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kitchen blinds

Benefits of Kitchen Blinds | 3 Day Blinds

kitchen blinds

Benefits of Kitchen Blinds

When designing a kitchen, much of the emphasis is often put on hardware and major appliances, like stainless steel commercial stoves. Refacing old cabinetry is also a popular trend, as it allows homeowners to add a sleek new look to their kitchen without the cost of completely replacing the cabinets. Deep-bowl sinks are another hot kitchen trend that looks to be gathering steam.

But once the hardware, flooring, cabinetry and countertops have all been updated, some kitchen remodelers overlook updating their window treatments. In truth, adding brand new kitchen blinds to a redesign is often just the thing it takes to make the new design efforts sparkle.

kitchen blinds faux wood

Faux Wood Blinds in the Kitchen

Faux Wood Blinds are an ideal window treatment choice for a kitchen that has a more traditional appeal, or one that blends the textures of nature with clean, modern minimalism.

3 Day Blinds offers Faux Wood Blinds in many finishes. All of these blinds have the look and feel of real wood, but are moisture resistant, and capable of enduring the temperature- and moisture-related rigors of the common kitchen.

Vinyl Binds in the Kitchen

Vinyl Blinds from 3 Day Blinds are fashionable, durable, easy to clean, and nearly impervious to moisture. All of these qualities make them ideally suited as a window treatment for kitchens.

Not only are they practical, but they are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so they blend well with just about any kitchen décor.

kitchen blinds mini blinds

Mini Blinds in the Kitchen

Mini Blinds are classic, popular, budget-friendly, and versatile. 3 Day Blinds offers Mini Blinds in rust-proof aluminum, with a scratch resistant, easy-to-clean finish. Because they are rust-proof, there is no need to worry about installing them near a sink or stovetop.

Want to accentuate that stainless range? Brushed aluminum Mini Blinds might be an ideal choice. Or perhaps you’d like to bring out the richness of your new hardwoods with 3 Day Blinds’ Milk Chocolate venetians. Whatever your design aesthetic, our Mini Blinds can help you to perfect it.

Vertical Blinds in the Kitchen

If your kitchen has a large picture window, then Vertical Blinds can help you transform it into the dramatic focal point that it should be. Our Vinyl Vertical Blinds have the same durability as our Vinyl Blinds, and they match perfectly.

They also have excellent insulating properties, so your kitchen will stay warmer in the winter and cooler during the hot summer months.

horizontal sheer shades

Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas for Window Treatments

When you entertain guests, you most likely spend the majority of your time together in the living room. In day-to-day life, the living room serves as a communal gathering place for families and housemates. In many homes, it also serves as the media room

Because it’s such an important social focal point, your living room should always make your guests feel comfortable. It should express your personality and sense of style, so that you’re eager to show it off.

And because the living room often serves several purposes, it is important to select window treatments that are both stylish and functional.

horizontal sheer shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, horizontal sheer shades

Sleek and Versatile

If your living room windows are in need of something subtle yet chic, then Horizontal Sheer Shades make for a superb choice. These lightweight shades provide reassuring seclusion when closed, so you’ll feel at ease whenever you need privacy. If you want to enjoy your view of the outside world, they can be fully retracted into a sleek fabric valance.

Enjoy the Show

If your living room doubles as a home theater, then it may be wise to choose a room-darkening window treatment. We offer many room-darkening options, including the aforementioned Horizontal Sheer Shades, classically elegant Roller Shades, and more.

Living Room Shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, Roman Shades

Simply Charming

In the living rooms of outgoing socialites, the style of the window treatments is an important factor. After all, a room’s window treatments have a huge influence on the overall look and feel of the space.

3 Day Blinds offers a plethora of window treatments with a serious “wow” factor. To bring a little bit of the outside in, try Woven Wood Shades. Pair them with flowing, sheer curtains in a coordinating color to really complete the look.

