Developing New Window Shades from Natural Materials

I’ve know Gin Huang since 1988 and we have worked together on many projects over the years.  His company, Evashin, was founded by his father in 1975, and they specialize in creating and producing the materials that we use to fabricate our Woven Wood Shades

These beautiful, eco-friendly materials are woven from bamboo, jute, flax and wood on hand-fed power looms at his factory, which is located in China near Shanghai. 

At 3 Day Blinds, we import the material on rolls that we keep on it hand in our factory, ready for manufacturing into finished shades.

We love making Woven Woods because each shade that we produce is unique in it’s own way since there are slight variations in the natural materials.  Yet each shade is lovingly hand-fabricated by artisans in our factory to the client’s exact specifications, so that it will fit in the window perfectly. 

Last Thursday, Jenni Su, Merchandise Manager, and I spent the day at Evashin’s US headquarters to finalize our Spring 2011 collection with Gin, Eunice and Kevin.  It is exciting to brainstorm new ideas and to continue to innovate and evolve the assortment.  “Our clients love our Woven Wood collection, especially those who want to make a design statement in their homes.  We offer looks that span from tailored to exotic, and Woven Wood Shades complement rooms ranging from traditional to modern,” said Jenni. 

These sentiments were echoed by Cheryl Pilkington, one of 3 Day Blinds’ top designers in the San Francisco area.  “My clients love the way Woven Wood Shades look in the window and the way the light gently filters through the natural slats, reed, and yarns.  It seems that I can always find just the right material to pick up on the wood tones or other colors in a room to provide a timeless look.”

How can you review 3 Day Blinds’ line of Woven Wood Shades?  Give us a call at 877-614-3329 to schedule an appointment with your local 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant.

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