3 Day Blinds Promotes Tikie and Greg!

tikie-holewski-greg-bibas-3-day-blinds-IMG_0141Promotions announced at 3 Day Blinds: Tikie Holewski is now Executive Vice President and Greg Bibas is now Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Hall, CEO at 3 Day Blinds, covered many exciting topics this morning during our Town Hall Meeting, including our rapid growth that is greatly out pacing the industry, our many new team members both in our Irvine Support Center and across the country, the success of our recent Drapery and Soft Roman Shade product launch, and recognition for the achievement of many teams and individuals throughout the organization. 

While there was much to applaud, there was no announcement more exciting than the news that 2 of our senior managers had been promoted to even more senior positions! 

Tikie Holewski has been promoted to Executive Vice President.  Tikie came to 3 Day Blinds in 2008.  Now, you’re probably thinking “Custom Window Coverings? An industry highly dependent on a strong real estate market and general economy?  2008?  Hope that worked out…”  Well, actually it has!  Since joining the company, Tikie has been heavily involved in human resources, operations, sales, general management, and the challenging task of guiding 3 Day Blinds through rough economic waters.  She was instrumental in developing the strategies that changed our business focus from storefront retail to to the highly effective shop-at-home services we now offer.  Tikie has been an energetic cheerleader at every step, exhibiting grace and humor when under pressure, and she deserves a lot of credit for transforming our company into a successful organization we are today, currently focused on maintaining our core values during a period of rapid growth, and delighting each and every client.  Because of her vast knowledge and supportive nature, most of us in management casually and affectionately refer to Tikie as our “Wingwoman”…  going forward that will be “Executive Wingwoman,”  thank you very much!

Greg Bibas has been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer.  Greg joined 3 Day Blinds in late 2010, at a time when we had defined our new strategy, but were mainly sustaining ourselves with the brand recognition and great reputation that caused clients to reach out to us based on remembering an ad from the late 90s, a friend’s recommendation or a past experience… all nice to have, but not a formula for the growth through new client acquisition that we all were wanting!  In an effort to find new customers, Greg immediately revved up our marketing machine with the testing, adjusting, and re-testing of programs he designed, all of which were executed with measurable marketing tactics.  Along the way, he also built a team of top-notch marketing professionals.  We’re happy to report that Greg’s approach, which provides great creative execution that communicates our value proposition, combined with highly sophisticated analysis has cracked the “secret marketing code”,  and we’ve actually had to ask him to slow down a few times, so the rest of us could catch up!  We’re excited to share that because Greg has been so successful in reaching clients who will benefit from learning about our fantastic selection of custom window treatments products, supported by our great service, we’re positioned for sustained growth, and this will allow us to provide a Superior Experience to more clients than ever.  And of course, that’s why we’re here.

Congratulations to Tikie and Greg from all of us!

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