3 Day Blinds Manufacturing Team Kicks off Zero Defect Program with BBQ

Frank Gutierrez, SVP, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, and Xavier Esparza, General Manager, Manufacturing put on their aprons and cook up a storm for the whole team.Zero defects from a factory that customizes 1000+ window treatment products with 6000 components in sizes from 8″ x 8″ up to over 200″ wide and 156″ in height, with dozens of unique options and upgrades that are made and shipped the day after the order is placed?  Sounds impossible, but the team at the 3 Day Blinds factory is focused on that goal.

To celebrate their already excellent quality record, and to kick off the next phase of the program where teams with focus like lazars on any materials or processes that can be improved, the management group treated the entire team of 160 people to a BBQ last week.  “Compared to the competition, our defect rate is very low, in fact, we’re very close to zero defects already,” said Frank Gutierrez, SVP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, “but we are striving to be the best we can, and the whole team is on board to make this happen.”

“We’re always busy, and focused on producing and shipping top quality custom blinds and shades, each with unique specifications.” said Xavier Esparza, General Manager, Manufacturing, “So, it was great to cook up a great meal and have a little celebration and fun on a sunny day.”

If you’re ready to deck your house out in perfectly and precisely produced custom window treatments made by this fabulous team, call us now at 877-614-3329.  One of our expert designers will visit your home, help you select the best products for your application and budget, measure your windows and arrange for installation.  Order your new custom  blinds or shades today and the team at our factory in Ensenada, Mexico can have them over the border tomorrow and deliverred the following day!  


Diana Vasquez, Lorena Jimenez, Adriana Silva, Betty Arce, Karina Castro, Sercin Tulgar, Dr. Maricarmen Campos, Maria Banquerigo, Citlalli González

The team from 3 Day Blinds Ensenada enjoys the BBQ. 

Sercin Tulgar, Supply Chain Manager, shows off her culinary skills.

Going back for seconds.

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