For modern living rooms that could use a little more airiness, floor-to-ceiling drapes with hand-pressed grommets give the impression of higher ceilings, and turn windows into striking focal points. Pair the drapes with Roman Shades for a dashing, architectural look.

Easy to Love

Choosing Cellular Shades gives a living room easygoing style and superb functionality. Not only do they have a subtle, attractive appearance that blends well with any style, but they are also available with room-darkening or light-filtering fabrics; our top down, bottom up feature; and remote operation. And, they can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs.]

Living Room Ideas Soft Roman Shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, Soft Roman Shades

Ageless Beauty

Some examples of living room decor exude classic elegance that has stood the test of time. Top off their ageless charm with window treatments that are up to the task. Soft Roman Shades offer the luxury of rich textiles, with the functionality of a shade. Wood Shutters radiate warmth and grandeur. Frame Wood Blinds with sumptuous Drapery Panels for an impressive, yet equally functional window covering.

Of course, these are just a few possibilities out of thousands. Our Design Consultants will be happy to provide you with a free, in-home consultation. They’ll help you refine your ideas, show you samples so you can get a clearer picture of how your selections will look in your home, and take precise measurements so your window treatments will fit perfectly.

Moisture Resistant Blinds

Moisture Resistant Blinds | 3 Day Blinds

Moisture Resistant Blinds

Source: 3 Day Blinds

Ideal Rooms for Moisture-Resistant Blinds

Style is a primary concern when choosing window treatments. You want your new window coverings to complement your design aesthetic, and new blinds can really make your décor look great.

However, looks are not the only concern, especially when it comes to rooms that have a lot of moisture. Excess humidity can shorten the life of your window treatments, especially if you choose to install a type that is not well suited for the task.

The Home Is a Proving Ground

Kitchens can really test the longevity of blinds. Variations in humidity levels are a regular occurrence in the kitchen, as are fluctuations in temperature, not to mention the wide variety of aromas. Window treatments near a stove or sink are especially vulnerable.

The bathroom is another room where moisture-resistant blinds are a must. The privacy and light control offered by your new blinds won’t last long if the bathroom’s constantly fluctuating moisture levels ruin them.

And, let’s face it: as adorable as they are, kids are messy. Spills, spontaneous art projects, and other mishaps can all take a toll on the window treatments in a child’s room.

Last but not least, laundry rooms and finished basements are also parts of the home where moisture resistance should be taken into account when choosing window treatments.

Form and Function

If you’re looking for moisture-resistant blinds, 3 Day Blinds has you covered. Faux Wood Blinds are a great choice in areas where moisture or messes are a concern. They are durable, water-resistant, affordable and easy to clean. They resist cracking, fading, warping and peeling, and as a bonus, they sport the rich appearance of natural wood blinds.

Our clean, chic Vertical Blinds are attractive and energy efficient. They make a great statement on a large picture window or sliding glass door. Not only that, but they are also available in durable vinyl, which stands up very well to humidity and is virtually maintenance-free.

3 Day Blinds’ Vinyl Blinds are as easy on the budget as they are on the eyes. They offer excellent privacy and plenty of light control. They make the perfect partner for our vinyl verticals, and as one might expect, they are nearly impervious to moisture and messes.

Office Shades

6 Rooms in Need of Shades | 3 Day Blinds

These 6 rooms are all unique in style and look fantastic but they all are missing one crucial item… Shades!


Source: Bedroom- Perfectly Imperfect, Shades- 3 Day Blinds

Bedroom Shades

With a uniquely designed bedroom layout typically comes unique windows. Who wouldn’t want to lay in bed and watch the sunset or gaze at the stars? That’s all great but can you imagine with the sun beats down into this room? Yikes. That’s why shades are a must. I selected an array of  3 Day Blinds Roller Shades and Woven Wood Shades to complement the eclectic theme of this space. 

