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Homemaking Mother's Day

Tips My Mother Taught Me About Homemaking

Homemaking Mother's Day

Source: Pinterest


Mothers are the heart and soul of the home, and in honor of Mother’s Day, here are 5 tips homemaking tips my mother taught me.

Mother's Day Garden


My mother always said that no home is complete without a garden. To this day people walking by my house will stop to smell the roses and complement her on the beautiful garden that sits out front of our home. As my siblings and I grew older, and one by one, we moved out from our home, we noticed my mother’s garden expanded. A large portion of my backyard, where a swing- set used to reside, has now been transformed into a giant fruit and vegetable garden. For many gardening is a therapeutic activity, but for my mother it has an even deeper meaning, “my garden reminds me of you kids- you feed them, you watch them grow, and you love them.”

Mother's Day Kitchen

Source: Carla Aston

White Kitchen

While most people stray away from designing a completely white kitchen, in fear of every spill and crumbs being visible, my mother adores them. She claims, “there is something so beautiful about a white, pristine kitchen.” As a person that is notorious for spilling, you can imagine my mother wasn’t thrilled with me when it came to keeping the kitchen clean. Anyone that steps foot in my mom’s kitchen knows not to brush their clothes up against the counter tops or cabinets because there’s a pretty good chance your clothes will be ruined from bleach. That said, I do have to admit, I love the look of an all-white kitchen, and I’d like to think it corrected my bad habit of spilling.

Mother's Day Picture Frame

Source: Lona de Anna

Decorate with Photos

 One Christmas my mother only asked for one thing, ten black picture frames. It was encouraged for them to be all different sizes and styles. My siblings and I were confused to say the least, yet relieved that we knew exactly what to get her. Shortly after the holidays, a once bare wall was filled with eclectic photos of my family members taken through the years. My mother stated, “having photos of your family in your home is essential because as kids come and go over the years, the photographs are a constant reminder that you are always together.”

Mother's Day Living Room

Source: Between the Box

Keep Electronics in One Room

With the new advances in technology, it is incredibly difficult to separate yourself from your laptop, cell phone or television. Growing up this was never an issue in my home because my mother made a rule that all electronics stayed in the family room. This ment no cellphones at the dinner table, and certainly, no TV was allowed in the bedrooms. Call my mother old fashion, but looking back I appreciate this rule. As my siblings and I got older, and our lives got busier, it’s easy to lose touch. The time we spent as a family at the dinner table sharing stories about our day at school and soccer practice is something I look back and truly cherish now.

Cellular Shades

Updated Window Treatments

 Inevitably, my mother has passed down her obsession with window treatments in the home. It dawned on me when I was in college and on the hunt for a new apartment with my roommates. Nearly every place we walked into, my eyes darted to windows and I immediately was turned off by the broken and disheveled blinds. The aesthetics of the window treatments aren’t the only contributors to our obsession, the amount of light they let in is equally as important. My mother swears by light filtering Cellular Shades or Horizontal Sheer Shades. “They provide the right amount of privacy without sacrificing the natural flow of sunlight into a room.” While some might find our obsession with window treatments odd, we like to think there are many women out there who share our appreciation for quality blinds and shades.

These are just a few homemaking tips my mother instilled in me over the years. On behalf of 3 Day Blind’s, we wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day!

Sell This House Extreme Dining Room after

All New: 3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme

Sell This House Extreme: 3 Day Blinds- Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is a beautiful beach city in Los Angeles where the weather is warm and cost of living is high.  Money Magazine ranks communities in the area as some of the most expensive and desired places to live in the U.S.

Redondo Beach has a competitive real estate market with many beautiful, ‘ready to move in homes’ to choose from. One can imagine, the Kaufman’s unfinished remodel is not something buyers are looking for. With three children off to college, the family needs to downsize and help their children out with paying for their education. In order to do this, the Kaufman’s are going to need the help of the Sell This House Extreme cast to transform their desperate home into a desired beach bungalow.

