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Enter the 3 Day Blinds & Princess Cruises Room With a View Sweepstakes

3 Day Blinds & Princess Cruises Set Sail With Summer Sweepstakes

3 Day Blinds and Princess Cruises® are partnering for an incredible summer sweepstakes! Enter the Room With A View Sweepstakes for a chance to give your home a Window Makeover and embark on an exciting and fun-filled vacation.

“Room With A View”

Enter our Room With a View Getaway sweepstakes for your chance to win a 7-day Princess Cruises California Coastal cruise, PLUS a $3,500 Window Treatment Makeover from 3 Day Blinds! Voted “Best Cruises from the West Coast” by Cruise Critic, your California Coastal cruise will take you across the shores of the sun-kissed Pacific Coast, where inviting beaches, fascinating cities and exciting attractions await. Wander Santa Barbara’s historic mission, explore charming Catalina Island and savor flavorful wines from Ensenada’s burgeoning wine country. Then return home for a fabulous Window Makeover with 3 Day Blinds expert Design Consultants. Don’t miss your chance to win this unforgettable summer package. No purchase necessary. A chance to win without any risk! What are you waiting for?

Enter the 3 Day Blinds & Princess Cruises Room With a View Sweepstakes

3 Day Blinds and Princess Cruises pride themselves on providing exceptional service and relaxation. Onboard a Princess ship, you’ll be right at home without a care in the world. From sun-up to late into the night, their seasoned crewmembers will be there to anticipate your every need. And by voyage’s end, their crew will feel just like family. Unpack once and experience the best of the region you are visiting in one cruise vacation. There is nothing easier than simply waking up in the morning in the world’s most exciting and interesting cities.  Still not convinced? 3 Day Blinds recently launched a large assortment of new fabrics and materials that will give you even more gorgeous design options. We Design, We Measure, and We Install while you Relax. Choose from hundreds of design options. We have styles and fabrics that will match any decor preference.

Princess Cruises 

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises is a global cruise line and tour company operating a fleet of 18 modern cruise ships renowned for their innovative design and wide array of choices in dining, entertainment and amenities, all provided in an environment of exceptional guest experience. Throughout 2015, Princess is celebrating a half-century of making dreams come true, where guests sail to the far ends of the earth and come back new. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess carries 1.7 million guests each year to destinations around the globe with voyages ranging in length from three to 114 days. For more information, visit

3 Day Blinds

For over 37 years, 3 Day Blinds has been an industry leader in high quality window treatments. “We can do anything that can possibly be done in the world of Window Treatments”, says Design Consultant, Gary Gilbert.  We Design, we measure, we install, while you relax. Whether you need blinds, shades, curtains or draperies, 3 Day Blinds has it all and will work with you to design your windows to fit your style and budget. For more information, visit 

Rebecca Robeson works with 3 Day Blinds

Robeson Design Gets a Window Makeover!

Over the holidays, 3 Day Blinds teamed up with Robeson Design to give their office a Window Makeover! We were thrilled to help Robeson Design make their workspace as beautiful as the homes they design.

Check out the before and after pictures!

The Robeson Design Office Before the Window Makeover…

Robeson Design Entry


Robeson Design Kitchen


Robeson Design Before picture

Rebecca’s Office Before

Robeson Design Before

Sharrah’s Office Before


After the Window Makeover…

The Finished Look - take a peak inside the Robeson Design office. We installed custom window treatments to make their office look as beautiful as the homes they design.

The Finished Look

The Finished Look

The Finished Look


The Finished Look

The Finished Look

The Finished LookDesign is our passion. We love to delight our customers by creating a unique look for their space and finding the right window treatments to fit their needs.

Do you need to reduce glare? We have you covered. Read 5 reasons to love solar shades.

Want to insulate your home and reduce energy usage? Check out window treatments that keep your home warm.

