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Welcome Fall. Fall in love with these inspired patterns for your home. Get ready for Fall.

Fall in Love with these Fall Inspired Patterns

Spruce up your home for Fall

Spruce Up Your Home for Fall! 

It’s that time of the year again! Prepare to be bombarded with comfy sweaters, hot coco, pumpkin spice scented candles, and beautiful scenery!

After the weather change, you’ll want to change up your color scheme and usher in Fall with new home decor suited to the season.

FALL in love With these Fall Inspired Patterns for Your Home

As the weather gets colder each day, you’ll want to find new ways to insulate your home and lower your heating bill. Drapery panels are just the thing. Drape them over your blinds or shades for a gorgeous look that is not only beautiful, but also functional.

Spruce up your Home for Fall

From left to right:
Quill Beet Red, Witton Saffron & Marrakesh Clay

The holidays are coming up and we know you want to be prepared for visits from the in-laws and hosting holiday gatherings. Beautify your home and make a statement with your window treatments.

Collage 2

From left to right:
Knoll Garden Ruby, St. Thomas Chocolate & Caravan Spice

Schedule a free in-home consultation to design your new Fall inspired Window Treatments!

Tips Tuesday Mounting Options

Inside vs. Outside Mount? What’s the Difference?

Mounting Options 

Inside or Outside Mount? What’s the difference?

If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, we’ve got a simple explanation that will help you better determine which window treatment mounting option is right for you!

Outside Mount

The outside mount is the most common mounting option for drapery. The decorative hardware is attached to the outside of the window frame and you get to decide exactly how much of the curtain rod you want to be visible. 3 Day Blinds offers a variety of different decorative hardware options! You’ll enjoy choosing between Custom Wrought Iron, Adjustable Metal, and Custom Wood. Your design consultant will help you decide how exactly you want to hang your window treatments.

Check out our Custom Drapery!

Outside Mounting for Custom Drapery

Outside Mount for Custom Drapery

Outside Mounting for Custom Drapery

Inside Mount

The inside mount is ideal for Cafe curtains and is also great when using Rod Pocket top and bottom panels. This type of mount attaches to the inside of the window frame. Choose an inside mount for areas where you want to allow light in from above, or minimize the distraction of a beautiful decorative hardware piece.
Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains with an inside mount

Schedule your in-home consultation to speak to your design consultant more about your window treatment needs! We will design, measure, and install your window treatments while you relax.

5 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

Reusing old windows is much easier than you think. If you love DIY projects and want to add some vintage charm to your interior space, there are almost limitless decorating options for old windows.

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows

While 3 Day Blinds gives you a Window Makeover with new curtains, Plantation Shutters, Venetian Blinds or Shades, you can start on your own Window Makeover and add old world character to your living space. So dust off those old window panes and check out some of these unique ways you can use them to add visual warmth to your home.

1. Headboard

2. Mirror

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.


3. Wall Art

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

4. Chalkboard & Cork board

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

Source: the passionate home

5. Room Divider

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

6. Garden Green House

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

 7. Vintage Plantation Shutter as a Mail Holder

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

8. A Pot Rack for Your Kitchen

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

9. Pot Holder

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.

10. DIY Jewelry Organizers

10 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Windows.


For more inspiration to schedule an appointment for your Window Treatment Makeover, visit

What's your design style? Choose custom drapery for your home to complete the look.

What Decade Represents Your Decor Style?

Every decade has its own fashion sense and home decor style. Find your inspiration by taking this quiz!

What’s Old Can Be New Again

When you know your design aesthetic, you can take inspiration from the past to give your home a gorgeous new look. What’s old can be new again when you know what you’re looking for.

What's your design style? Choose custom drapery for your home to complete the look.

Then And Now

Draw inspiration from decade old styles and turn them into something new. One of the most loved and versatile types of window treatments originated in Venice and has been popular for centuries. Venetian Blinds are an example of an older style that has been reinvented time and time again and is still a top choice for window treatments today. When you know what types of styles you love, it makes it easy to tweak and take bits and pieces to add to your home.