Sell This House Extreme Living Room beforeSell This House Extreme: Living Room- Before

Walking into this living room, you immediately realize there is no consistency with regard to style and color. A chartreuse painted wall, sits next to a tacky looking tiled fireplace that faces oversized and unattractive brown couches and a wall of eclectic art. Because this room has, so much going on it appears to be cluttered and overwhelming.

Sell This House Extreme Living RoomSell This House Extreme Family Room

Sell This House Extreme: Living Room- After

When Designer Daniel Kucan stated he was putting wood paneling on the walls of the living room, homeowners Michelle and Abram were seriously questioning his expertise. The Kaufman’s were not the only ones skeptical of Daniels direction, the thought of wood paneling on walls has most people thinking of dated, 60’s home décor. However, this wall looks amazing, the horizontal flanks of wood creates more depth making the room appear larger.

To add the finishing touches to this room, Design Consultant Helane Kramer gave Daniel Kucan her expert opinion on what draperies to select to pull this rooms look together. Helane selected Draperies in Annalies Blues to complement the beige, powder blue and navy color scheme of this room.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen before

Sell This House Extreme: Kitchen- Before

There are two major eyesores in this kitchen. First off, cooking is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity but not in this small and cramped kitchen. Designer Daniel Kucan wants Builder Charlie Franttini to do what he does best and knock down a wall to open this kitchen up.  Daniel comments on the kitchens original state, “this must be changed, with this kitchen there is nothing we can do to give the illusion that it’s a larger space, it’s just too small and we have to open it up and make it more functional.”

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen

 Sell This House Extreme: Kitchen- After

It is hard to believe that this is the same kitchen! Removing half of the wall and creating a bar is the perfect solution to opening the space up and gaining more counter space. The creative cast of Sell This House Extreme used 3 Day Blinds Madagascar River fabric to reupholster bar stools, complementing the powder blue cabinets. As for the windows, 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant Helane suggested Daniel use Cape Cod Alpine White Woven Wood Shades that add textual interest to the space.

Sell This  House Extreme Sitting Room

 Sell This House Extreme: Sitting Room- Before

Multifunctional spaces are great, when done correctly. Unfortunately, the Kaufman’s are among many homeowners who do not achieve this. Michelle describes this room as a office, a family room, and a dining room, all in one. To me this room looks more like a storage bin that has all been unloaded in one room.

Sell This House Extreme Sitting Room

 Sell This House Extreme Dining Room afterSell This House Extreme: Dining/ Sitting Room- After

Designer Daniel Kucan wanted to keep this room simple, he added a new powder blue kitchen table, small couch and wooden cabinet. Continuing with the color scheme of the home,  Draperies in Annalies Blues were added to the windows. These draperies achieve a lot in this space, they are the perfect pop of color and actually are the focal point of this room. 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant Helane Kramer, and Designer Daniel Kucan, chose to use Cape Cod Alpine White Woven Wood Shades on these windows. Woven Woods are not only aesthetically attractive window treatments, but provide the right amount of light control and privacy for this room.

Sell This House Extreme 3 day Blinds

Photograph: Michelle Kaufman (home owner), Daniel Kucan (Designer), Helane Kramer (3 Day Blinds Design Consultant)

Once again, the Sell This House Extreme and 3 Day Blinds team was able to pull off a truly amazing transformation. The Kaufman’s were so pleased with how the home turned out! They are looking forward to selling their home and assisting their children financially in college.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday, May 11, 10a/9C for the next extreme home makeover in Atlanta, Georgia. This home hasn’t been updated for over 50 years, and desperately needs to be brought into the 21st century!


Drawer Dividers

Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Get the most out  of your spring cleaning session with these 5 tips on how to organize your bathroom.

Vertical Bathroom Storage

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Vertical Storage

If your bathroom has limited storage space and there’s no place to go but up, here’s how! This space is an excellent use of vertical storage without overwhelming a small space. These top and bottom free standing cabinet dual as storage for linens and other bathroom necessities. Keep everything neat and tidy by storing items in separate bins, baskets, or containers.

