An Inside Look at Our Product Innovation Summit in Ensenada, Mexico

Courtesy of the Ensenada Tourism Board.

When most people think of Ensenada, Mexico, they think of an exciting, sunny, history-rich tourist destination with world-class beaches, shopping, dining, sunsets and wineries.  Many people have great vacation memories of this seaside resort.

However, when we think of Ensenada, we have a slightly different take, because that is where the 3 Day Blinds factory is located, so we think of the talented people who make our products, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and the techniques that go into creating each unique product, which involve a lot of skill, hand work and love. 

While our factory does not have a gorgeous ocean view, it is beautiful to all of us, because it is the engine that allows us to deliver on the promises we make to our clients of delivering high quality, stylish, custom window treatments – fast!

From Left to Right: Lorena Jimenez, Michael McCarty, Betty Arce, Karina Castro, Xavier Esparza, Oscar Cobala, Karin Jeske, Jason Hendricks, Natalie Niverson, Jeff Miller, Frank Gutierrez, Chris Barth

This week, a group of us from the Corporate Office in Irvine, along with two of our Installation Directors, took a trip down to the factory to discuss the exciting, new product innovations that we are working on for 2012. 

It was great to have the collaboration of manufacturing, engineering, product development, merchandising, client care and installation in the same room.  We brainstormed a long list of ideas, and grew to better understand the challenges that each group faces.

“It was my first visit to the 3 Day Blinds factory, and it really opened my eyes,” said Jason Hendricks, an Installation Director.  “I was fascinated with the way the products are made, and I really enjoyed sharing with the factory management how exciting it is for me to install the products they make and how happy our clients are when they see how new window treatments can transform a room.”

Xavier Esparza, the General Manager at the Ensenada facility raved about the breakthrough ideas that  developed during the course the meetings, “After running this factory for many years, I am amazed at all the new ideas that are now on the table to improve the products and our processes.”

We were also given an in-depth tour by factory management to bring us up-to-date on all of the new technologies they have developed since our last visit.  Take a look!

The shipping docks at one of the four buildings on the 3 Day Blinds campus.

The factory floor is always buzzing with activity.

Two tractor trailor trucks leave the 3 Day Blinds factory every day.

Jason, Chris and Mike evaluate a headrail system.

Oscar Corbala, who manages Vertical Blind, Roller and Roman Shade production, as well as Extrusion and Roll Forming.

Karina Castro, who manages Honeycomb, Pleated, Woven Wood, Horizontal Sheer and Simply Sheer Shade production.

Betty Arce, Import/Export Manager in the warehouse that holds all of our back-up inventory.

Lorena Jimenez, who manages Mini, Wood, Faux Wood and Vinyl Blind production.

Natalie, Oscar, Chris and Jason look at a new extrusion for vertical fabric channels.

Mike presents his engineering recommendations to the team.

Mike McCarty shows how wood blind valances are cut.

Our Core Values, translated into Spanish, hang in all of 4 of our buildings on the 3 Day Blinds Ensenada Campus.A vertical blind headrail, which started as a flat piece of steel, comes out of our roll forming machine.

Vertical blind headrails in production.

Frank Gutierrez demonstrates the smooth operation of a Simply Sheer Shade on the production floor.

Karin Jeske tests a safety feature on a cutting machine that requires two hands to prevent accidents. All 10 fingers are still intact!Inventory is organized on shelves, and managed with scanning technology.

The team in the Specialty Shade department where we make shades in different shapes.

Marisol Garcia, Simply Sheers Assembler making a valance.

I don’t speak Spanish, but I think this means something REALLY GOOD!

Angélica Aviña, QC Inspector models our work gear, which incorporates our core values.

Isabel Mora, Horizontal Sheer Assembler making a shade.

Teresa Salinas, QC Inspector

Maria de Jesus Hernandez, Woven Wood Shade Assembler, doing the handwork necessary to create a beautiful shade,

Alfredo Soltero, QC Group Leader, inspecting fabric to make sure it is defect-free.

Octavio Roblero, Woods Pre Assembler, cutting the slats to the exact width.

Margarita Gonzalez, assembling a Mini Blind.

Jorge Martinez, assembling a Faux Wood Blind.

Veronica Peña, assembling a Woven Wood Shade.

Hugo Garayzar, cutting fabric for a Roman Shade.

An embossing wheel adds texture to a vertical blind slat before the plastic solidifies.

Vertical Blind slats ready to ship.

We arrived by car, not cruise ship. Courtesy of the Ensenada Tourism Board.

A view from one of the resorts in town.

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