Kitchen Nook Shades

Source: Kitchen Nook- Better Homes and Gardens, Shades- 3 Day Blinds

Kitchen Nook Shades

I adore this kitchen nook but without shades, this space looks unfinished. Typically I wouldn’t suggest continuing the same wall color on shades but in this instance I think it works. With the thick white molding and white furnishings this space can definitely get away with pulling out one of the different yellow tones in a shade. Any of these Roller Shades or Soft Roman Shades would be the perfect finishing touch to this space.

Kitchen Shades

Source: Kitchen- Houzz, Shades- 3 Day Blinds

Kitchen Shades

This kitchen definitively takes a minimalist approach, so minimalist that it doesn’t have shades! This rustic kitchen needs some window treatments to give it a more homey appeal. I selected 3 Day Blinds Roman Shades to add visual warmth to this space. The two black shades would add sophistication and formality to this kitchen, while the shade of a blend of earth tones  would give this room a rich, natural look.

Office Shades

Source: Office- Chic Tip, Shades- 3 Day Blinds

Office Shades

Muted blue, white and pop of red, this is a great color pallet. What this space is missing is texture. The Soft Roman Shades and Roller Shades I selected for this office are both vibrant in color and pattern and would elevate the decor of this space.

Living Room Shades

Source: Houzz, Shades- 3 Day Blinds

Living Room Shades

The missing element in this traditional living room is a classic Cellular Shade or Roller Shade. Unlike the office pictured above this space has a lot of texture, from the rock tiled wall to the intricate pillows and wall fixtures. Because this room already has a lot going on a solid shade would complement this space best and just add a more finished look.

Bathroom Shades

Source: Bathroom-Country Living, Shades- 3 Day Blinds

Bathroom Shades

No one wants to be watched while bathing, even it if is just by the birds and the bees.This bathroom is in desperate need for shades that provide a bit of privacy. This bathroom already has a formal look to it so I selected Soft Roman Shades that would elevate this spaces elegance.

These 6 rooms are all very different styles but each are in need 3 Day Blinds Shades to complete their looks. If you’re space is in need of shades or any window treatments 3 Day Blinds has the most current styles that complement any rooms decor.

horizontal sheer shades

Be Smart and Safe With Motorized Shades | 3 Day Blinds

horizontal sheer shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, Horizontal Sheer Shades

Be Smart and Safe With Motorized Shades

When you are shopping for new window treatments, you might wonder about the benefits of motorized shades. After all, you have been operating blinds with wands and window cords for years. Why would you need them motorized?

Ease of Use

As it turns out, there are many benefits to having motorized window treatments, but the most obvious of these is convenience. With motorized shades, you can open your shades with a remote control, which comes in handy in a number of ways.

Light levels in the home can be quickly adjusted with the touch of a button. So if you are in a hurry but would really like a little more shade, you don’t have to go around and adjust all of your blinds individually.

Motorized shades are also a great choice for the hard-to-reach windows often found in larger homes and businesses. Instead of having to get up on a ladder to adjust them throughout the day, or just being resigned to always having them closed, simply push the button, and voila!

Roller Shades

Source: 3 Day Blinds, Roller Shades

Set and Forget

Motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close at certain times. This allows them to automatically open to let in sunlight during the day, and close to keep the house warm at night, or vice-versa when the weather is hot. The cost of the energy used by the shades pales in comparison to the money they can help you save on heating and cooling bills.

The Safety Factor

Convenience aside, motorized blinds also have safety benefits. Window cords can pose a hazard for children and pets. Motorized blinds eliminate these cords, making them an ideal choice for households with children.

3 Day Blinds offers motorized options for many of our products, including our energy efficient Honeycomb Shades, our stylish and low-maintenance Roller Shades, and our subtle but sublime Horizontal Sheer Shades.

