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DIY Installation Fail

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Why Free Installation ?

Have you attempted to install window treatments yourself? If you have, I apologize and relate to your frustration. If  you haven’t, save yourself the 4-hour struggle and take it from someone who found out the hard way- DIY doesn’t apply to window treatments!

My husband and I consider ourselves relatively handy people, and confident in our ability to install curtains. Just a few screws and some hardware, how hard could it be? After a number of trips to Home Depot, and several hours of trouble shooting we were left with… well, I think the photo below says it all.DIY Installation Fail

I’m fully convinced, when it comes to window treatments, it’s best to let the professional do the heavy lifting. 3 Day Blinds designs and measures for free and now for a limited time they install for Free too! Take advantage of Free Install* now- offer expires in just 4  days on 10/26/13. See offer details below.

Schedule a FREE in-home design consultation today and save yourself the hassle and a lot less holes in your wall to patch up!

Free Installation 3 day blinds

*For showroom or in-home design consultation orders, this offer must be presented at the time of purchase. Offer valid on residential base installation of 3 Day Blinds and Hunter Douglas brand products only. Offer excludes Special Orders, outside manufacturer brand Draperies, Window Film and Shutters. Minimum purchase on applicable products of $750 required, excluding sales tax, shipping and handling. Not valid on previous purchase or with any other offer or discount.
Offer Code: KBNK. Offer Expires 10/26/13.


How to Use Texture in Home Decor

Decorating with vibrant colors and unique patterns, definitely make bold statements in the home. On the other hand, decorating with texture is a bit more subtle but can have dramatic impact on your homes decor.

Textured fabric

Source: 3 Day Blinds

Texture Adds Dimension  | Custom Window Treatments

Textured fabrics make a room more interesting because they appeal to both of our senses- visual and tactile. Textured fabrics are often used in rugs, pillows, custom window treatments and anywhere you use fabrics.

Textures in home decor

Source: HG TV

Accessorize with Textures

Woven wood accessories are a great way to add textural interests to everyday items- chairs, pillows, and especially, window treatments.Their natural pallet will complement any homes decor and create a calming and tranquil environment.

Eye Catching Texture

Source: GH IDesign

Coordinate Texture and Color

If you are looking to make a bold statement in your home, adding multiple textures and colors to a space will help you achieve a fun and eclectic look.

Neutral Textures

Source: House to Home

Neutral Elegance

This neutral pallet is anything but boring. From the walls, to chair and footstool, this space is extremely tactile, but its neutral pallet gives this living room a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

Light and Texture

Source: Nectokin Architecture

 Enhanced Texture

Using texture in moderation can create a very dramatic look when adding the perfect amount of lighting to a space. Playing with dramatic and soft light in a room can create multiple dimensions and create the illusion of a larger space.

If these tips have inspired you to bring texture into your homes decor, a great place to start is with your window treatments! Schedule a FREE in-home design appointment with one of our expert Design Consultants to get this look today!




Blinds to help you sleep

Window Treatments That Help You Sleep

Do you struggle getting a good nights sleep? You should consider window treatments that will help you get a good nights rest.

Cellular Shades trap in air creating a perfect temperature to help you sleep.They also are energy saving window treatments, that will help lower your electric bills.

Curtains absorb sound to ensure your bedroom stays quiet.

Roller Shades also called blackout shades, will create a dark environment to help you sleep!

Blinds to help you sleep

3 Day Blinds blue

Trending- Summer Blues

When it comes to home decor trends the color blue consistently ranks as a highly desired color palette when decorating in and outside the home. Consumers are most attracted to shades varying from cool colbalt, indigo, and aquatic blues. It’s no wonder that once Summer rolls around these colors are popping up more than ever in all home decor items. Inspired by the many shades of blue trending in home decor here are a few 3 Day Blinds window treatment fabrics that complement any rooms look.3 Day Blinds blue

3 Day Blinds navy

3 day blinds blue




3 Day Blinds custom window treatments

Why Paper Blinds Fold Under the Pressure | 3 Day Blinds

Why Paper Blinds Fold Under the Pressure

Anyone who has ever moved from one location to another knows that it can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, not to mention costly and time consuming. After all, you’re packing up your entire life, and whether you’re moving across town or across the country, that’s no small task.

Once the moving truck is gone, and the last box has been unpacked, most of us just want to sit down and relax, or maybe take a long nap. But, unless you are moving into a fully furnished house or apartment, the window treatments in your new place might be severely lacking, or nonexistent.

