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Introducing MoodBoost Drapery Panels!


If you’re like most of us, you’re sure to have experienced a less than perfect day. Sometimes all we want is to come home, shut the world out, and enjoy all 6 seasons of our favorite TV show. Put those days behind you with 3 Day Blinds MoodBoost Drapery Panels.

3 Day Blinds partnered with a team of researchers and color analysts to best find which colors help fight off or complement whatever mood you are in. Do you have a case of the blues? Using our new MoodBoost drapery panels and accompanying app, you can change a frown upside down! On the other hand, maybe you’re having a party and want to amplify the positivity and good vibes!

How it Works

The team at 3 Day Blinds interlaced color changing LED lighting in between the liner and the fabric of our drapery panels. The lights connect to a battery powered Bluetooth transceiver controlled by our new MoodBoost app. It’s simple, all you have to do is tell the app how you’re feeling and if you want to feel more of that mood or less of that mood. Based on your answers the LED lighting will change to help bring you out of that funk or help you ride that wave of accomplishment.

The Future of Mood Changing Drapery Panels

While the initial kinks and bugs are being worked out we are excited to announce that we are looking into nano-receptor and sensor technology. This will allow us to forgo the app all together and you will be able to see the mood change in the room as soon as you walk in. The idea being that as soon as you walk in you can have a list of emotions and say things like “Happier” “Romantic” or any other emotion and the colors will change. Furthermore, we hope to mix emotions, for example, “80 percent excitement, 20% surprise” this will help set the proper mood for ANY event. Look for them in the far future!

UPDATE: This was our April Fools Day joke for 2017.