Drawer Dividers

Source: Good House Keeping

Drawer Dividers

Start your day off right by making your morning beautification process easy. Use drawer dividers to keep makeup and other necessities organized. This will surely help you save time in the morning and make your daily routine a breeze.

Towel Hooks

Source: Sarah Macklem Interiors

Functional Towel Hooks

Cross bars are probably the most common storage for towels but they take up a ton of space and you find yourself only being able to hang one or two towels. Hooks are extremely functional pieces in the bathroom because they allow the towels to dry without taking up horizontal space. Plus, this hook fixture serves as a decorative piece too!

Door Storage

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Back- of- the- Door Storage

Believe it or not, the back of a door can be a wonderful use of storage space. Make your life easier and label each tier to help keep things organized and in place. After a long day, who doesn’t want to open one cabinet that houses all of their relaxation essentials and being the recovering process.

Organize Hair Tools

Source: Marcy Mckenna

The Solution for Storing Hair Tools

Every woman knows what it’s like to open a drawer of hair tools and waste time unwrapping entwining cords that have tangled into knots. This medicine cabinet converted to hair tool storage is perfect. Not only does this keep cords separated but it has a power strip so you can have all your tools plugged in at once. Get the curling iron warmed up while you blow dry your hair, this fixture will save you so much time and hassle during the beautification process!

Bathroom Shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds

Spring cleaning isn’t just organizing but attending to those areas in your home that have been neglected all year long. Give your bathroom a makeover with a new coat of paint or new window treatments. If your looking for the perfect balance of style, privacy, and light control, check out 3 Day Blinds blinds, shades and shutters for the bathroom.

Good luck organizing your bathroom this Spring, and look out for out next organizing tips as we tackle each room in the home.

Sell This House Extreme Living Room After

All New- 3 Day Blinds on Sell This House Extreme

Did you miss watching the all new Sell This House: Extreme episode last Saturday, April 27th? Check out a recap below with amazing before and after photos of a home that receives a much needed makeover.

Just one year ago homeowners, Danny and Angela purchased their home with big plans to  fix up their humble abode in Des Moines, Washington.  Over the past year the couple began renovations and started to make modern updates to their 1963 styled home. Unfortunately, plans were halted when Danny lost his job. After several months of job hunting, Danny landed a position in California. To make this move Danny and Angela were faced with a huge dilemma, they needed to sell their home for at least $250,000. The couple’s dated looking home was desperate for Designer Daniel Kucan, Builder Charlie Frattini and Host Tanya Memme’s expertise.

Sell This House Extreme entryway

 Sell This House Extreme Entryway- Before

First impressions are really important, especially when entering a home and this entry ways is not leaving a positive one. After stepping foot into this space interested home buyers were immediately turned off by this spaces outdated look. One interested buyer commented “this is absolutely terrible, there are no moldings!” Danny and Angela were in trouble, this is not the impression they wanted to leave with potential buyers.

Sell This House Extreme entryway after

 Sell This House Extreme Entryway- After

This remodeled entry way look phenomenal  Designer Daniel Kucan wanted to make a powerful first impression so he decided to tile this massive wall with natural stones. This textured wall complements the rich earth tones that are prominent through out the house.

Sell This House Extreme living room

Sell This House Extreme Living Room- Before

Looking at this room only two things come to minds, brown and old. The wood paneling on the walls, dated brick fireplace and enormous brown couch gives the impression of 70’s inspired room gone wrong. This rooms over use of neutrals makes this space seem a lot darker and smaller than it actually is. It was time to get the Sell This House Extreme experts in here to brighten this place up and add some modern touches.

