El Nino. Yes, that’s right! It’s not often a severe weather pattern would make the grade when it comes to creating something scary for one of our more popular holidays, but this year’s arrival of El Nino is reportedly packing a powerhouse punch of cold temps and moisture for much of the U.S., and its effects will likely spill over, literally, across several states this winter. Forecasters are predicting with 95% confidence that this year’s edition of El Nino could become the third strongest since 1997-98, according to Mike Halpert, deputy director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

How to Stay Ahead of What’s Heading Our Way.

Despite the fact we can’t control Mother Nature, there are some smart action items you can check off your list to help minimize the negative effects of this weather phenomenon. We’ll briefly cover three ways to prepare for what El Nino might bring this winter. One checklist item includes checking your roof and repairing small cracks, loose tiles or broken shingles. Don’t let these seemingly small wear and tear issues become more expensive problems down the road. A second way to help prepare for El Nino is to change your home’s furnace filter. These filters only cost about $15, and they help to ensure your furnace performs efficiently during colder weather. A third item involves window treatments. Long considered a fashion statement for enhancing a room or entire home, window treatments have become a popular insulator, depending on the type of window treatment solution selected.

From Shutters to Shades, the Right Window Fashions Make a Difference.

Also known as Plantation Shutters, Shutters are not only durable and visually attractive, they also offer superior insulation from colder temperatures. In addition, features such as Prescription Wood Conditioning, that reduces post installation shrinking and swelling, offer resistance to moisture, and Shutters made of Polymer offer superior resistance to warping, fading, or cracking. Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, are another popular window treatment that’s energy efficient. In addition to providing excellent light control, innovative, hexagon-shaped cells allow Honeycomb Shades to filter harsh sunlight and retain room temperature, while providing privacy at the same time. Looking for energy efficiency in blinds? Then you may want to consider Cellular Blinds, which offer the same, innovative soft look and energy efficiency of Honeycomb Shades but with the functionality of a blind. While prepping for adverse weather is never easy, it’s nice to know there are indeed some proactive precautions you can take that will help to handle some of life’s uncontrollable weather.