3 Day Blinds and Casa Teresa Partner in Charity Drive to Aid Young Women

Helping those in need, especially this time of year, has always come naturally to 3 Day Blinds. To continue this welcome tradition, this fall the company is partnering with Casa Teresa, a non-profit organization that provides a temporary home and on-going support for women in need of assistance. For their part, 3 Day Blinds is asking every employee at the company to get a gently used purse, either their own or from their wife, mother or friend, and fill it with essentials such as a tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, lip balm , wipes, sanitizer, hair ties, and other like items. The purse and items inside will be donated to Casa Teresa and distributed to women in need- those who have perhaps been battered and had to flee their homes, or are homeless due to other unforeseen circumstances.

3 Day Blinds is inviting all of those who wish to participate in this charity can obtain a gently used purse or the personal items listed above for donation. The company has also established an email for those seeking a direct response to questions, at: givingback@3day.com.

In past years, 3 Day Blinds has partnered with other organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, in an ongoing effort to give back to the community and help those in need. To help ensure the success of this charity drive, the company is encouraging those who wish to participate to make their donation of essential items before Thanksgiving.