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Join our Team at 3 Day Blinds

3 Day Blinds is THE Place to Work. Join the Team!

At 3 Day Blinds our tagline is, You’ll Love The Treatment®. This applies not only to the experience we seek to provide our customers, but also to our employees. We offer exciting career opportunities in a fast paced, dynamic and innovative environment where great performance is recognized and rewarded!

Company Culture

In a recent survey, 90% of our employees answered that 3 Day Blinds meets or exceeds their expectations in overall satisfaction. We are a fast growing company that enables employees to grow professionally by providing support and the training to succeed. 3 Day Blinds provides a great career path for you to hone your skills in a dynamic and innovative environment.

At 3 Day Blinds, we love to have fun. Our Customer Care Team especially enjoys regular contests and giveaways as well as holiday dress up parties and lip syncs.

3 Day Blinds is hiring! Find jobs in customer care Holidays at 3 Day Blinds Holidays at 3 Day Blinds

3 Day Blinds Core Values 

We are dedicated to building a winning culture that represents our core values.

3 Day Blinds Core Values


We are looking to expand our Customer Care Team and Appointment Sales teams by adding professionals who have the right skills, expertise, and experience to satisfy our client’s unique purchasing needs. Do you enjoy working with a team? Do you have excellent communication skills? If so, 3 Day Blinds is looking for someone like YOU to join our team!

To apply to our Customer Care Team, send your resume to

Apply online to join our Appointment Sales Team.

Use natural light to accent your room’s interior with Honeycomb Shades

5 Tips to Brighten Up A Dark Room

Breathe new life into your living space with some quick tips and tricks to brighten up the space. If you’re afraid your home is looking a bit drab or simply want to lighten it up, there are plenty of things you can do.

Use natural light to accent your room’s interior with Honeycomb Shades

Secrets to Lighten Up a Room

Bringing light to a dark room will drastically make it more appealing. Don’t resort to structural changes before trying out these easy tips. With a few simple adjustments to your home decor, you can make your home look larger and more inviting. Replace your Blackout Curtains with Honeycomb Shades, add an accent wall, choose items with reflective surfaces, and carefully choose the placement for candles and lamps.

Accent Walls

The first step to opening up a small space is to choose paint colors that will lend a sense of openness to a room. An accent wall will give a room a greater sense of depth and space by visually pushing it backwards. Play with color and contrast to make your space seem more inviting. Try out dark accent colors such as navy, gray, or red.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades from 3 Day Blinds are made up of hexagon-shaped cells that allow the shades to filter sunlight. There are a multitude of opacity choices, from Transparent, to Light Filtering, to Room Darkening. The beauty of these types Honeycomb Shades or otherwise called Honeycomb Blinds, is that they provide privacy without blocking sunlight from entering the room. If you want to use natural light to lighten up the space, Honeycomb Shades are a go-to window treatment because of their versatility.

Candles and Lamps

Strategically place your lamps and candles in places that will enhance their effect and brighten up the room. Place a floor lamp at the back corner on either side of a space to brighten the room from side to side. Also consider placng the light source next to a reflective surface.

Add Some Sparkle

Reflective surfaces will make a plain room look larger and brighter. You will want to add some crystal photo frames, mirrored coasters, or a mirror rectangular coffee table to your home decor. This stylish Marni Mirrored Rectangular Coffee Table can be found at Pottery Barn. Nordstrom offers a beautiful selection of reflective photo frames including these Kate Spade ‘darling point’ and ‘grace avenue’ picture frames.

Paint the Ceiling White

Don’t go the extra mile to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. A dark ceiling will loom over you, making the room feel small. Paint the ceiling white and the room will immediately open up.

There are several ways you can make your room visually more appealing and make it appear brighter and larger. Before opting for structural changes, be sure to check out different types of window treatments. Honeycomb Shades could drastically change your living space.

Use natural light to accent your room’s interior with Honeycomb Shades



Colorado's Best talks about 3 Day Blinds Bamboo Shades, Venetian Blinds, Plantation Shutters, and more!

Colorado’s Best: Rejuvenate Your Home with New Window Treatments

There are so many choices when it comes to window treatments. That’s why 3 Day Blinds provides free in-home consultations so you can see the products and how it would look in your home. The CW 2, invites 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant, Harmony Nekvasil, to Colorado’s Best, to talk about our custom window treatments.

Rejuvenate Your Home with New Window Treatments

Window Treatment Trends

3 Day Blinds offers over 1,000 different custom window treatments. Some of the products trending in the market right now include Bamboo Shades and Soft Roman Valances.

Bamboo Shades

Our beautiful Bamboo Shades are eco-friendly and our raw material comes from sources that are renewable or sustainable. This year we updated our line with 24 new patterns. If you want to incorporate natural elements in your home, Woven Woods, otherwise called Bamboo Shades or Bamboo Blinds, are a great way to go. We worked with our weavers to develop exclusive designs and colors that you will only find at 3 Day Blinds.




Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

3 Day Blinds stepped in to bring new Window Treatments to the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.  This amazing organization makes it their mission to enhance the quality of life for children with cancer and their families by providing financial and emotion support. They advocate for increased research funds and raising public awareness. We are so grateful for everything they do and were thrilled to give their office a Window Makeover.

Children's Hospital 12

NNCCF Gets a Window Makeover with New Venetian Blinds

3 Day Blinds added these beautiful new Venetian Blinds to their office space. It gives it a clean, polished look and pairs well with their curtains.
See the difference Venetian Blinds can make in an office or a home!

