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How to get your home ready for the holidays! 3 Day Blinds

Preparing the holiday meal is one thing, but getting your home looking its best for when friends and family arrive, that can be a challenge this time of year. Follow these easy tips from 3 Day Blinds on how to get your home holiday ready in no time! MORE

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Tips to Preparing Your Home for the Holidays | 3 Day Blinds

As the last signs of summer fade away and fall is rapidly upon us, I find myself caught somewhere between excited and anxious with the holiday season approaching. The widely agreed upon stereotype of the holiday season is- family, warmth, giving, receiving, joy, thankfulness, feasting, and bliss. MORE

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Inspired by Independence

Inspired by Independence Over the years, many have speculated and ascribed meaning to the colors and symbols of the American flag. Today, orators, and most all Americans can agree that the American Flag embodies a sense of freedom, pride, and opportunity. There’s no better place to express these liberties than in the home, which stands as the heart and soul … MORE

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Tips My Dad Taught Me About the Home

In honor of Father’s Day, here are a few tips my dad taught me about making a home that I am forever thankful for. MORE

3 Day Blinds | Memorial Day

Memorial Day | 3 Day Blinds

With Memorial Day upon us, it’s time for 3 Day Blinds to bring out the red, white, and blue! MORE