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5 Ways to Go “Green” This St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun-filled holiday. And while it will come as no surprise that green is the “color of the day” for St. Patty’s Day, but there are also several ways to infuse green into your home. From energy efficient, eco-friendly window coverings to other simple DIY ideas, “going green” has never been more popular or easy! Here’s a short list of our “Top 5” ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by not only wearing green, but also showing it inside your home.

Start with Eco-Friendly Blinds and Shades

Modern Room - White Eco Friendly Roman Shades

Eco-Friendly Roman Shades

With greater emphasis on being eco-friendly, selecting the right window treatments can make a real difference. Choosing window treatments which are the least harmful to the environment is easier than ever, and 3 Day Blinds can help you! Our eco-friendly window coverings use fabrics with GreenGuard, Confidence in Textiles, or GreenAssured certification, and meet some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Some of our favorites here include select Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Pleated Shades, and Vertical Blinds.

Saving Water at Home

There are so many things we can do to reduce our water consumption – and save cash as well! Here are some brief and simple tips most of us can apply:

  • Shorter showers with less pressure
  • Install a water saving shower head – under $10
  • Ensuring taps, water pipes and hose connections don’t drip
  • Checking toilets for leaks. Use a few drops of food coloring in the cistern, wait for a while and check the bowl for signs of color – be sure to flush afterwards to prevent staining.
  • Using low water car washes
  • Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and shaving

These are just some of the many ways we can help preserve one of our planet’s most precious natural resources, and they are easy to do too!

Planting a Home Vegetable Garden

Uprooted Carrot

Save money by planting your own vegetable garden

Starting a vegetable garden at home is an easy way to save money — that $2 tomato plant can easily provide you with 10 pounds of fruit over the course of a season, it’s also extremely eco-friendly.

In addition to providing you and your family with delicious, sun-warmed vegetables fresh from the garden, you’re also introducing natural, organic nutrients back into the earth’s soil. Plus, growing vegetables can be fun. It’s a great way to spend time with children or have a place to get away and spend time outdoors in the sun.

If you plan it right, you can enjoy a beautiful garden full of the fruits of your labor — without having to spend hours and hours tending it. Planting a garden that includes vegetables and flowers means you’ve combined natural companions, and that can turn a potential eyesore into an attractive landscape feature.

Air Conditioner Tips that Keep You Cool While Saving Energy

Hot weather is just around the “calendar corner”, and you are likely to use your air conditioner at least a few times soon (if not more). But have you spent the time to ensure that it’s running as it should? And have you considered an overall cooling strategy that could help you run your air conditioner less, save money, and stay cool and comfortable? If you answered no to both of those questions, the tips below can help you get on track for an efficient cooling season. These tips can help keep your air conditioner running efficiently and prolong the life of the unit:

  • Replace filters every one to two months during the cooling season. You can lower energy use by 5%-15% by replacing a dirty filter with a clean one
  • Check the evaporator coil every year and clean it as needed
  • Clean the area around outdoor condenser coils by removing debris and trimming foliage so there are at least two feet around the condenser for airflow.

These and other simple adjustments can make a big difference in efficient cooling of your home, while also lowering your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Think “Green” with your Pillows

Loose Buckwheat Hull

Buckwheat Hulls used as filling for pillows for an eco-friendly pillow

Another item that we probably don’t give much thought to environment-wise is the pillow. Most of us will sleep our way through dozens of pillows over our lifetimes – and with countless others doing the same, it’s worth giving some consideration. A widely-used pillow filling is polyester fiber. Other common synthetic pillow fillings include memory foam which is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals. Both of these substances take a very long time to break down in the environment.

In looking for “greener” alternatives for pillows, here are some excellent choices that are not only comfy for sleeping, but that you can also be proud of when it comes to being kind to our planet.

