Cake, Cards, Clashing Plaids and a Competitor Piñata!

 A creative cake, inspired by The Rally Jacket.

Kevin Rabbitt, our CEO at 3 Day Blinds, loves to cheer the team on in all kinds of fun, creative ways.  So, he was a bit surprised when the entire team, including our hundreds of designers, managers and showroom personnel in the field, turned the tables on him yesterday afternoon, to celebrate his 40th birthday.  The folks from the Irvine headquarters (at least those who were not on the phones helping customers) gathered in the lunch room and cheered when Kevin walked in and swooped up his son, Michael, in his arms.

Then, the creativity and unique personalities that make up our team were on display as he opened his cards and gifts.

Special thanks to Tikie Holewski, Mary Kay Stam, Mike Stea and Natalie Niverson for their stealth and flawless execution!

Kevin and son, Michael.

The card from the Irvine office, designed by our own Mary Kay Stam.

From Team Ventura, a Piñata covered with our competitors’ ads, filled with candy.We’ll never know why Kevin gave up a career in professional sports to sell window treatments – but we’re sure glad he did!

Kevin’s daughter Lauren, and wife Emily, laugh with the crowd.Kevin and his daughter Sara read a card from the field together.

Creativity on display! Kevin’s collection of birthday cards and gifts.

The crowd had a blast – but soon it was time to get back to work!

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