3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shades

3 Day Blinds v. Kim Kardashian

3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shades

Who wore it better?

Celebrity Kim Kardashian is considered one the leading fashion icons in the industry but 3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shade in Addison Verdant fabric certainly gives her a run for her money when it comes to floral prints.

Eye catching | Soft Roman Shade

While although Kim’s gown is definitely eye catching, it is catching all the wrong attention.  The winner of this category is 3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shade because it’s turning heads in the right direction. Sophisticated yet, elegant this Soft Roman Shade makes a dramatic statement in both pattern and style.

Versatile  | Soft Roman Shade

Kim also falls short of the Soft Roman Shade in the category of versatility. This gown probably shouldn’t be worn in the current floral print let alone any other pattern or color. The Soft Roman Shade looks exquisite in any room and comes in 5 different shade styles and over 160 fabrics exclusive from 3 Day Blinds. Now that is variety!

Fit | Soft Roman Shade

I’m not convinced that Kim’s dress is the best fit for a woman as far along in her pregnancy as she is. You know that saying, “it fits like a glove”? This dress takes that saying to an extreme, not to mention it certainly cannot be comfortable! On the other hand, the Soft Roman Shade will fit in any window perfectly. Because 3 Day Blinds brings the showroom to you, and handles everything- from measurement to the installation, you know your Soft Roman Shades will be a custom fit.

A valiant effort from Kim Kardashain but 3 Day Blinds Soft Roman Shade exceeds her gown in all areas of expertise. To get the 3 Day Blinds look in your home make a free appointment with one of our expert Design Consultants and they will have your home looking red carpet ready in no time.