3 Day Blinds Focuses on FAST Delivery!

At 3 Day Blinds, we make over 1000 products that can be delivered in 2 business days, each of which can be customized in almost an infinite number of ways.At 3 Day Blinds, we’re known for our quality, style, service, and of course, as our name implies, speed.  We’ve been in business since 1978 when our visionary founder began producing and delivering custom blinds in 3 days when the industry standard was about 4 weeks. It certainly would have been easier for us if he had chosen a different name for the company, but we love a challenge, not to mention delighting our clients!

More than 3 decades later, we promise to have your custom blinds and shades installed in 3 business days. With the Holiday season upon us, it’s already too late to order from many of our competitors, but our customers can order any of the 1000 custom blinds and shades we make in our factory as late as December 20th, and still have their new window treatments installed before Christmas!

Michael Kopp, our Design Consultant who covers Phoenix, Cave Creek and Scottsdale, AZ shared two recent stories about clients who needed their window treatments fast.  “Barbara had 25 out of town  guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and was so busy with her preparations, she thought she had missed her opportunity to order new window treatments.  She was so excited by all of the choices I was able to offer her just days before the holidays, and she chose the perfect shades that we customized to her decor and light contol needs.  As promised, they were delivered and installed before her first guest rolled into town.  She was delighted,” says Michael.  “Sandy is a new business owner and was planning the Grand Opening for her new fitness center.  Like Barbara, she thought that we had waited too long and might have to buy off-the-shelf products as a temporary fix.  It was a thrill to find the perfect window coverings and to see them installed before her big day.  I am so proud to work for a company that can deliver on so many amazing promises.”

Georgia Moore is the 3 Day Blinds design consultant who covers Brea, Placentia and Fullerton, CA.  She finds that very often her clients need their custom window treatments fast, but the reasons vary greatly.  “In the past month, I have had several clients that were getting their homes ready for the holidays, but also one who wanted to cover her daughter’s windows fast because of safety concerns after a neighborhood break-in, and another whose husband who was coming home after a hospital visit and needed room darkening shades to make it easier for him to sleep during the day,” she said.  “I love surprising my clients with the news that their window treatments can be installed in 3 business days.  But when I see the actual problems I am helping them solve, some that involve serious concerns, it really makes my work meaningful.”

Gerald Novatny, who covers Glendale and Phoenix, AZ had a different observation.  “Of course, as our name suggests, people expect us to be fast.  What surprises them is the vast selection of products that we can produce, ship and professionally install in 3 days, made to their exact specifications.  Often they think they will have to settle for a very basic product.  When I show them that they can choose from 12 different product categories, 1000 materials and almost an unlimited number of options, customized for their needs, they are always impressed.”

“I recently met with a couple who moved into a new home with no window treatments, had a baby and were planning to have company arriving, all in the same week!” says Erin Kelly, 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant covering Brea, San Dimas and LaVerne, CA.  “With the new baby, the lack of privacy and the bright sunlight coming in during the day, they were all sleep-deprived.  They were very unclear about what the right window treatments would be, but I was able to find the right solution for every room.  I first met with them on Tuesday, and their window treatments were installed that Friday.  They called me afterwards, and told me that they were thrilled with their window treatments and that they had a wonderful visit with their family that came in from out of town.”

If you need custom window treatments fast, call us.  If you thought it was too late to redecorate your windows for Christmas, that is only true if you are reading this on December 21!  Otherwise, call us at 877-614-3329 or schedule online, and let’s get this taken care of!  Our Designers will provide a free consultation and help you choose the perfect window treatments for your budget, style and technical needs such as insulation or light control.  And they can show you how you can rest assured that we will deliver and professional install your new window treatments in a little as 3 business days!

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