Window Treatment

Choosing the Right Window Treatment | 3 Day Blinds

Window Treatment

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Should you go with Wood Blinds or Cellular Blinds? Roller Shades or Woven Wood? What about Curtains or Drapery Panels? With so many window treatment choices available, it can be extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one or two.

So what factors should be considered when choosing window coverings for your home? How will you know when you’re making the right choice?

Window Treatment Functionality

Determining the specific qualities needed for each window will go a long way toward narrowing down your choices for window coverings. Remember, you don’t have to choose the same type of window coverings for the whole house. In fact, it is often better not to.

Large windows with picturesque views to the outside world would likely benefit from window treatments that make the most of the view, and allow for plenty of natural light.

Vertical Blinds and Horizontal Blinds with wide slats maximize view space, and create a dramatic focal point that will further enrich the natural appeal of scenic views. Then, you can pair Drapery Panels and Decorative Hardware with these window treatments to frame the window like a work of fine art.

Windows in rooms where privacy is a concern, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, should have window treatments that create seclusion, while allowing light control at the same time. Cellular Shades with our Top Down/ Bottom Up feature are ideal in this respect, as they provide both privacy and natural light.

In media rooms where screen glare is often a problem, and in the bedrooms of those who enjoy sleeping in late each morning, room-darkening window treatments are a must. We offer room-darkening options on many of our products, such as Honeycomb Shades and Roller Shades.

In households with small children or pets, cordless window coverings are strongly recommended. Window cords can pose a serious safety risk to kids, and to animals, which may become entangled in them.

Window treatments used in rooms where humidity and temperature vary frequently, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, should be able to weather these conditions in style. Faux Wood Blinds and Vinyl Blinds are often ideal choices, due to their durability and easy cleaning.

Window Treatment Style

While practical concerns should certainly be high on the list of considerations when choosing window treatments, so should aesthetics. After all, choosing the right window treatments can make or break a home’s decor.

If you’re going for a charming, rustic look, then Wood Blinds and Plantation Shutters are hard to beat. The richness and warmth of real wood adds a stately coziness to any interior.

If modern minimalism is more your design style, Mini Blinds and Vertical Blinds might be just the thing. Their clean, architectural lines are often a perfect match for mid-century and ultra-modern interiors.

To add a sensual softness and opulence to a room, consider the regal elegance of Drapery Panels. They can be utilized on their own, or paired with other window treatments for the ultimate in light control and insulation.

Not just for tiki bars anymore, Woven Wood shades are making serious inroads as a favorite window treatment among interior design cognoscenti. They are a great way to add organic textures to modern interiors, and they have a laid-back elegance all their own.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

If you’re struggling with choosing window treatments, don’t worry. We at 3 Day Blinds know that choosing the right window treatment is important to you. That’s why we offer free consultations with our professional Design Consultants. Make an appointment – you’ll be glad that you did.

Energy-Efficent Cellular Shades

Best Energy-Saving Window Treatments | 3 Day Blinds

Energy Saving Window Treatments

Best Energy-Saving Window Treatments

You might think finding energy-saving window treatments that are still attractive decor elements is a difficult task. Actually, there a variety of energy-saving window treatment options that will look fantastic in any home and are extremely functional.

3 Day Blinds offers the best of both worlds with high-quality custom window treatments that are energy-efficient. Selecting the right options can not only save you money, but it can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy-Efficent Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

The construction of our Cellular Shades, (also called Honeycomb Shades) makes them ideally suited for increasing energy efficiency in the home. They trap air in their hexagon-shaped cells, just like your blanket traps air around you, keeping drafts out.

Our Cellular/ Honeycomb Shades are available in sheer, light-filtering, or room-darkening fabrics, so you have plenty of options when it comes to opacity levels. Choose room-darkening fabrics for windows that let in a lot of solar energy, and you might be surprised at how much it lowers your cooling costs during the warmer months.

