3 Day Blinds Managers Get “Beachy” With Each Other!

3-day-blinds-beach-party-management-P10304783 Day Blinds Management – Back Row: Vivian Vo – Director of Financial Planning, Feri Khosrowpour – Controller, Greg Bibas – SVP, Marketing, Karin Jeske – SVP Merchandising, Dave Hall – CEO, Kevin Rabbitt – former CEO, now CEO of NEP Broadcasting, Front Row: Tikie Holewski – SVP, Scott Mendez – VP Sales

Yesterday, Dave Hall, CEO of 3 Day Blinds, and his wife, Jackie invited Dave’s direct reports, along with their families, to their ocean front home on the Newport Beach Peninsula.  In all, 30 people showed up, and we spent some fun time getting to know our co-worker’s kids and spouses, playing in the sand, as well as enjoying some delicious food and drink.  The weather was great, the sunset was gorgeous, and it was a wonderful time.  Thanks Dave and Jackie!

3-day-blinds-management-party-mendez1-P1030486Kristie (carrying son #4, due in May), Blake, Scott, Carter and Grant Mendez, Hugo Nguyen3-day-blinds-management-party-P1030480Jackie Hall, Wayne Garton and Kristie Mendez

3-day-blinds-beach-party-gregLilah, Greg and Ariane Bibas3-day-blinds-management-party-P1030481Vivian Vo, Emily Rabbitt and Fer Khosrowpour

3-day-blinds-beach-party-P1030483Back: Emily, Sara and Kristen Rabbitt Front: Michael Rabbitt and Hugo Nguyen

3-day-blinds-beach-party-dave-hall-P1030488Dave Hall, Grillmaster

3-day-blinds-beach-party-vivianVivian and son Hugo Nguyen at dusk.

3-day-blinds-beach-party-P1030498Our hosts Dave and Jackie at the end of the night.

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