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3 Day Blinds on Sell This House: Extreme


Sell This House Extreme

3 Day Blinds is thrilled to be featured in the season of A&E’s long running hit series Sell This House: Extreme. Tune in for this seasons premier this Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 10a/9c. Be sure to check out our Design Consultants, Helane Kramer and Jennifer Yun as they work side by side with host Tanya Memme, construction expert Charlie Frattini and designer Daniel Kucan in tackling these desperate homes.

Design Consultant Jennifer Yun describes working with the Sell This House Extreme team to be “an absolute joy, immediately I felt like we were family.” Jennifer felt the Sell This House Extreme team matched up with the 3 Day Blinds team perfectly, as they shared design tips and expertise.

A few more members that helped make this transformation come to life were 3 Day Blinds Authorized Installers, Jason Hendricks and Chris Barth and their installation team Carlos Ruiz, Gary Taylor and McKade Greer.

3 Day Blinds and Sell This House Extreme Cast

Pictured: Host: Tanya Memme, Design Consultant: Jennifer Yun

Jennifer describes her experience walking up to one of the desperate homes as, “whoa, this clearly needs a lot of work.” Reflecting on the results of the renovation Jennifer states, “I was absolutely mesmerized, you would never think that anyone could make that kind of transformation to a home in such a short time.”

What role did 3 Day Blinds have in transforming these homes into highly desired properties? Well of course, beautiful window treatments, but the creative cast were able to use 3 Day Blinds products to furnish the home in ways you wouldn’t imagine. When Jennifer watched Daniel Kucan decorating process unfold she thought, “this house looks crazy, how in the world is he going to make this all come together? And in the end he would surprise me every time and the home would look fantastic.”

With pressing deadlines unpredictable renovation complications one can never know what to expect on this seasons Sell This House Extreme episodes. Design Consultant Jennifer says you can expect one thing for sure, “a finished home that not only functionally is better to live in but aesthetically fabulous.”

3 Day Blinds is excited to be a part of the amazing transformations that take place on Sell This House Extreme, be sure to tune in Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 10a/9c and watch the magic unfold