Wool Fiber Fill
Feather and Down Fill
Buckwheat Hull Fill
Natural Shredded Rubber Fill

There you have it! Following these “green-friendly” tips will help keep you stay in the St. Patty’s Day spirit all year long, save you money on lower energy and food bills, and help our earth’s environment.

Summer Baking Day

National Sugar Cookie Day!

It’s National Sugar Cookie Day and time for some tasty summer treats. Grab an apron and invite your friends over for a fun baking day.

Plan a Baking Day

Step 1:

Get your home ready for company. Layering Venetian Blinds with Custom Drapery panels can go a long way in making your home look more inviting and keeping it cool during the summer. It’s hot enough already with the oven on if you’re baking. Reduce glare with 3 Day Blinds Window Treatments.

Step 2:

Click on the images to check out these recipes and start creating some adorable summer treats!

Flamingo and Pineapple Sugar Cookies!

Flamingo and Pineapple Sugar Cookies!

Simple Owl Cookies

No-Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe

No-Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe


Enter the 3 Day Blinds & Princess Cruises Room With a View Sweepstakes

3 Day Blinds & Princess Cruises Set Sail With Summer Sweepstakes

3 Day Blinds and Princess Cruises® are partnering for an incredible summer sweepstakes! Enter the Room With A View Sweepstakes for a chance to give your home a Window Makeover and embark on an exciting and fun-filled vacation.

“Room With A View”

Enter our Room With a View Getaway sweepstakes for your chance to win a 7-day Princess Cruises California Coastal cruise, PLUS a $3,500 Window Treatment Makeover from 3 Day Blinds! Voted “Best Cruises from the West Coast” by Cruise Critic, your California Coastal cruise will take you across the shores of the sun-kissed Pacific Coast, where inviting beaches, fascinating cities and exciting attractions await. Wander Santa Barbara’s historic mission, explore charming Catalina Island and savor flavorful wines from Ensenada’s burgeoning wine country. Then return home for a fabulous Window Makeover with 3 Day Blinds expert Design Consultants. Don’t miss your chance to win this unforgettable summer package. No purchase necessary. A chance to win without any risk! What are you waiting for?

Enter the 3 Day Blinds & Princess Cruises Room With a View Sweepstakes

3 Day Blinds and Princess Cruises pride themselves on providing exceptional service and relaxation. Onboard a Princess ship, you’ll be right at home without a care in the world. From sun-up to late into the night, their seasoned crewmembers will be there to anticipate your every need. And by voyage’s end, their crew will feel just like family. Unpack once and experience the best of the region you are visiting in one cruise vacation. There is nothing easier than simply waking up in the morning in the world’s most exciting and interesting cities.  Still not convinced? 3 Day Blinds recently launched a large assortment of new fabrics and materials that will give you even more gorgeous design options. We Design, We Measure, and We Install while you Relax. Choose from hundreds of design options. We have styles and fabrics that will match any decor preference.

Princess Cruises 

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises is a global cruise line and tour company operating a fleet of 18 modern cruise ships renowned for their innovative design and wide array of choices in dining, entertainment and amenities, all provided in an environment of exceptional guest experience. Throughout 2015, Princess is celebrating a half-century of making dreams come true, where guests sail to the far ends of the earth and come back new. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess carries 1.7 million guests each year to destinations around the globe with voyages ranging in length from three to 114 days. For more information, visit

3 Day Blinds

For over 37 years, 3 Day Blinds has been an industry leader in high quality window treatments. “We can do anything that can possibly be done in the world of Window Treatments”, says Design Consultant, Gary Gilbert.  We Design, we measure, we install, while you relax. Whether you need blinds, shades, curtains or draperies, 3 Day Blinds has it all and will work with you to design your windows to fit your style and budget. For more information, visit 


Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

3 Day Blinds stepped in to bring new Window Treatments to the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.  This amazing organization makes it their mission to enhance the quality of life for children with cancer and their families by providing financial and emotion support. They advocate for increased research funds and raising public awareness. We are so grateful for everything they do and were thrilled to give their office a Window Makeover.