Find out which decade best represents your design style!


Spruce up your home for spring with 3 Day Blinds Plantation shutters, custom shades, perfect fit blinds, and more.

Boston Herald Radio – Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

“Spring is the time for plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Sprucing Up Your Home For Spring!


This Spring, give your home a fresh new look with 3 Day Blinds custom window treatments. Boston Herald Radio Host and Columnist, Jacklyn Cashman contacted 3 Day Blinds to share her experience with our brand.

Before meeting with her design consultant, Sara Morin, Jaclyn was not sure what type of window treatments she wanted, whether she should go with Plantation Shutters, Custom Curtains, Shades, or Blinds. Without our free in-home consultation, Cashman admits, “I would have gone with a product that frankly wouldn’t have given me the light that I needed.”

At 3 Day Blinds, we strive to delight our customers and offer them the guidance and design expertise needed to make their home look and feel wonderful with new window treatments. We love what we do and we are so thrilled to help Jaclyn Cashman and other customers like her find the right window treatments for their space. Check out our Plantation Shutters, Custom Curtains, Shades, Blinds, and more!

3 Day Blinds can help you redesign your home with Custom Window Treatments. Take it from Jaclyn Cashman:

“3 Day Blinds did not contact Jaclyn Cashman and Boston Herald radio and say hey  lets do an endorsement deal. Jaclyn Cashman contacted 3 Day Blinds after I had a really good experience with you guys and said you should be advertising on Herald Radio. More people should know about you. I will endorse your brand. I’m very happy.”


Spring is the time for plans and projects. Give your home a fresh new look with 3 Day Blinds window treatments.

Choose 3 Day Blinds for made to measure curtains, perfect fit blinds, and blackout curtains

Boston Herald Radio – Why Choose 3 Day Blinds

Boston Herald Radio – Why Choose 3 Day Blinds


Custom Fit

Do you want your Blinds to sorta look like they fit, or do you want perfect fit blinds?

3 Day Blinds window treatments are Made To Measure. By this, we mean that you are guaranteed a custom fit. You may have asked yourself, “How hard can it be to measure a Window?”, but there are all different ways to measure and a hundred ways to get it wrong. Check out our measuring guide for details. Give yourself the peace of mind and call 3 Day Blinds or schedule an appointment online. We will Design, Measure, and Install your Window Treatments while you relax.

Boston Herald Radio Host and Columnist, Jaclyn Cashman describes our “Room Darkening” Shades as a Blackout Shades because the custom fit minimizes the amount of light that can enter a room. See for yourself how our Made to Measure Curtains, Blinds, Shades, or Drapes can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Choose from our huge line of Woven Woods, sometimes called Bamboo Blinds or Bamboo Shades.

New Woven Wood Trends from 3 Day Blinds!

We’ve updated our line to include some fabulous new Woven Wood Window Treatments for Your Home. We are so excited to show our customers these new additions!

Woven Wood Shades, also known as Bamboo Shades and Matchstick Shades, can add the natural touch of the outdoors to your interior living space. Add a liner for enhanced privacy or Room Darkening options and choose from our many mounting and operation systems.


Woven Wood Shades are Both Eco-friendly and Beautiful!

We all want to be eco-friendly, and at 3 Day Blinds, we believe in only purchasing our raw materials from sources that are renewable or is a sustainable resource. Our window treatments are crafted from renewable bamboo, wood, reeds, and grasses. Bamboo is an incredible natural resource because it grows fast, is better for the air, controls soil erosion, and is stronger than hardwood. Find out more reasons to choose Bamboo for your Blinds or Shades. 3 Day Blinds can help you choose window treatments that incorporate natural elements in your homes that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Elevate your home’s look from ordinary to extraordinary!