Sell This House Extreme Living Room After

Sell This House Extreme Living Room –After

This room is great because it still keeps the earth tone feel but uses multiple rich tones other than just brown to achieve it. The fireplace echos the wall tile from the entry ways creating a unified look. 3 Day Blinds window treatments are the perfect eco-friendly complements to this rooms natural theme. Shona Topaz Draperies paired with St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shades adds texture and brings a touch of the outdoors inside.

Sell This House Extreme Bathroom before

Sell This House Extreme Bathroom- Before

This bathroom is not only functionally old and inefficient, it’s just plain ugly. The tacky looking floor tile, powder blue walls and old wooden door to the toilet are terrible combinations.

Sell This House Extreme bathroom After

Sell This House Extreme Bathroom- After

Designer, Daniel Kucan went tile crazy in this bathroom, creating a clean and modern look. Using tiles of different sizes and colors creates texture and adds more dimension to this space. Staying consistent with the overall natural color scheme of the house, Daniel decided to polish this rooms look off with 3 Day Blinds St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shade.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen Before

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen- Before

The biggest eyesore of this whole project is probably the kitchen. At first glace this kitchen isn’t that terrible but if you look closer you will see there is carpet on the floor. Yuck! Angela  said “there’s nothing that we like about this room, it’s not livable, it’s not clean, all and all it’s disgusting”. Unfortunately, she’s right, and interested buyers are thinking the same thing.

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen After

Sell This House Extreme Kitchen- After

Bye, bye carpet… hello tile! Designer Daniel Kucan, decided to continue the tile throughout the kitchen.  Large, light horizontal tiles really open up this room and are a nice complement to the rich wood cabinets. Keeping the natural theme going, another 3 Day Blinds St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shade was selected for the large window above the sink.

Sell This House Extreme:Dining Room Before


Sell This House Extreme Dining Room- Before

This dining room needed some major updates. This room has a beautiful mahogany table but you can’t even tell because of the dated light fixture, old window treatments on the sliding door and bay window converted to a green house.

Sell This House Extreme Dining Room- After


Sell This House Extreme Dining Room After

This dining room received some major updates. Remember that bay window full of plants? Well Designer Daniel Kucan, found it to be a complete waste of space and “looking like growth of some sort from the exterior of the home,”  and with builder Charlie Frattinis help they were able to convert it to a regular window. A modern light fixture, new rug and  window treatments and the room looks sharp yet warm and inviting. To get this look in your own home check out St. Martin Oak Woven Wood Shades and Brooklyn Earth Draperies. 

Danny and Angela couldn’t have been happier with the results, and were even more thrilled that Host Tanya Memme appraised their house for 260,000$, which is over their original asking price.  Hopefully this means Danny and Angela can finally move their family out to California and begin their new life.

Be sure to tune in and watch 3 Day Blinds on the next episode of Sell This House Extreme, in Redondo Beach this Saturday, May 4 at 10a/9C.

Sell This House: Extreme living room after

3 Day Blinds on Sell This House: Extreme


Last Saturday, April 20th was the premier of this seasons, Sell This House: Extreme and 3 Day Blinds was a huge part of this amazing renovation in Seattle, Washington.

Zane and Claire’s two bedroom, two bathroom bungalow home can hardly contain the growing family of four. With a son and daughter sharing one small bedroom, the family is more than ready to move on to bigger and better, but to do that their home needed a serious makeover. The goal of this project was to increase this homes value and asking price in just 5 days. Check out before and after photos below as I tour you through this homes massive transformation.

Sell This House Extreme BeforeSell This House: Extreme Kitchen- Before

Pictured above is the original kitchen that Zane and Claire dreaded cooking dinner in… clutter, clutter, clutter. Before the renovations, hidden cameras were planted in the home to capture the reactions of interested buyers as they navigate through the house. After entering the kitchen, one interested buyer noted the, “counter tops are horrible, I don’t think I want to take on this much work.” Another was so repulsed by the kitchens state she said, “it’s just filth, I don’t want to touch anything.” Zane and Claire knew their home needed work but finding out just how much was a bit of a shock.