Children's Hospital 12

NNCCF Gets a Window Makeover with New Venetian Blinds

3 Day Blinds added these beautiful new Venetian Blinds to their office space. It gives it a clean, polished look and pairs well with their curtains.
See the difference Venetian Blinds can make in an office or a home!

3 Day Blinds gives the Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation a Window Makeover with new Venetian Blinds

Before and After

Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation gets a winodw makeover with new Venetian blinds

Before and After

Meet the Staff at NNCCF and our Design Consultant

Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation gets a winodw makeover with new Venetian blinds

From left to right:

1) Lisa Shaffer, Community Outreach Specialist

2) Dennis Andrews, Andrews Installations – 3 Day Blinds

3) Sabrina Kennedy, 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant

4) Lauren Lake, Project Manager

5) Leslie Katich, Director of Programs and Services


Most Mother' don't get enough sleep. Get blackout window treatments to help you sleep.

Window Treatments to Help You Sleep

Light and darkness are powerful cues that tell your body when it is time to rest or start a new day. For parents and babies especially, its important to regulate the amount of light that comes into the room to get the best quality sleep.

Light and Melatonin

Our ability to sleep is tied to light exposure and our melatonin levels – a hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle. According to the National Sleep Foundation:

“Exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the retina in the eye to an area in the brain called the hypothalamus. There, a special center called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) initiates signals to other parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake.”

Studies show that “exposure to room light during usual hours of sleep suppresses melatonin levels by more than 50%.” Without Blackout Curtains or Room Darkening Window Treatments, our bodies will not be able to properly regulate our melatonin levels and get the sleep we need.

Blackout Curtains, Blinds, or Drapes

True “Blackout Curtains” do not exist because there will always be that “halo” of light between the window frame and the covering. Even the best Blackout Curtains, Blinds, or Drapes cannot completely “blackout” a room, but 3 Day Blinds Room Darkening Window Treatments come close. 3 Day Blinds Room Darkening Window Treatments can help mothers everywhere put their infants to sleep and get a much needed and deserved night’s rest.

Get the right window treatments to help you sleep.

Marsala Blog #1

Using Marsala in Your Home

Interior designers around the world were excited when color authority Pantone revealed its 2015 Color of the Year.  As its name would suggest, “Marsala” can be described as a rich, wine color. We should expect to see Marsala frequently on the runways and in home decor throughout the year.

You don’t need a complete design makeover to give your room a little pizzazz. Pantone’s Color of the Year works great with just about every color scheme. Start out simple with some centerpieces, rugs, or even  window treatments to refresh your interior space. Curtains are an easy way to add that pop of color, but don’t take our word for it. Check out these fabulous home decor designs for inspiration on how to use Marsala.

Marsala as an Accent 



These carefully chosen pillows add just the right amount of color and keep the room feeling light and open. Go a step further and add some tastefully placed window treatments to block out the mid day sun. If you are looking for a splash of color, Marsala’s earthy tone adds a nice contrast in any room.

Lamps, rugs, chairs, curtains, and even a table centerpiece can add that extra finishing touch to your space. Try out some fun accent centerpieces.

Marsala Blog #1

A bold accent wall or window treatments keep a room from looking stark and uninviting. Give your space a modern twist with a dark colored accent wall or drapes.




As a Contrast 

As a rich, bold color, Marsala certainly makes a statement when set in contrast to a white backdrop.  If you want a complete design makeover, here are some artistically designed spaces using Pantone’s Color of the Year.



As a Compliment

We think Marsala works as a nice compliment and brightens up the room. Consider a multicolored rug, or custom shades.


interior design

The possibilities are nearly endless because this shade is so versatile. Start out with some accent curtains, a valance or custom shades to add visual warmth to your home.

How will you use Marsala this year?


