Patio Sliding Door Curtains

‘Burglar Proof’ Your Sliding Door

Patio Sliding Door Curtains

Burglars love sliding glass doors. As aesthetically pleasing as it is, your patio sliding door could be one of the most vulnerable entry points in your home. When there is no answer the front door, burglars take it as an invitation to try around the back. Without any type of patio sliding door curtains or other window treatments, they have a clear view right into your home. Prevent theft by taking security measures to ‘Burglar proof’ your home and maintain your privacy with sliding door curtains, blinds, or shades.

Security for Your Sliding Glass Door

There are several low-cost options to increase security and prevent a burglary or other home crimes.

Keep Window Treatments Closed

The Chicago Police Officer Maudessie Jointer, offered the following tips for keeping your home safe. “Don’t tempt burglars. Keep your window treatments closed when you’re not home to prevent would-be burglars from scoping out your residence. Keep your doors and windows locked.”

To keep would-be burglars from scooping out your home, you want a custom fit window treatment for your patio sliding doors. Your sliding glass door gives anyone and everyone a clear view into your home and an accurate idea of what kind of valuables you own. At 3 Day Blinds, we have custom made window treatments that will help keep your home safe and protected. Find out more about our french door curtains, patio sliding door curtains, and sliding door blinds. You can help deter burglars from eyeing your residence.

Alarm Systems

Without a home security system, your home could be 2.7 time more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Home security systems are one of the most effective and simplest options for preventing burglaries and there are many providers so you can find a system that fits your needs and budget. Read the Best Home Security System article to learn more about the different types of systems. For 2015, FrontPoint was awarded the Top Home Security System. Runners up included Protect America and Lifeshield in 2nd and 3rd place.

Dowel Rods

Dowl Rods are a popular solution to keeping your sliding glass door closed. Even if the latch on your sliding glass door is disengaged, the dowel rod will hold it shut and the burglar will be unable to open the door. Your door should also be equipped with patio sliding door curtains or blinds to make your glass entry less inviting. A dowel rod will keep them from coming in, but the right window treatments will keep them from wanting to.

DIY Anti-Jimmy Plate

Being able to lifting your sliding door right out of its tracks makes the job incredibly easy for your burglar. To make an anti-Jimmy plate, screw a strip of metal or wood into the recess of the upper track of the door. It should be fill the vertical space between the door and its frame without hindering the door from sliding open easily.

Dog Ownership

Dog ownership is undeniably an effective means to deter burglars and is one of the many benefits of having man’s best friend as part of the family. Large dogs are intimidating, and even small dogs can have a loud bark that can alert the neighbors or wake you up to let you know if there is a problem in the home. Their keen sense of smell and ‘always on the lookout’ attitude could save you from being a victim of burglary. Dogs are a long term responsibility, and it should be noted that warding off intruders should never be the sole reason for owning an animal.

Maintain a Well Lit Property

This falls under the category of regular maintenance. It’s unsafe for your home if your lights are malfunctioning, not to mention inconvenient. Have you ever come home to a dark house and tried to find your keys? Give your home the best shot it has by keeping the entry points well lit. The chances of being seen or caught are much higher in well-lit areas.

Home security is important. Its worth a few extra precautions to ensure that your home, belongings, and your family is safe. While your sliding glass doors are aesthetically pleasing, would-be burglars might just see them as an alternative entry point. With custom window treatments, you can maintain your privacy. Ask your design consultant about our patio door curtains and sliding door blinds. They may just mean the deciding factor of whether someone breaks into your home.