Window Treatments That Help You Sleep

Do you struggle getting a good nights sleep? You should consider window treatments that will help you get a good nights rest.

Cellular Shades trap in air creating a perfect temperature to help you sleep.They also are energy saving window treatments, that will help lower your electric bills.

Curtains absorb sound to ensure your bedroom stays quiet.

Roller Shades also called blackout shades, will create a dark environment to help you sleep!

Blinds to help you sleep

Trend Report: Chevron Print Window Treatments

A motif of the past reemerges as one of the top fashion trends. Geometric shapes are popping up all over the market, but the print that we all can’t get enough of is chevron.  The zigzag pattern is everywhere- pillows, dresses, cell phone cases and custom window treatments!

chevron pottery

Source: Christie’s Greek Pottery

To say, chevron is a timeless pattern, is meant quite literally. The zigzag pattern dates back to 1800 B.C. in Greece. The print originated in pottery, furniture, and other interior items. The Art Deco Movement, in the 1920’s and 30’s revived chevron print and was popularized by home décor and clothing items.Chevron Print Window treatments

Today, chevron is back on the market and more prominent than ever. Why the obsession with the simple zigzag print? Well, for one, it’s suited for home décor items, especially window treatments. Chevron print adds textural interests without being overwhelming, making it a great print to pull into your homes décor. Secondly, there is something aesthetically soothing about symmetrical and linear patterns when used throughout the home.

To see how chevron print window treatments complement your homes decor, or if you are just interested in seeing our new collection of fabrics, schedule a free in-home design consultation today!

Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas Blinds

At 3 Day Blinds, we offer custom window treatments and even carry products from Hunter Douglas, a leader in design innovation. Hunter Douglas blinds and shades are the only brand name of window treatments that we can other than our own. We provide Hunter Douglas blinds and shades because of they are superior products that are both fashionable and functional.

Light control, energy efficiency, and motorization capabilities are just some of the innovations that Hunter Douglas blinds and shades achieve. Our 3 Day Blinds Design Consultants are experts in the different types of Hunter Douglas blind options and stand by the products ability to beautify any room or space in the home.

If the convenience of motorized window treatments is something important to you or you are looking for window treatments without cords for enhanced child safety, check out 3 Day Blinds current offer Hunter Douglas blinds.

Red Blinds

Red Blinds

The Pit Falls of Red Blinds

Red is a very distinct and popular color, however when used in a room for your walls carpet or red blinds it can be overpowering and may not really be what you are looking for. Sure red represents strength and passion, but also represents war and violence. Additionally anytime you try to adjust reds color you either get pink or burgundy, which by themselves are great but as colors to match your red blinds may prove to be a problem. This is why 3 Day Blinds recommends to it clients to choose a neutral based blind color and accent the new blinds with curtains of a red hue. This makes it easier to change if you get tired and you are guaranteed to not have any worries of fading from the sun as red does so often.  A 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant can assist you in finding the right blinds for your room with our free in-home consultations.  More ideas can be found here with examples of rooms that need blinds and the solutions that 3 Day Blinds provides.

Other Choices from Red Blinds

When contemplating those red blinds we have found that neutral colors work the best and with over 35 years of experience we know that you have to be extra careful as to the colors and styles you choose. You know those individuals in the 70s with their shag carpet? Well how disappointed where they when a few years later needed to replace it when it quickly went out of style. We know styles come and go, but going with a more neutral classic design, you will be more likely to enjoy your blinds for a longer period of time. At 3 day Blinds we don’t want to just provide you with blinds, we want to provide you with a sound purchasing process knowing that when you are happy you will enjoy our products much longer. If a darker hue is what you need, then we recommend using wood blinds which have a timeless appeal. Plus they have a texture-rich luster that provides a warm glow to any room. It is a great way to ramp up the design and feel of a room and not only adds a classy professional feel but helps to keep utility costs in check keeping the sunshine out and cool air in during summer months.  With our award winning website, three day blinds the blinds professionals that red blinds may sound great, but there are other alternatives to red blinds that are available to provide you with a happier finish.



What Louvers Are Right for My Window Treatment Needs?

In short, louvers are the horizontal slates that make up blinds and shutters. These horizontal slats, or louvers, can be angled to allow light or air into a room or home. Louvers can also be angled to keep out harsh weather conditions including snow, rain and bright and warm sunlight. The angle of the slats or louvers can be adjusted or fixed. Louvers are often constructed out of aluminum, wood, faux wood and even glass and can be opened and closed using a metal lever, motorized operators or pulleys. In considering different window treatments for the windows in your home, you should note that shutters make for an intelligent investment that basically pays for itself over time. 3 Day Blinds’ shutters come in wood and faux wood polymer that doesn’t warp, crack, fade or peel. You can choose painted or stained finishes for the slats/louvers to compliment your interior décor. Blinds at 3 Day Blinds come in a variety of finishes including wood and faux wood plus many more.


Louvers, Blinds and Shutters

In many rooms, windows tend to be the source of romance by setting a certain mood by filtering sunlight and casting a warm light upon the entire room. Romantic living rooms and bedrooms alike usually are best suited by window treatments that are warm and rustic, like wood or faux wood blinds. Quaint English cottage interior décor looks can be achieved with shutter or blinds. Even beach homes or island retreats are suited for faux wood blinds or shutters that feature horizontal faux wood louvers. One can adjust the angle of the slats or louvers during the daytime to add romantic lighting to a room. If you have a great view from the window you want to treat with window treatments such as blinds or shutters, you want to keep in mind that instead of blocking it, you want to frame the view. In this case, you want to select a window treatment that opens up the outside world while still suiting your other wants and needs in a window treatment. As a general rule, wide louvers or slats on shutters or blinds will give you a larger view space when open.

For an amazing selection of louvers visit our Award Winning Website, or contact one of our highly qualified Design Consultants to find the best louvers for your home.