Plantation Shutters

Adding Shutters Inside Your Home 3 Day Blinds

Plantation Shutters

Adding Shutters Inside Your Home

When you think about shutters, the first thing that comes to mind might be the kind meant for the exterior of one’s home. But, interior (or plantation) shutters are making a comeback among the interior design cognoscenti, and with excellent reason.

Interior shutters quickly add style and value to a home. They are often seen in restored historic buildings, as they possess a high degree of old-world-style authenticity. Not only that, but they are also extremely durable and easy to maintain, and provide excellent privacy, insulation and light-level control.

Plenty of Options for Interior Shutters

Our timeless hardwood shutters are available in richly painted, stained and rustic finishes, and our durable polymer shutters come in a variety of whites and off-whites.

The options, however, don’t end with finishes and materials. Our plantation shutters are available with 2 ½”, 3 ½”, or 4 ½” louvers, astragal or rabbeted stiles to reduce light gap, magnetic or button catches for securing your shutter panels to the window frames, and more.

Of course, we offer our shutters in many configurations, as well. Whether you’re looking for a set of café shutters for the kitchen, a bypass shutter for a sliding-glass door, or custom shapes such as arches, octagons or circles, 3 Day Blinds can customize your interior shutter solution with ease.

Plantation Shutters for Every Application

Generally, it is best to select polymer shutters for areas where moisture or messes are a potential issue, such as kitchens, children’s bedrooms, and bathrooms. They boast the appearance and texture of our hardwood shutters, and they are water resistant, non-toxic and fire-retardant, too.

The double-hung configuration is especially popular for bathrooms, as it offers both extra privacy and natural light simultaneously, as the top and bottom panels can be independently operated.

Despite the practical advantages that our polymer shutters afford, the richness of real hardwood is difficult to deny. Bedrooms, studies, dens and any other rooms that could use that extra touch of class are all ideal applications for hardwood plantation shutters.

Will Interior Shutters Work With My Décor?

Plantation shutters have been around for a very long time, and lend themselves well to a period-correct restoration of a Greek Revival or Federal-style home. However, their clean lines and ageless style make them a versatile window treatment, and a welcome design addition to nearly any home. 3 Day Blinds plantation shutters complement any style of interior, from art deco, to mid century, to ultra modern.