Choose from our extensive selection of drapes, curtains, valences, shutters, blinds, shades and vertical blinds. Whatever you need, 3 Day Blinds can make it happen.

Check out the Robeson Design and the 3 Day Blinds video! For more pictures from the project with Robeson Design, visit us on Facebook!

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families forward

3 Day Blinds Donation to Families Forward

Families Forwardfamilies forward

3 Day Blinds is proud to be contributing to a wonderful organization like Families Forward who is dedicated to supplying Orange County families with the tools and support to become independent, productive residents of the community. A big thank you to Families Forward for the special letter to our CEO Dave Hall on behalf of our donation. Check out how amazing Families Forward new program center looks with new 3 Day Blinds window treatments in the before and after photos below!

families forward

families forwardfamfor3families forward


Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House: Extreme Mercer Island

The season finale of Sell This House: Extreme in Mercer Island is one of the most amazing transformations that that the 3 Day Blinds team has been involved with. Mercer Island is a gorgeous town located in the state of Washington and known for its amazing homes with beautiful views. Unfortunately for Greg and Carol, their home might have the gorgeous view but could use a lot of work. With Carol suffering from MS, she is unable to help Greg with the repairs to the home. On top of that, with the dwindling financial and physical reserves the house has become too much of a burden for this couple to bear. Carol and Greg desperately need the assitance of the Sell This House: Extreme and 3 Day Blinds team in order for them to sell their house and downsize to something more practical.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen beforeSell This House Extreme Kitchen before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Kitchen Before

This kitchen hasn’t been updated for over 50 years, and it certainly appears that way. Not only is the style of this kitchen completely outdated but more than half the appliances don’t even work! Designer Daniel Kucan has said time and time again, the kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important selling points of a home and the state this kitchen in has buyers thinking- this is total tear out and remodel. 

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds Kitchen Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds Kitchen

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Kitchen After

If there is such thing as a perfect kitchen, this kitchen is pretty close. Builder Charlie Frattini did what he does best, ripping out seventy five percent of the kitchen. Raising the ceiling and blowing out a strange hallway that was located behind the old kitchen, completely opened up this space. A trending color palette of dark brown, white and muted blue combined with steel appliances and hardware gives this kitchen a fresh and sophisticated look.

Sell This House Extreme before Sell This House Extreme before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Dining Room Before

This decor might have been attractive 50 years ago but in 2013 this screams remodel. Looking at this space all I can think of is brown, there is absolutely no life to this room, no color, texture, or interesting decor. The problem here is that nothing about this space is going to make buyers think- wow, I could really see myself living here. Instead this space has buyers running for the hills in avoidance of a stressful and expensive remodel.

3 Day Blinds dining room 3 Day Blinds dining room 3 Day Blinds dining room

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Dining Room After

Designer Daniel Kucan brought this space into the 21st century. The layout of this dining room is very vertical and draws the eyes upward making the space appear much larger. With accents of mid century modern pieces this dining room is anything but boring. Believe it or not the dining room chairs are vintage pieces that were reupholstered with 3 Day Blinds fabric in Andes Coffee Bean. In fact, if you fall in love with a 3 Day Blinds fabric you can purchase fabric by the yard and make accent pillows, or even follow suit of the expert designers and reupholster furniture.

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds before Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds before Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Living Room Before

The dull and dated theme of the kitchen and dining room is pulled into the living room as well. There are three different types of sofas in this room, three! Not to mention none of the wood furniture matches. This room is not only old and mismatched, but it is actually very dangerous. Any home buyer with kids is going to take one look at that fireplace and think, hazard. To top things off, I have to point out that this room is missing one key element…window treatments. While the sunlight peering in to the room might be nice at times can you image not having window treatments to block out the glare when watching the television?

Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room Sell This House Extreme 3 Day Blinds- Living Room

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Living Room After

Daniel ripped up the carpeting and ran beautiful Brazilian hardwood flooring through the house unifying the space. He painted the walls a stormy bay color that added depth to the room and bold vertical art work to draw buyers eyes upward. A new fire place and hearth make the room a cutting edge focus. 3 Day Blinds pulled through adding the finishing touch of gorgeous window treatments. The 3 Day Blinds team selected Draperies in Matrix Rivera to that complement the color palette of this scheme of this room perfectly.

Sell This House Extreme Patio before Sell This House Extreme Patio before Sell This House Extreme Patio before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Patio Before

Greg and Carol both love to work in the yard but they are unable to keep up with its maintenance and as a result the yard is overgrown with weeds and neglected. To make matters worse the patio is rotting and is a safety hazard.

Sell this house extreme patio before Sell this house extreme patio before Sell this house extreme patio before

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme Mercer Island- Patio After

In just 18 hours this backyard was completely transformed. A freshly manicured lawn, rockery, and a stone patio to replace the rotting deck, bring this backyard back to life. Pruned and groomed, in a few months this backyard will be transformed to a greenery paradise. This backyard is now a selling point for this home, who wouldn’t want to relax with friends and family on the patio and lawn?

3 Day Blinds was thrilled to be a part of this seasons Sell This House: Extreme on A&E. The work the entire cast and team put into all 8 homes this season was phenomenal, and truly touched the lives of many homeowners. If you’re interested in more home makeover ideas check our 3 Day Blinds Houzz page, we’ve got tons of architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement ideas!



Home Staging Curb Appeal

Home Staging Tips| 3 Day Blinds

Check out the top 10 tips for staging your home to sell. From getting rid of clutter, to perfecting your curb appeal, these easy tips will be sure to prepare your home for the competitive real estate market.

Home Staging Clutter Free

Source: Design to Appeal

Get Rid of Clutter

Pick one room or area and evaluate items worth keeping and get rid of those that aren’t. Your home will appear larger and buyers will be able to assess your home rather than your décor preference.

Home Staging Clean

Source: Clorox


Potential buyers will inspect everything in your home, an inexpensive way to prepare your home for the market is to clean- carpets, counters and even ceilings.


stainless dishwasher

Source: Coordinately Yours

Stainless- Steel Appliances

Rather than going out and purchasing a new dishwasher, here is a low- cost way to refurbish an old. Apply a stainless- steel stick-on covering for just $20 and your old dishwasher instantly becomes a modern appliance.

Home Stage Neutral Paint

Source:Jeff Herr Home Design

Paint with Neutrals

First; remove all wallpaper, buyer’s associate wallpaper with being outdated.  Next, add a fresh coat of paint, be sure to use neutral colors which are most attractive to potential buyers.

Home Staging Curb Appeal

Source: Inspiration

Curb Appeal

Having a positive curb appeal will be sure to get buyers interested on what‘s inside. Cut back any overgrown bushes or trees, and keep your lawn and garden well groomed to give off a good first impression.

Home Stage 3 Day Blinds

Source: 3 Day Blinds

Replace Window Treatments

Potential buyers are attracted to homes with lots of natural sunlight. Upgrade to new window treatments that filter sunlight into the space. For rooms with high sun exposure, consider treatments that prevent glare or secure privacy.


Home Stage Group Furniture

Source: Hendel Homes

Grouping Furniture

Contrary to common belief, furniture should be freestanding away from walls. Grouping furniture this way makes the room appear larger and is actually more user friendly.

Home Stage Furnish Room

Source: Grandview

Don’t Leave a Room Empty

Having rooms furnished is important so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.

Home Stage DIY

Source: DIY and Show

Repurpose Your Resources

Salvage old materials and use them to create new household items. There are tons of DIY projects that can help you save money and polish off your homes look.

Home Stage Fresh Flowers

Source: Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design Inc.

Fresh Flowers

Catch interested buyer’s eyes with a vase of fresh flowers. You can also use potted flowering plants that are in season for a low-cost solution.