Feeling Exposed Without Window Treatments?

It can be really difficult to feel settled without proper window treatments. You might have taken them for granted before, not realizing how much warmth, style and privacy they brought to your old house. Now, their necessity has never been more evident.

Because of the practical and aesthetic impact that window treatments can have on a new home, many people prioritize the purchase of blinds, shades, or drapes as the first order of business. But when calling around to popular online and local window treatment vendors, they end up shocked at how long it will take to receive the order. When the salesperson senses the hesitation and disappointment in the caller’s voice, they might recommend buying paper blinds from a retail store.

Are Paper Blinds Worth the Trouble

Paper blinds are temporary window coverings that are often used when waiting for permanent window treatments. They consist of accordion-folded paper with an adhesive strip, with a set of small clips that is typically included to hold them up.

While paper binds do provide temporary privacy, they have many drawbacks. First of all, they can’t be cleaned, so if a child decides they are an ideal canvas for his next masterwork, then you’ll have to look at the painting or drawing until the long wait for some of our competitors’ window treatments is over.

Second, while fairly easy to install, removing paper blinds can be very difficult. The residue left behind by the adhesive backing can be tough to remove, and many recommended removal methods run the risk of damaging your paint or walls.

Third, installing paper blinds adds extra, unnecessary cost and work to the already stressful experience of getting settled in a new place. If you are paying for window treatments, why should you have to make an extra trip to pay for tacky paper blinds that you’re just going to have to tear down anyway? Don’t you already have enough to do?

3 Day Blinds

The 3 Day Blinds Difference

When you order your window treatments from 3 Day Blinds, you’ll be pleased at how fast and easy the process is. We can often schedule an in-home appointment with one of our design consultants the same day you call, and our products are delivered and installed in as little as 3 days.

You’ll get sound advice, precise measurements, and professional installation, along with great service and custom window treatments that fit right the first time.

And, you won’t be stuck looking at paper blinds for months.


Drapery Install

DIY Drapery Disaster

To begin, I am a huge fan of DIY projects- from party decor ideas, to refurbishing old furniture- I love it all. That said, I have learned that regardless of your expertise, there are some projects that don’t fall under the “do it yourself” umbrella and should be left to the professionals. Draperies and curtains are at the top of that list.

I’m happy to say I didn’t have to find this out first hand, but it was still painful watching my mother run into disaster after disaster when attempting DIY curtains. Working for 3 Day Blinds you would think my mother would have listened to my advice as I cautioned her  that curtains and draperies are much harder to construct  then they look… But no, stubborn in nature and a born seamstress she decided to take on the DIY drapery challenge.

Drapery Design

Drapery Design

Off the bat my mother was stumped with the drapery design, she never knew there were so many ways to hang curtains on decorative hardware. She went back and forth between applying draperies by gathering the fabric directly across the rod but then questioned if attaching the fabric to rings would be more aesthetically pleasing. I explained to her that this happens to many people looking for window treatments, these are things you don’t initially think about. With the help of an expert Design Consultant from 3 Day Blinds they can help answer these questions.

Drapery Fabric

Drapery Fabric

The next speed bump my mother encountered occurred with a trip to the fabric store. Sure my mom knows a lot about fabrics- for clothing, and even upholstery. Naturally she thought she could identify fabrics appropriate for draperies and curtains. Wrong. It took about three months and several trips to the fabric store just to select the drapery fabric. With knowledgeable of fabric types even my mother didn’t know which fabrics would provide precise room lighting conditions, or how the fabrics would lay after being hung. Once again, I reminded her  that 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants are highly trained in products and without hesitation would be able to provide recommendations for draperies that would be both functional and attractive home décor.

Drapery Decor

Drapery Decor

Curtains and draperies are powerful decorative elements that can make or break the look of your space. The problem with DIY curtains is that you probably have a specific look in mind and more often than not it doesn’t always turn out the way you had envisioned. This happened to my mother. When selecting fabric for the draperies she wanted a light airy look and bought a bundle of cream sheer fabric. No offense to my mother but the fabric reminded me of the curtains I bought from Target for my college dorm. After purchasing the fabric, my mother held it against the windows as a visual and it was then she knew she had made a mistake. But as I said before, stubborn in nature and with several yards of purchased sheer fabric she decided to sew the draperies anyway.