Sell This House: Extreme afterSell This House: Extreme Kitchen- After

You’re probably thinking, is that the same kitchen? Amazingly, it is. Construction expert Charlie Frattini lead the team in resurfacing cabinets, revamping the floor, and adding all new counter tops. Check out that fabulous window above the sink- dressed with a 3 Day Blinds Woven Wood Shade, with black edge binding. This shade is the perfect complement to polish off this black and white themed kitchen.

Sell This House Extreme- livingroom Sell This House: Extreme Living Room- Before

The space pictured above is what Claire and Zane described as their- “living room, dining room, coat closet, and play area”. Hidden cameras caught an interested buyer asking her friend, “how do people have such ugly things”. Clearly this “living room” needed a drastic makeover. Perhaps, the place to start would be with consolidating light fixtures that were installed just a few feet apart…

Sell This House: Extreme living room afterSell This House: Extreme Living Room- After

It’s hard to imagine that this is even the same living room. Designer Daniel Kucan, transformed a once dark and claustrophobic space, into a bright, casual TV area. This room received new floors and soft blue Matrix Riviera curtains from 3 Day Blinds. Colorful accessories like the red pillows were made from 3 Day Blinds fabric, giving this room a bright and open feel.

Sell This House Extreme Bed Room BeforeSell This House: Extreme Bed Room- Before

When interested buyers set foot in this room, hidden cameras caught them saying “oh my gosh, I really hope this isn’t the master bed room”. Well, unfortunately it is. To make make matters worse, this room had carpet with vomit stained into it from Zane and Claire’s children. The Sell This House: Extreme team didn’t see vomit stains becoming fashionable decor anytime soon, so they got to tackling this desperate bed room.

Sell This House Extreme Bed Room After

Sell This House: Extreme Bed Room- After

At last, this room actually looks like a master bed room. Designer Daniel Kucan and host Tanya Memme, combined forces and transformed this once dark and dysfunctional space into a bright and open master bed room.

With the help of 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant Jennifer Yun, Daniel drew inspiration for this space from the custom 3 Day Blinds window treatments and fabrics.During the renovation Daniel proclaimed “these window treatments that we are getting from 3 Day Blinds are really nice, and really custom so, we are going to start with that and pull the colors out of there, and carry it through the entire space.” The soft blue on the walls was pulled from the duvet cover Tanya made and the pillows complement the spice orange of the curtains. All made out of 3 Day Blinds fabrics!

Jennifer Yun and Cast

Needless to say, Claire and Zane where overwhelmed with joy when all the renovations were completed. This house is finally a marketable property that homeowners would desire. These renovations wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing cast from Sell This House: Extreme and highly experienced 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants and Installers. Don’t forget to tune in this Saturday, April 27 at 10a/9C to see how these experts tackle the next home desperate for a makeover.



Sell This House Extreme

promoIt’s Spring time and you know what that means, out with the old, in with the new.  A&E’s hit series Sell This House Extreme takes this saying to a completely new level.  A few lucky homeowners who are desperately trying to sell their homes get to sit back and watch host Tanya Memme, construction expert Charlie Frattini and designer Daniel Kucan work their magic in transforming their difficult spaces.

Tune into the premier of this seasons Sell This House Extreme, Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 10a/9C on A&E. You don’t want to miss out on these amazing transformations and the latest home decor trends and styles.

Craft center

Houzz- Organizing Tips for Kids in the Home

No one wants to step into a room where it looks like the kids have run amuck- kid’s toys, art supplies and clothes swept up in a tornado that made its way through every room in the house. Before having kids of your own, you probably thought- yikes, that will never be my home. Whether or not your home is monopolized by your kids’ stuff or will be someday, check out these décor tricks that help keep your home organized and kid friendly simultaneously.