Woven Wood Shades:

  • Perfect for media rooms, when ordered with room darkening liner
  • Ideal for rooms furnished with rich wood tones
  • Great for areas where light is desired but privacy is needed, when ordered with Top Down Bottom Up operating system
  • Perfect for windows for which you desire a designer look, especially with decorative edge binding

Schedule a free in-home consultation to talk to a design consultant and get the latest Woven Wood Trends for your home!

Plantation Shutters

Increase Your Home Value: Add Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Many homeowners consider our plantation shutters as “window furniture”. Shutters have been a long time favorite for many home owners because of their clean, classic look and the fact that they add appraisal value for the home. Like all of 3 Day Blinds’ window treatments, our plantation shutters are custom fit.

1) Increase Your Appraisal Value

The IRS considers installing plantation shutters as a capital improvement on your home. You stand to save on taxes when you sell your home. Keeping track of your receipts is key to get the most out of your investment. Homeowners see shutters as a huge advantage because they do not need replacing. For an enduring statement to your home’s living space that pays for itself over time, consider the classic beauty and warmth of premium, artisan-style Plantation Shutters from 3 Day Blinds.

2) Durability

Plantation Shutters are built to last. They do not need replacing, and they never go out of style. 3 Day Blinds uses Prescription Wood Conditioning that reduces post-installation shrinking and swelling, and reinforced engineered stiles for added durability and support. Quality shutters are built to last and can be repainted to make them look virtually new.
During your free design consultation your Design Consultant will bring and show you our full selection of polymer and wood Plantation Shutters, so you can see what color and material work best for each application.

Plantation Shutters

 3) Aesthetic

Plantation Shutters are attractive and can improve the look of your interior as well as the exterior of your home. Your neighbors and relatives will see your new beautiful interior plantation shutters from the street. They come in a variety of colors and materials that will allow them to compliment almost any type of home decor. For a traditional and classy look, add white shutters or go for a natural stain. Black shutters will add a modern flare.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

4) Easy to Clean

Plantation Shutters are easy to clean because they have a larger surface area than any type of blinds. You can dust them with a damp cloth to wipe away dust and dirt. Wood products can be cleaned using dusting spray.

5) Safety

3 Day Blinds Interior Plantation Shutters do not have dangling cords or strings that children can get tangled up in.

6) Light Control

Plantation Shutters are perfect for light control and can reduce glare in your home. Keep your home the optimal temperature all year round with energy efficient window treatments.
For an enduring statement to your home’s living space, consider the classic beauty and warmth of premium, artisan-style Plantation Shutters from 3 Day Blinds. Shutters are possibly one of the lowest maintenance and long-lasting window treatments you can have. If you love the classic look and are looking for window treatments that will add to your home’s appraisal value, consider installing Plantation Shutters.

Window treatments in every season

Energy Saving Window Treatments

We all want to be energy-efficient, whether its to help the environment or to simply reduce our monthly bills. Window treatments can lower your cooling costs during the summer and reduce heating costs by keeping your home warm during the winter. Besides looking fantastic, you’ll find that your 3 Day Blinds window treatments serve a far greater purpose than giving your home that finished look.

Window treatments in every season


Window Treatments can Benefit You in Every Season

During the summer, your windows can sometimes feel like a magnifying glass when the sun is shining directly into your home.  Window treatments can give you a pleasanter summer by reducing glare and blocking unwelcome sunlight.  Flexcell® Honeycomb Blinds from 3 Day Blinds provide both light control of a blind and the energy saving of a Cellular/Honeycomb Shade. You can still enjoy the daytime light without letting your home heat up from the UV rays. Flexcell® Honeycomb Blinds are even more effective at reducing heating and cooling bills when room darkening fabric is selected. If you want a different type of window treatment, consider installing shades. If properly installed, Shades are one of the simplest and most effective way to reduce your energy use. If your furniture, flooring are becoming damaged, or your pictures are fading due to Ultraviolet rays, window treatments can help protect your belongings. If you have irreplaceable pictures, family heirlooms, or beautiful home decor you have invested in, think about ways to protect your belongings and keep your home cool during the warm summers. Window treatments are a investment that will be well worth it in the long run.