Drapery Install

Drapery Install

In theory, installing draperies is easy as- one, two, three. Watching the drapery install unfold it’s more like… as easy as- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. As someone who assisted the install, trust me, it’s not easy. The saddest part of my mother’s DIY drapery project was that not even the cats liked the way they looked. Within 24 hours of being installed, the cats had seen the cream sheers flowing in the window and pounced on them, leaving a pile of fabric on the floor. Total DIY drapery disaster.

3 Day Blinds Draperies

3 Day Blinds Draperies 

Shortly after, I got the call. My mom had surrendered and wanted the help of the experts at 3 Day Blinds. I explained 3 Day Blinds in-home consultation process, the Design Consultant comes to your home, takes measurements, and walks you through the various styles and options that suit your decor preference and budget. My mother agreed that this is a totally stress free process and is happy to abandon any future DIY drapery projects.

If you want to avoid the headache of updating draperies or any kind of window treatment in your home schedule a free appointment with 3 Day Blinds and let the expert guide you to the perfect window treatment solution.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Dining Room

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme

The 3 Day Blinds and Sell This House: Extreme team head to Prairieville, LA to help Summer and Daniel transform their desperate home into desired real estate. From the odd layout, to the half- finished renovation projects, buyers are completely disinterested in purchasing Summer and Daniels home. Host, Tanya Memme is joined by designer Daniel Kucan and builder Charlie Frattini, who get to work making the house more spacious and more attractive to buyers.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Kitchen

3 Day Blinds Sell  | This House Extreme- Kitchen Before

With several unfinished projects in the kitchen, interested buyers were completely turned off by this space. One buyer commented on the horrible vinyl flooring and ugly paint combination, another pointed out the limited counter space and isolation from the rest of the house. The worst insult this kitchen received was that it looked like the “90’s threw up in here.”  The Sell This House team agreed with buyers, this kitchen needs a major makeover that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Kitchen

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme- Kitchen After

Builder Charlie Frattini, worked his magic and opened the space up by knocking down the wall and creating a bar. This not only allows for more counter space but also completely brightens the space up. It is a proven fact that buyers are more inclined to purchase homes that are well- lit. To achieve this, a 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant selected a Woven Wood Shade in Cod Alpine White that allows for plenty of natural sunlight to flow into the space. With fresh white cabinets, hard wood flooring and new stainless steel appliances, this kitchen is transformed into a attractive and functional space.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Dining Room

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme- Dining Room Before

Dining is supposed to be a relaxing and social activity shared with friends and family, but no one is going to want to spend time eating in this space. The dated 90’s theme from the kitchen is pulled into the dining room area and paired with all the clutter, this space appears much smaller than it actually is.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Dining Room

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme- Dining Room After

While this room didn’t suddenly grow larger, it certainly appears that it has. The color blocking in this room creates sharp horizontal and vertical lines that open this space up. Additionally, the muted purple walls make the gorgeous Soft Roman Shade in Andes Cement the focal piece of the space. To polish this rooms look off 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, selected Draperies in Portofino White.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Wide Shot

3 Day Blinds |  Sell This House Extreme- Before

As if the layout of this space isn’t awkward enough with the funky floating wall, the color certainly tops it off. You might be confused as to why Summer and Daniel chose to replicate the home of superman, but don’t worry you’re not alone.  One buyer walked in and asked if “this is where the cookie monster lives?” Unfortunately, I don’t think even the cookie monster would subject himself to living in such conditions.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Wide Shot

3 Day Blinds |  Sell This House Extreme- After

Walking into this spaces, neither superman or the cookie monster come to mind and that in itself is a success. With Designer Daniel Kucan’s expertise this space is completely renovated into a open and attractive living area. I can’t get over how amazing the Soft Roman Shade in Andes Cement looks in the massive window in the dining area.

The Sell This House Extreme team and 3 Day Blinds team transformed Summer and Daniel’s home from a house suitable for fictional cartoon characters, to a functional and attractive home for potential buyers. Be sure to check out 3 Day Blinds on the next all new Sell This House: Extreme, Saturday, June 8th 10a/9C on A & E.

3 Day Blinds | Sell This House Extreme

The 3 Day Blinds and Sell This House: Extreme team head to Tucker, Georgia to help Joy and James and sell their house. With four growing children, Joy and James are desperate to sell their house and move on to a larger and more suitable space.