Spike TV and 3 Day Blinds partner for "Catch A Contractor"

Spike TV and 3 Day Blinds “Catch A Contractor”

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Spike TV and Eyeworks USA to provide custom window treatments in the second season of “Catch A Contractor”.  Our expert design consultants will work closely with the show’s producers, master carpenter Adam Carolla, and his team to transform this episode’s unfinished disaster project into an immaculate living space.

Enter Spike TV & 3 Day Blinds Window Makeover Contest for a chance to win $3,500 in free window treatments!


Before the renovation

“Catch A Contractor” is an American reality television home improvement series that aims to turn the tables on shady contractors. The skillful team consists of Adam Carolla, expert contractor Skip Bedell, and private investigator Alison Bedell.  When homeowners experience a construction nightmare due to shoddy work and shady contractors, Carolla and his team take to tracking down the culprits and seek retribution for the homeowners. The contractors are given a chance to redeem themselves by fixing the disasters they left behind. This team of skilled professionals has helped to restore homes for individuals across the country.

We are excited to be a part of this project and use our expertise to give homeowners a whole new experience. Custom window coverings add the finishing touch.  As a leading retailer and manufacturer of quality, custom window treatments, we are proud to lend a hand in this episode of “Catch A Contractor”. For 36 years, we have been an industry leader, committed to delivering a superior client experience, with integrity, excellence, and passion throughout the entire process.

In the season-ending finale, viewers will see a stylish, trend-setting master bedroom with window treatments designed by our expert design consultants. We provide the perfect blend of innovative functionality and current home décor styles. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Catch A Contractor” to see the latest in window fashion trends. We are excited to be a part of this project.

This is one of many milestones for us in our effort to expand brand awareness and gain recognition in the entertainment industry.  In regards to the partnership, our CEO Dave Hall says, “We are excited to work with the teams at both Eyeworks USA and Spike TV” and  “Coming on the heels of our success with A&E’s hit series, “Sell This House: Extreme”, it is both rewarding and gratifying to see that our premium window treatment products are being recognized within the entertainment industry. “

We are excited to share the window treatment experience with you and show how expertly designed products and services can transform any space.

Graduation Party Tips

With the school year coming to an end, and graduation ceremonies commencing, 3 Day Blinds provides you with 6 tips to throwing the perfect graduation party.

Graduation Party Invitations
Source: Photo Affections

 Graduation Party Invitations

The perfect graduation party begins with the perfect party invitation. Juxtaposing photographs of the graduate as a young child and as a young adult is a cute way to show your grads growth. This simple yet, adorable design will surely get family and friends excited to celebrate your graduate’s new milestone.

Graduation Party Home Decor Blinds
Source: 3 Day Blinds

 Graduation Party Home Decor

When having friends and family over it is pertinent to have your home looking its best. A new set of window treatments can have a profound impact on your homes decor and transform the look of any room. If you’ve been searching for a good excuse to update your home decor and a graduation party is the perfect excuse! 3 Day Blinds offers an assortment of blindsshadesshutters and draperies, that are a quick and easy solution to give your home a polished look.

Graduation Party Tips Picture
Source: Grosgrain Fabulous

 Graduation Party Decor

This is an easy and budget friendly way to decorate for your event. Blow up festive balloons in theme of your graduates school colors and attach cute photographs of them growing up through the years. This also is a fun activity for guests to look through all the great things the graduate has accomplished.

Graduation Party Ideas Photo Booth
Source: Atypical Type A

 Graduation Party Entertainment

If you are looking for an additional activity to keep guests occupied, a DIY photo booth is the perfect solution. Simply, section off a wall of your home and decorate with colorful streamers or a fun background. Set out a basket of props and guests of all ages will have a blast posing for silly photos.

Graduation Party Food
Source: Passion Party

Graduation Party Food

Make your graduation party extra sweet with these festive cupcakes. These cupcakes are completely edible and so easy to make! All you need is Reese’s peanut butter cups, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Fruit Roll-Ups for a tassel, M&Ms and some frosting to “glue” the pieces together.

