4 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Cleaning can be a real drag and who has the time? Even though we might sometimes wish for a fairy godmother to help us like Cinderella. We’ve got some great tips to make cleaning go quickly.

Fairy godmother appearing to Cinderella

It’ll be OK. We can get through this.

Cleaning Window Treatments Made Simple

No matter what type of window treatment you have we have a method to clean it. Head over to our Care and Cleaning section.

Pillowcases for Dust Free Cleaning

Fan blades can be a tricky spot to clean. Often times, you’ll need a step ladder and then there’s a mess to clean up afterward. Take away the struggle of and use a pillowcase. Simply slip the pillowcase over the fan blades and you’ll have a bag to collect the dust!


Throw it Out!

One of the easiest ways to clean a space is by getting rid of your clutter. Maybe you’ve got a DIY project from Pinterest that you said you were going to finish. We’re not telling you to give up on your dreams, but if you have things that you haven’t used in 6 months, get rid of them. Donate them, throw them out do whatever, but get them out of your life. The relief you will feel from cleansing your space will help you exponentially.

Remove Light Scratches in Wood Furniture or Flooring

Now this might sound nuts, but you can use walnuts to remove light scratches in wood flooring or furniture. Simply remove the walnut from the shell and lightly rub on the affected areas. Your furniture and flooring will look great in no time.

Woman sighing with relief

And now that you’re done sit back and relax.

Obviously, it’s easier to have someone else do the work, but if you’re feeling like a real go-getter these tips will make the time fly by.