Photograph from Houzz: The Stow Company

Photograph from Houzz: The Stow Company

1. Open Closets: Closets with doors or drapes make it easy to hide or stash clutter. Closets without doors allow you to see everything inside prompting kids to keep things orderly.-

Photograph by: Cornerston Architects

Photograph by: Cornerston Architects

2. Chalk Board: Tired of your kids taking crayons to the walls?  Embrace it with chalk board paint, let your young artists doodle away. –

Kids Nook

Photograph by Soorikian Architecture

3. Kids Nook: Having a designated space in home for kids to put up art work and store their toys helps you avoid cluttering. This space is the perfect spot for kids to relax and recharge. –

Craft center

Photograph by: The Vintage Glitter House

  4. Craft Workshop- Who knew soring crafts could be this organized and easy! This is the perfect environment for kids to artistically express themselves. –

Photograph by: Cinnamon Post

Photograph by: Cinnamon Post

    5. Keeping Kids Laundry Organized: Designate a laundry basket to each kid will help keep their clothes separated and organized.  This also is a great way to teach kids to put away their clothes, fill their basket with cleaned clothes and let them do the rest.

Hopefully these tips inspired you to keep kids clutter organized in your home. For more home decor ideas and tips check out our Houzz page at .


Emerging Emerald


Photograph by Summertime Entertainment

Going green has never been more in style and I don’t just mean environmentally. Pantone recently announced emerald (Pantone 17-5641) as the 2013 color of the year and we love how it looks at home.  Are you hesitant to decorate with emerald and risk turning your home into the City of Oz? Well we’ve got you covered. Simply, follow these 5 tips on how to decorate using the 2013’s color of the year to create a sophisticated yet fun and lively look in your home.

Emerald Bathroom

Photograph by Casey Dunn

Keep It Simple: Emerald walls are a bold statement on their own, so don’t crowd them with a bunch of picture frames, shelving, and other wall décor. Keeping walls bare, with few fixtures will create a chic and polished look.  This room is simple but the wall color is so engaging you forget that it is actually a bathroom.

Emerald Chairs

Photograph by Jentatertots

Add On: If painting an emerald wall is too bold for your taste yet you love this color and want to use it in your space, try adding it as an accent color.  In this neutral dining room, the emerald chairs are the perfect pop of color. They add a touch of luxury and elegance too.

Emerald Living Room

Photograph by Sveinung Bråthen

Complement It: Don’t be afraid to add a few accent colors to your emerald space.  Complimentary colors of emerald are greys, whites, black, muted yellows and golds. This living room shows how to mix in a couple complimentary colors that add an eclectic flare.

Emerald Accessories

Photograph by Tisha Clapp

Accessorize: Inspired by this year’s color yet not ready to make major décor changes? Then simply add a few emerald pieces to your space. Think pillows, a vase, or a lamp or two. It may be just that pop of color you desire.

3 Day Blinds

Blind Ambition: This family room by Atlanta Interior Designer Cristi Holcombe, uses emerald lamps and throw pillows to give this room a chic and sophisticated look. Which one of these window treatments would you use to polish this room off?

  1. Curtain & Drapery Panels- Savannah Lemon
  2. Cellular Shades- Softlight TrippleCell Stone
  3. Woven Wood Shades- Cape Cod Alpine White

Transformation: Delightful Draperies in a Classic Dining Room

3-day-blinds-draperies-Untitled - 4Custom Soft Roman Shades and Drapes add elegance to a traditional dining room.

Dining Rooms have evolved from an everyday room, to the room that becomes a showcase for holidays and special gatherings. The style and design of the dining room is just as important as the food that is served. Here is the three-step evolution of a dining room from basic to elegant:             

1. Without window treatments, the room looks well put-together, but is lacking in color.

2. By adding soft roman shades in a cheerful floral pattern, color is brought in to the room with an elegant touch.

3. The third step is to add custom drapery hardware, with custom drapery panels in a lively green to accent the pattern and complement the décor of the room.

Whether your taste is traditional, modern or eclectic, the patterns, colors and textures offered will meet anyone’s needs.