Sell This House Extreme- Kitchen Before

Sell This House Extreme: Kitchen- Before

There is nothing groovy about this 1970’s kitchen. Outdated cabinets, faux vinyl flooring, and ancient appliances, this kitchen is in definite need for a makeover.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- kitchen

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- kitchen 2

 Sell This House Extreme: Kitchen- After

The Sell This House Extreme and 3 Day Blinds team brought this kitchen into the 21st Century, with modern appliances, new cabinets, flooring and window treatments. 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant Helane Kramer wanted to play up the rich wood tone of the cabinets and selected Woven Wood Shades in Catania Sable, they provide the perfect balance of privacy and light filtering capabilities. The ugly, and outdated wallpaper was removed and replaced by cool gray tiles creating modern and sleek look that potential buyers are looking for.

 Sell This House Extreme- Living Room Before

Sell This House Extreme: Living Room- Before

When looking at this living room three things come to mind, beige, boring, and more beige. Homeowner Joy said she defaulted to painting the whole house the same shade of beige because she is scared of color. Designer Daniel Kucan was confident he could convince Joy to embrace color in home decor.

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Living Room

3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Living Room 2

Sell This House Extreme: Living Room- After

Daniel succeeded in helping Joy overcome her fear of color by showing her how to use color correctly. He used a dark teal on the wall and bright green accent colors. The fun green pillows were made from 3 Day Blinds fabric in Madagascar Lemongrass and complement the 3 Day Blinds Draperies in Addison Verdant. To continue to carry the rich wood theme from the kitchen into the living room, Design Consultant Helane Kramer chose the same Woven Wood Shades in Catania Sable.

Sell This House Extreme- Dining Room Before

Sell This House Extreme: Dining Room- Before

It’s not surprising Joy and James continued the boring beige wall color into their dining room. This formal dining room has just two major furniture pieces a table set with chairs, and china cabinet, and is dire need for some decor.

Sell This House Extreme: Dining Room- After

Despite Joy’s fear of color Daniel insisted on bringing a splash of brick red to the walls of the dining room. This space utilizes the same furniture pieces with a few alterations, like the reupholstered chairs in 3 Day Blinds Fabric in Savannah Paprika. The previously bare windows are now dressed with Woven Woods Shades in Catania Sable and complemented by 3 Day Blinds Draperies in Andes Sugarcane. Joy admits, she loves this space and is convinced color looks good when you pair it with the right accent colors and pieces. Sell This House Extreme- Family Room Before

Sell This House Extreme: Family Room- Before

While this space actually uses some color, it is lacking texture and dimension. Additionally, the horizontal organization of this room’s furniture makes it seem much smaller than it actually is. 3 Day Blinds Sell This House Extreme- Family Room

Sell This House Extreme: Family Room- After

Designer Daniel Kucan transforms this family room into a functional space by grouping furniture together and moving the couch away from wall. He also shows how to use neutrals without making the space seem dull. Pulling the brick red theme from the dining room into the living room with a table and chair is a subtle way to add color and create unity in the home. The 3 Day Blinds Draperies in Dharma Cocoa were selected by  Design Consultant Helane Kramer because they add texture to the room and complement the Woven Wood Shades in Catania Sable.

The Sell This House Extreme team and 3 Day Blinds team brought Joy and James home in the 21st Century. Now, when potential buyers enter the home, they can see the full potential of this sleek and refined design. Be sure to check out 3 Day Blinds on the next all new Sell This House: Extreme, Saturday, June 1st 10a/9C on A & E.

Home Staging Curb Appeal

Home Staging Tips| 3 Day Blinds

Check out the top 10 tips for staging your home to sell. From getting rid of clutter, to perfecting your curb appeal, these easy tips will be sure to prepare your home for the competitive real estate market.

Home Staging Clutter Free

Source: Design to Appeal

Get Rid of Clutter

Pick one room or area and evaluate items worth keeping and get rid of those that aren’t. Your home will appear larger and buyers will be able to assess your home rather than your décor preference.

Home Staging Clean

Source: Clorox


Potential buyers will inspect everything in your home, an inexpensive way to prepare your home for the market is to clean- carpets, counters and even ceilings.


stainless dishwasher

Source: Coordinately Yours

Stainless- Steel Appliances

Rather than going out and purchasing a new dishwasher, here is a low- cost way to refurbish an old. Apply a stainless- steel stick-on covering for just $20 and your old dishwasher instantly becomes a modern appliance.

Home Stage Neutral Paint

Source:Jeff Herr Home Design

Paint with Neutrals

First; remove all wallpaper, buyer’s associate wallpaper with being outdated.  Next, add a fresh coat of paint, be sure to use neutral colors which are most attractive to potential buyers.