Cellular Blinds

Our Cellular Blinds, also known as Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds, are among the most versatile energy-efficient efficient window treatments we offer. Like our Cellular Shades, these blinds provide an excellent thermal barrier for your windows. Plus, they have the added benefit of offering the precise light control of a Mini Blind.

Energy-Efficent Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds look splendid on large windows and sliding glass doors. But did you know they are also quite energy efficient? Fitting large windows and sliding doors with Vinyl Verticals can help keep homes warmer during the winter by trapping heat inside the home, and cooler during summer months by blocking out solar energy.

Roller Shades

From playful to elegant, 3 Day Blinds’ Roller Shades come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They make an excellent addition to any room in the home. They are also available in room-darkening fabrics, which make cooling your home much less costly.

Curtains and Drapes

Like many of our other offerings, our Curtain and Drapery Panels are available in room-darkening and light-filtering fabrics. Paired with another window treatment such our Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds, they are elegant and functional, adding another layer of style, insulation and light control.

Wood Blinds

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Wood Blinds

Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Most people spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping. When you factor in reading in bed, watching movies in your pajamas, and romantic evenings with that special someone, it all adds up to the fact that most of us spend an awful lot of time in our bedrooms.

Spend that much time anywhere, and it’s bound to have an effect on you. So, creating a bedroom that is worth spending time in is a worthy undertaking.

As worthwhile as redecorating a bedroom is, it can also turn into a rather costly project if you’re not careful. Sometimes, splurging just isn’t in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do a great job decorating. So, here are some ideas on bedroom window treatments for the budget-conscious.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Everyone knows that the window treatment you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look of a room. The right window covering can take a well-designed room from great to spectacular. Style is not the only criteria, though. The functionality must also be well suited to the room.

In a bedroom, privacy and light filtering are very important factors to consider when choosing a window treatment. After all, your bedroom is your refuge. It should make you feel safe from prying eyes, and you don’t want the sun waking you up before you’re ready.

What About Cut-Downs?

When searching for cost effective window treatments, you might be tempted to opt for cut-down blinds. But prefabricated, cut-down window treatments tend to have certain issues that may be problematic.

For example, without precise measurements, cut-down blinds may not fit well. This is due in part to the fact that not all windows are perfectly rectangular. Any experienced installer will tell you that some windows are wider at the top or bottom, while others are wider in the middle.

Why spend the money on ill-fitting window treatments that let unwanted light in around the edges, or don’t deliver the privacy they are supposed to offer?

Certain options are simply not available with cut-down window treatments. If you have a large window in your bedroom that requires three blinds on one headrail, you won’t find a prefabricated option.

Custom Window Treatment Options

While some custom window treatment options can be fairly costly, 3 Day Blinds offers custom window coverings that will fit the bill, and won’t put you over budget.

For example, you can have the look, privacy, and light filtering ability of natural wood blinds, without the cost. Our Faux Wood Blinds give you all of the above, while coming in at a lower price point.

Roller Shades are another elegant yet budget-friendly option. They are available in colors and patterns to coordinate with any bedroom theme, and are practical and stylish.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Tie it Together

Aside from window treatments, there are plenty of things you can do to make your bedroom fabulous. Repainting isn’t very expensive, and it completely changes the atmosphere of a bedroom.

Or, you can also find great furniture pieces at the local thrift shop and refinish them to make them your own, often for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture. You’ll essentially be recycling at the same time.

Speaking of giving new life to old things, think of creative ways to make your existing stuff work well with your chic new room. Re-cover old lampshades in stylish new fabric, and for old chairs and pillows that are no longer working with your new color scheme, consider getting slipcovers.

installation tips

Hanging Blinds 101 | 3 Day Blinds

installation tips

Hanging Blinds 101

Blinds are a very popular window treatment, and justifiably so: they are durable and stylish, they allow you to control natural light levels inside your home, and they make maintaining your privacy an easy task.

