5 Reasons to Love Solar Shades

Solar Shades for your home

If you’e looking to maintain your view, yet reduce glare at the same time, consider the light diffusing characteristics of our beautiful Solar Shades. These beautiful shades come in a variety of stylish sheens and sheer fabrics. Solar Shades are designed to provide you privacy without sacrificing style.  With Solar Shades, you can have it all!

Learn why so many people choose Solar Shades for their home!

Solar Shades for your home

1) Fabrics & Hems 

Choose from an extensive selection of fabrics, textures, and even decorative hems. See one you like? You can customize your Solar Shades by picking the right hem to match the rest of your space. If you like a modern look, we recommend a standard hem. For a calming effect, look for the Classic Hem with the “ripple” edge.

Solar Shades can be used either alone or combined with other window treatments to provide perfect light control and give your privacy at the same time. Learn more about combining Solar Shades with other types of window dressings.

3 Day Blinds manufacturers a wide variety of window treatments in addition to being a preferred provider of Hunter Douglas window coverings. With our extensive design and customization options, we know you will find just what you are looking for.

Window Treatment hem options

2) Operating Systems

All of 3 Day Blinds’ Solar Shades use cordless operation systems. Choose between child friendly continuous Cordloop lifting systems and our Motorized units for ultimate innovative simplicity.

3) Mounting Systems 

A nice addition to our list of customization options is the ability to choose the way your window treatment is mounted. Its all about choice and we give you the options for both mounting styles and brackets. Mount it inside or outside the window depending on your preference. Check out for tips on installation.

4) Opacity Level Options

Our Solar Shades offer four different opacity levels. Depending on the direction your home is facing, you might want to consider a lower opacity percentage to allow less UV light to come through the fabric. Keep your home cool, protect your furniture, and reduce the glare by dressing your windows up with the latest fashion.

5)  Good for an Unobstructed View

Shades are an excellent choice if you have a great view and want to keep that clean, crisp look when you open up your windows. Your window treatments can be concealed with the choice of a Deluxe Valance. Solar shades are specifically designed to control incoming light without interfering with your view.

If you have a lot of sunlight coming in through your windows at mid-day, perhaps Solar Shades are for you. The options are almost limitless when it comes to customizing these versatile window treatments. We offer a superior customer experience because we believe that choice is everything. We’ll give you the ability to customize your Solar Shades to fit your home