Home Staging Curb Appeal

Source: Inspiration

Curb Appeal

Having a positive curb appeal will be sure to get buyers interested on what‘s inside. Cut back any overgrown bushes or trees, and keep your lawn and garden well groomed to give off a good first impression.

Home Stage 3 Day Blinds

Source: 3 Day Blinds

Replace Window Treatments

Potential buyers are attracted to homes with lots of natural sunlight. Upgrade to new window treatments that filter sunlight into the space. For rooms with high sun exposure, consider treatments that prevent glare or secure privacy.


Home Stage Group Furniture

Source: Hendel Homes

Grouping Furniture

Contrary to common belief, furniture should be freestanding away from walls. Grouping furniture this way makes the room appear larger and is actually more user friendly.

Home Stage Furnish Room

Source: Grandview

Don’t Leave a Room Empty

Having rooms furnished is important so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.

Home Stage DIY

Source: DIY and Show

Repurpose Your Resources

Salvage old materials and use them to create new household items. There are tons of DIY projects that can help you save money and polish off your homes look.

Home Stage Fresh Flowers

Source: Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design Inc.

Fresh Flowers

Catch interested buyer’s eyes with a vase of fresh flowers. You can also use potted flowering plants that are in season for a low-cost solution.

organize jewelry

Tips to Organizing Your Bedroom

Tips to Organizing Your Bedroom:

If you are a person, (which I know none of you are)… who walks into their bedroom and becomes instantly stressed out at the sight of: shoes sprawled across the floor, dishes on every table top, and forget about the bed because it is completely covered in clothes! This blog post is dedicated to you, and will educate you on quick, and easy tips to help keep your bedroom organized.

Organize Your Closet

Source: (Closet): Spearmint Baby (Swatches): 3 Day Blinds

Organize Your Clothes

Step one, is to take the doors off your closet. Yes, that is correct remove the doors. I empathize with your hesitance and complete confusion as to why one would do this, but from experience this works! Taking off closet doors prompts you to keep your closet organized. No more shoving clothes into your closet and shutting the door, now the empty hangers will be literally staring at you. If no doors is too drastic for you, add drapes on the sides of the closet. This will warm up your rooms look too. While this image is of a baby’s room, the concept is still the same for any room. Above are three of my favorite 3 Day Blind’s Drapery fabrics-Andes Cement,Savannah PaprikaMadagascar River, would make amazing closet curtains.

organize jewelry

Source: Obaz

Organize Jewelry

Over the years, I have tried many, many different ways to store my jewelry. I’ve used the hanging rack with pockets for jewelry pieces that can be stored in your closet, I’ve used a traditional jewelry box and used a jewelry drawer sorter. The problem with all of these was that I would forget what jewelry I had because I it wasn’t ever visible. To be honest, I would see these cool, tree- like jewelry stands and always admired their look but questioned if they were functional. I imagined myself knocking the fixture over, or items slipping off and getting lost. Turns out that is not the case at all, the likeliness of knocking it over is about as likely as knocker over a lamp, and I haven’t ever had an issue with items falling off. The best part about this jewelry stand is that I can see all my jewelry, so I actually wear all of my pieces!

Organize Boots

Source: The Container Store

Organize and Store Boots

Similar to my jewelry storage issue, I have struggled in the past with storing my boots. Boots are one of those long-term investment items that you typically do not get rid of each season, as a result you end up with a collection. The most effective solution I found for storing boots is on these thin metal hangers, actually any type of pants hanger can work. This allows for easy access to the boots and doesn’t take up too much space. To keep the shape of the boots I recommend rolling up magazines and stuffing it inside the boot shaft, it’s easy and practically free.

Organize Bedroom Storage

Source: Me and Alice

Organize with Storage Bins Under Bed

Everyone has those items where you just simply do not know where to store them, blankets, extra sheets, bulky sweatshirts, etc. A great place to store these items is in bins underneath your bed. What I love about these storage bins is that they aren’t your typical plastic container bins, but adorable wicker baskets that you would want to be visible.

Organize Wall Storage

Source: Miss Moss

Organize Wall Storage:

If you’re really tight for space and need additional storage, install a top shelf and line a rack of hooks underneath.  Allotting yourself one shelf for storage items such as books or trinkets forces you to keep only those items you really want or need. Installing hooks like these is a great idea because it designates a place for every day clothing items that tend to get tossed on the floor or bed.

Being organized is not a state its a process. It takes a little effort on your part, but implementing these helpful tips in your bedroom will have you well on your way to living a stress free and organized lifestyle.