3 Day Blinds is Rallying! New Appointment Levels Set (and Still Rising)!

At 3 Day Blinds, our business is driven by successful Design Consultations that take place at our clients’ homes or offices.  We provide these consultations at no charge, because we are confident that we can find the ideal custom window treatments solution for every situation.  We’ve been making custom blinds, shades and shutters for happy customers since 1978, and we firmly believe that meeting with our clients in person, discussing their needs and budget, and looking at the actual windows is the best way to deliver on our core value of “Superior Client Experience”.

Left to Right: Mary Kay, Cristin, Karen, Erica, Kevin Rabbitt (in Rally Jacket), CEO, and Greg Bibas (at desk), SVP, Marketing. Not pictured: Deborah, Matt and Ronen.

Every week, Sunday through Saturday, we count our appointments. We obsessively compare actuals to forecast, to last week, to the same week last month and last year. This week, we have already scheduled a record number, but we are still stretching to reach a specific, beautifully round number with lots of zeros at the end!  We’ll let you know what happens.

So, when we have several consecutive weeks in a row where we see sharp increases in the number of appointments scheduled, we get pretty excited.  But does this “just happen” with no explanation?  We wish…  but not quite! 

Our CEO, Kevin Rabbitt, tries to convince us that when he wears his Rally Jacket, we excel. Now, I don’t in any way want to discount the obvious benefit of this unique, mis-matched, loud, plaid, yet expertly tailored garment (which we’ve noticed he coincidentally tends to wear on Fridays when we are already way ahead of plan), but even he concedes that without the additional hard, smart work of the people in 3 key departments, led by Greg BibasJeff Miller, and Scott Pickard, these new levels of success probably would never be reached. 

It all starts with Marketing.  Greg Bibas, SVP of Marketing joined us in December, and has continued to build the team with talented, fun people, focusing on initiatives such as empowering our design consultants to professionally build their local businesses, creating partnerships with other companies with a similar customer base, reaching out to past 3 Day Blinds customers, improving our website and online presence, creative direct mail campaigns, and much more! 

3 Day Blinds’ Appointment Team during a Friday afternoon lull in calls. Top: Kevin Rabbitt, CEO. Left to right: Rosa Aguirre, Scott, Diane, Ana, Julie, Josh and Nanci. Not pictured and probably on the phone: Chris, Esther, Glendy, Kendra, Liz and Lorne.

Second, comes our Appointment Desk.  Led by Jeff Miller, SVP of Client Care, and Rosa Aguirre, Appointment Desk Manager, this team is focused on getting as many qualified appointments on the calendars of our 200 fabulous Design Consultants as possible.  When a prospective client calls, the Appointment Team asks about their window covering needs and matches them with a Design Consultant in their neighborhood who can meet with them at a time that fits their schedule.  We have 15 team members focused on this effort, and this group usually gets A+ ratings when we survey our customers.

Scott Pickard, SVP of Sales and Kevin Rabbitt, CEO. Not Pictured: Our 11 District Sales Managers and our 200 Design Consultants who are busy serving clients!Third, comes our team Design Consultants, led by Scott Pickard, SVP of Sales, and 11 District Sales Managers.  They all bring professional backgrounds, intensive training and arsenal of 1000+ products, combined with their passion (another 3 Day Blinds core value) and motivation to serve their clients’ needs.  During the free consultation, they help their client choose the best custom blinds, shades or shutters for their home, take guaranteed measurements, provide a quote and arrange for installation.  And most products can be installed within 3 Days! 

Speaking of great products, Kevin suggested that we immediately start developing a Rally Jacket-Inspired Collection of Window Treatments. The next trend in window treatments? Not on my watch! As your blogger, and SVP of Merchandising, I would advise that you don’t wait to place your orders…  I am predicting a very long review process for that idea… 

So, book now. We need the appointments to meet our goal, and let’s be honest:  you need new window treatments. It’s a win-win! We can probably meet with you tomorrow, and have brand new custom blinds, shades or shutters professionally installed in your windows by next weekend.  Call 877-614-3329 or meet your local Design Consultant online right now!


UPDATE:  10 PM Mar 12, 2011:  Well, the final count is in, and we are just short of reaching our “stretch goal”, but we still set a new all-time record! Watch for a news flash next week!

UPDATE:  10 PM Mar 19, 2011:  A week later, we hit that magic number, and today was our best sales day ever!  Way to go, team!

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