3 Day Blinds gives the Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation a Window Makeover with new Venetian Blinds

Before and After

Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation gets a winodw makeover with new Venetian blinds

Before and After

Meet the Staff at NNCCF and our Design Consultant

Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation gets a winodw makeover with new Venetian blinds

From left to right:

1) Lisa Shaffer, Community Outreach Specialist

2) Dennis Andrews, Andrews Installations – 3 Day Blinds

3) Sabrina Kennedy, 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant

4) Lauren Lake, Project Manager

5) Leslie Katich, Director of Programs and Services


Spruce up your home for spring with 3 Day Blinds Plantation shutters, custom shades, perfect fit blinds, and more.

Boston Herald Radio – Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

“Spring is the time for plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Sprucing Up Your Home For Spring!


This Spring, give your home a fresh new look with 3 Day Blinds custom window treatments. Boston Herald Radio Host and Columnist, Jacklyn Cashman contacted 3 Day Blinds to share her experience with our brand.

Before meeting with her design consultant, Sara Morin, Jaclyn was not sure what type of window treatments she wanted, whether she should go with Plantation Shutters, Custom Curtains, Shades, or Blinds. Without our free in-home consultation, Cashman admits, “I would have gone with a product that frankly wouldn’t have given me the light that I needed.”

At 3 Day Blinds, we strive to delight our customers and offer them the guidance and design expertise needed to make their home look and feel wonderful with new window treatments. We love what we do and we are so thrilled to help Jaclyn Cashman and other customers like her find the right window treatments for their space. Check out our Plantation Shutters, Custom Curtains, Shades, Blinds, and more!

3 Day Blinds can help you redesign your home with Custom Window Treatments. Take it from Jaclyn Cashman:

“3 Day Blinds did not contact Jaclyn Cashman and Boston Herald radio and say hey  lets do an endorsement deal. Jaclyn Cashman contacted 3 Day Blinds after I had a really good experience with you guys and said you should be advertising on Herald Radio. More people should know about you. I will endorse your brand. I’m very happy.”


Spring is the time for plans and projects. Give your home a fresh new look with 3 Day Blinds window treatments.

Choose 3 Day Blinds for made to measure curtains, perfect fit blinds, and blackout curtains

Boston Herald Radio – Why Choose 3 Day Blinds

Boston Herald Radio – Why Choose 3 Day Blinds


Custom Fit

Do you want your Blinds to sorta look like they fit, or do you want perfect fit blinds?

3 Day Blinds window treatments are Made To Measure. By this, we mean that you are guaranteed a custom fit. You may have asked yourself, “How hard can it be to measure a Window?”, but there are all different ways to measure and a hundred ways to get it wrong. Check out our measuring guide for details. Give yourself the peace of mind and call 3 Day Blinds or schedule an appointment online. We will Design, Measure, and Install your Window Treatments while you relax.

Boston Herald Radio Host and Columnist, Jaclyn Cashman describes our “Room Darkening” Shades as a Blackout Shades because the custom fit minimizes the amount of light that can enter a room. See for yourself how our Made to Measure Curtains, Blinds, Shades, or Drapes can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Most Mother' don't get enough sleep. Get blackout window treatments to help you sleep.

Window Treatments to Help You Sleep

Light and darkness are powerful cues that tell your body when it is time to rest or start a new day. For parents and babies especially, its important to regulate the amount of light that comes into the room to get the best quality sleep.

Light and Melatonin

Our ability to sleep is tied to light exposure and our melatonin levels – a hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle. According to the National Sleep Foundation:

“Exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the retina in the eye to an area in the brain called the hypothalamus. There, a special center called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) initiates signals to other parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake.”

Studies show that “exposure to room light during usual hours of sleep suppresses melatonin levels by more than 50%.” Without Blackout Curtains or Room Darkening Window Treatments, our bodies will not be able to properly regulate our melatonin levels and get the sleep we need.

Blackout Curtains, Blinds, or Drapes

True “Blackout Curtains” do not exist because there will always be that “halo” of light between the window frame and the covering. Even the best Blackout Curtains, Blinds, or Drapes cannot completely “blackout” a room, but 3 Day Blinds Room Darkening Window Treatments come close. 3 Day Blinds Room Darkening Window Treatments can help mothers everywhere put their infants to sleep and get a much needed and deserved night’s rest.

Get the right window treatments to help you sleep.

Choose from our huge line of Woven Woods, sometimes called Bamboo Blinds or Bamboo Shades.

New Woven Wood Trends from 3 Day Blinds!

We’ve updated our line to include some fabulous new Woven Wood Window Treatments for Your Home. We are so excited to show our customers these new additions!

Woven Wood Shades, also known as Bamboo Shades and Matchstick Shades, can add the natural touch of the outdoors to your interior living space. Add a liner for enhanced privacy or Room Darkening options and choose from our many mounting and operation systems.


Woven Wood Shades are Both Eco-friendly and Beautiful!

We all want to be eco-friendly, and at 3 Day Blinds, we believe in only purchasing our raw materials from sources that are renewable or is a sustainable resource. Our window treatments are crafted from renewable bamboo, wood, reeds, and grasses. Bamboo is an incredible natural resource because it grows fast, is better for the air, controls soil erosion, and is stronger than hardwood. Find out more reasons to choose Bamboo for your Blinds or Shades. 3 Day Blinds can help you choose window treatments that incorporate natural elements in your homes that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Elevate your home’s look from ordinary to extraordinary!

Woven Wood Shades:

  • Perfect for media rooms, when ordered with room darkening liner
  • Ideal for rooms furnished with rich wood tones
  • Great for areas where light is desired but privacy is needed, when ordered with Top Down Bottom Up operating system
  • Perfect for windows for which you desire a designer look, especially with decorative edge binding

Schedule a free in-home consultation to talk to a design consultant and get the latest Woven Wood Trends for your home!