Graduation Party Advice Cards 2
Source: Hostess with the Mostess

 Graduation Party Ideas

Guests can fill out these advice cards with tips and words of wisdom and place them in a jar for the graduate to read after the party. Your graduate is sure to appreciate the advice and kind words from family and friends as they take on the next phase of their life.

Whether you’re looking for new window treatments to update your homes decor or just looking for fun and festive ideas for your graduation party, we hope you enjoyed these tips.



Dress It Up or Dress It Down

Collin Kayser, Associate Designer from Garrison Hullinger Interior Design stops by to share a few helpful tips on elements to consider when selecting window treatments.

Every day we think about what we should wear and how we should wear it. Casual? Dressy? Sophisticated? Athletic? This may be dictated by an occasion, our mood or emotions we are feeling, the surroundings we are in, or the circumstances we are facing. We consciously or subconsciously are representing something about our self. The same goes for your home.

Although a home is not living, it should not lack emotion, personality, or life. Everything we put in it, from the hard surfaces we choose to the art on the wall begins to tell the story about the home and who lives there. Windows and window coverings play a vital role in this process.  They are one of the outlining details that tell the story.  They let the reader in…or keep them out.

As an interior designer, it is my job and goal to help homeowners define their style and create spaces that reflect their personality and function for their daily life. I take cues from something as important as the architectural style of the home to something as simple as the shoes a person is wearing. My goal with this post is to give you some of your own cues or tips to help dress your windows appropriately.

Shades_Garrison Hullinger_3 day blinds

Source: Blackstone Edge

1) Always consider your needs: Before making the investment of purchasing window coverings, consider these key elements:

  • Light filtering vs. room darkening
  • Light control options
  • UV and insulating properties
  • Automation and technology interfacing
  • Cost
  • Aesthetics
draperies_garrison hullinger_3 day blinds

Source:  Blackstone Edge

2) Work with the home’s architecture: It’s always important to pay respect to the architecture of the home when designing interiors. I will use an example of two different design styles—contemporary vs. traditional. Often contemporary homes have large windows and expansive glass. Beauty lies within the detail of simplicity. Therefore, refrain from covering it up. Use a honeycomb or roller shade, which can mount inside the window opening and retract to a small head-rail. Make the headrail or valance the same color as the trim so it fades away. You gain the functional aspect of a window covering—lowering during the heat of the day to help with cooling and UV protection or at night for privacy—without taking away from the home’s design, views, and architectural features. In a traditional home, focus is on the details—detailed mouldings, mix of textures and materials, and elements from classical architecture. Use this opportunity to play with fabrics and pattern. Consider a roman shade, draperies, or some of the excellent privacy and light controlling products.

woven wood shades_garrison hullinger

Source: Blackstone Edge

3) Bring in elements of nature: If you are having a hard time deciding on a window covering material, look at a woven wooden shade. Bringing in elements of nature, such as the reeds, grasses, and woods used in a woven wooden shade instantly brings interest to your windows. It conveys a sense of warmth and informality, while adding texture and visual interest to the space.

layered drapes_garrison hullinger_3 day blinds

Source: Blackstone Edge

4) Don’t be afraid of layering: In some homes, layering your window coverings is a stylish approach to addressing functional needs. Consider an inside mount shade with outside mount draperies. The shade becomes the functioning element of the window treatment—creating privacy and light filtration. The draperies, still a functioning element, can now be left open to frame the window. It creates the opportunity to visually increase the height of the space and add depth and personality to the room. Use this opportunity to mix the materials for the two window treatments; and don’t be afraid to mix pattern on pattern. This can be high a impact element in the room.

Considering these four designer suggestions will you help with your window covering selection. Dress your windows to help tell the story of your home and all who lives there. Since selecting window coverings can be a daunting and costly task, 3 Day Blinds is a great resource. Browse their product selection to become familiar with product and portfolio images for inspiration, or call for a free home consultation- 800-700-1860.