During the winter, window treatments play a major part in controlling the heating inside your home. A great deal of your home heating escapes to the outdoors through your windows. Curtains, blinds, and shutter can provide window insulation,  and reduce your energy consumption and save on heating costs. Insulation is a key factor in choosing window treatments that are right for your home. While there are several options for insulation your windows such as rubber weather sealing, or window insulation film, these could give your windows an ugly, cloudy look, or damage the paint and leave a sticky residue. You want a long term solution that will last for years to come. Your best option is to choose permanent window treatments that will not only look great, but also keep you warm in harsh weather.

Be energy efficient in every season

Types of Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Most window treatments will provide some energy savings when closed or lowered. For the best energy efficiency, we recommend Cellular/Honeycomb Shade and Flexcell® Honeycomb Blinds. 

You can choose blinds, shades, or shutters and cash in on these energy-efficient properties. Try our Cellular/Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, Woven Wood Shades, Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, and Shutters.

For the maximum in energy saving window treatments, combine a blind or shade with one of our Custom Draperies. The layering effect will reduce the amount of heat/cold passing through your window. Studies show that medium-colored draperies can reduce heat by 33%. An extra layer of insulation for your windows is a great way to finish off the look of any room.

Conserving energy is important, and 3 Day Blinds wants to help you get the right window treatments to meet your needs. Meet with a design consultant this week to help reduce your current heating costs and prepare your home for the summer.

Check out some of our favorite custom window treatments! Shutters for the Home


Blinds for the home

Roman Shades for the home

woven wood shades for the home

Faux Wood blinds for the home



5 Reasons to Love Solar Shades

Solar Shades for your home

If you’e looking to maintain your view, yet reduce glare at the same time, consider the light diffusing characteristics of our beautiful Solar Shades. These beautiful shades come in a variety of stylish sheens and sheer fabrics. Solar Shades are designed to provide you privacy without sacrificing style.  With Solar Shades, you can have it all!

Learn why so many people choose Solar Shades for their home!

Solar Shades for your home

1) Fabrics & Hems 

Choose from an extensive selection of fabrics, textures, and even decorative hems. See one you like? You can customize your Solar Shades by picking the right hem to match the rest of your space. If you like a modern look, we recommend a standard hem. For a calming effect, look for the Classic Hem with the “ripple” edge.

Solar Shades can be used either alone or combined with other window treatments to provide perfect light control and give your privacy at the same time. Learn more about combining Solar Shades with other types of window dressings.

3 Day Blinds manufacturers a wide variety of window treatments in addition to being a preferred provider of Hunter Douglas window coverings. With our extensive design and customization options, we know you will find just what you are looking for.

Window Treatment hem options

2) Operating Systems

All of 3 Day Blinds’ Solar Shades use cordless operation systems. Choose between child friendly continuous Cordloop lifting systems and our Motorized units for ultimate innovative simplicity.

3) Mounting Systems 

A nice addition to our list of customization options is the ability to choose the way your window treatment is mounted. Its all about choice and we give you the options for both mounting styles and brackets. Mount it inside or outside the window depending on your preference. Check out for tips on installation.

4) Opacity Level Options

Our Solar Shades offer four different opacity levels. Depending on the direction your home is facing, you might want to consider a lower opacity percentage to allow less UV light to come through the fabric. Keep your home cool, protect your furniture, and reduce the glare by dressing your windows up with the latest fashion.

5)  Good for an Unobstructed View

Shades are an excellent choice if you have a great view and want to keep that clean, crisp look when you open up your windows. Your window treatments can be concealed with the choice of a Deluxe Valance. Solar shades are specifically designed to control incoming light without interfering with your view.

If you have a lot of sunlight coming in through your windows at mid-day, perhaps Solar Shades are for you. The options are almost limitless when it comes to customizing these versatile window treatments. We offer a superior customer experience because we believe that choice is everything. We’ll give you the ability to customize your Solar Shades to fit your home