But, blinds that are incorrectly measured or poorly installed do not work nearly as well. Think about it: how can you really control the light levels in your home if there is a huge gap on the outside edge of your blinds? How can your blinds protect your privacy if they don’t fully cover your windows?

Accurately Measuring Your Windows for Blinds

What’s so complicated about measuring windows for blinds, after all? Well, they might appear to be perfectly square or rectangular, but in reality, many are not. Some windows are wider at the bottom than the top, or vice-versa, while others are wider in the middle. The header or sill might be bowed, or out of level.

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your new blinds, accurate measurements and correct installation are a must. That’s why at 3 Day Blinds we offer and recommend professional installation for all of your window treatments.

However, we know that some of you take pride in being do-it-yourselfers around the home, and we want to make sure you get maximum satisfaction from our products, whether you have us install them, or you do it on your own.

Hanging Blinds 101: What You Will Need

In order to install your new blinds, you’ll need a steel tape measure, a level, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, a pencil, a power drill, and the correct drill bits. You may also want to use an awl for starting screw holes, but you can start them with a small drill bit just as easily.

Your 3 Day Blinds order will ship with all of the hardware necessary for a standard installation, but if you’re attaching your blinds to stone, tile, or brick, you’ll need specialized drill bits and plugs. For plaster and wall board installations, you’ll want to pick up some expansion or toggle bolts, in order to ensure a secure hold. Last, if you’re mounting your blinds to a wood surface, then don’t forget to pre-drill the holes, or you’ll run the risk of splitting the wood.

Inside or Outside Mount?

Once you’ve gathered your tools and acquainted yourself with the hardware, you’ll need to decide whether to do an inside or an outside mount.

Mounting the blinds inside the window frame is generally preferable, as doing so offers a cleaner look, and protects the blinds from damage. However, an outside mount may be necessary if there is inadequate depth for an inside mount, or if there are obstructions (such as window cranks) that would interfere with the operation of the blinds.

Installing Brackets

The next step is to install the brackets that your new blinds will attach to. For inside mounts, a bracket must be mounted in each upper corner of the window, and care must be taken to ensure that the proper clearances are observed. The front of the bracket should extend slightly beyond the front of the window casing, and the back of the bracket must be no farther than 1 ¾” back from the window casing’s outside edge.

Installing Blinds

Once the brackets have been installed, the blinds can be mounted to them. First, hang the front lip of the headrail onto the mounting bracket hook, with the headrail positioned between the teeth on the front of the mounting bracket. Then, simply push and rotate the headrail back onto the rear of the mounting bracket. Next, gently pull the headrail toward you, until it settles into the bracket.


If you have additional questions, visit our Tips and Tools section for information on blinds installation and more.

3 Day Blinds Widow Treatment

Pick Your Favorite 3DB Look

Horizontal Sheer Shades

Fresh and Bright: These horizontal sheer shades pair perfectly with Water Lily drapes, bringing a burst of sunshine into the neutral living room. Pale yellow is an amazing accent color to grays, beiges and whites. This subtle pop of color gives this living room a warm, tranquil and inviting feel.

Wood Blinds

Traditional with Modern Flare: Wood blinds are considered the most classic window covering- showing both style and good taste. The drapery panels complement  these blinds because of the traditional fabric print. While these window treatments are considered traditional pieces, what gives this room a modern flare is the color scheme. The black wood blinds combined with the sleek black and white patterned draperies is unique because, it puts a modern twist on more traditional and timeless pieces.


Sophisticated and Chic: Believe it or not, your window fixtures can actually be the focal point of your rooms décor. With a simple geometric, pattern these Soft Roman Shades achieve a chic and sophisticated look.



Less is More:  Does a more minimal style appeal to your design preference? Well, adorning these windows are Horizontal Sheer Shades. Both functional and stylish these shades offer a subtle design statement with light filtering or room darkening capability.

3 Day Blinds Widow Treatment

One living room with four fabulous looks. Which style do you desire for your home?