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How to Clean Your Window Treatments by 3 Day Blinds

How to Clean Your Window Treatments

Choosing the right window treatment is an emotional decision as well as a financial investment. You thought long and hard before making your selection. Now that you have those perfect drapes, shutters, blinds, or shades in your home, its time to read up on how to maintain the beauty of your custom window treatments for years to come. Learn how to clean your blinds, shades, and drapes.

How to Clean Your Window Treatments by 3 Day Blinds


Window treatments are more than just for decoration. By caring for your window treatments, they will not only look better, they will help you prevent health problems and protect your belongings. Did you know that window treatments help protect your furniture, flooring, and accessories from damage caused by sunlight? Without the proper care, dust and dirt can build up causing allergies and respiratory issues. By regularly cleaning your window treatments, you can cut down on household allergens and extend the life of your investment. Follow these steps to maintain the beauty of your custom 3 Day Blinds window treatments for years to come.

3 Day Blinds Care & Cleaning 

All Products

• Dust regularly with lambswool or feather duster.
• Carefully vacuum periodically with the brush attachment.


How to Clean Blinds

There are several types of blinds and many of them require different procedures for cleaning. Find out how to clean your blinds by the types listed below.

Horizontal Metal, Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

• Use wood dusting spray and wipe dry.
• Rub with a dryer sheet to slow down dust collection.

Honeycomb blinds, Sheer Vertical Blinds & Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds

• Use a hair dryer on the COOL or WARM setting to blow dust out of the channels.
• Wash vertical fabric casings on Sheer Vertical Blinds in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and immediately re-hang on the window treatment with towel beneath.
• Do not place in dryer.
• Always spot test a non-prominent small area first for Flexcell Honeycomb Blinds and Sheer Vertical Blinds.
• Clean with damp cloth and mild detergent for Honeycomb Blinds and Sheet Vertical Blinds.


How to Clean Shades

Many shades can be cleaned similar to the cleaning methods listed for blinds. Follow these cleaning procedures for your honeycomb and horizontal sheer shades.

Honeycomb & Horizontal Sheer Shades

• Use a hair dryer on the COOL or WARM setting to blow dust out of the channels of your shades.
• Always spot test a non -prominent small area first.
• Clean with damp cloth and mild detergent.
• Do not place in dryer.


How to Clean Curtains & Drapes:

• Dry clean only.


Don’t overlook your window treatments when cleaning your home. Our window treatments are made to last. Make your 3 Day Blinds window treatments look new again with the proper care and upkeep.

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Marsala Blog #1

Using Marsala in Your Home

Interior designers around the world were excited when color authority Pantone revealed its 2015 Color of the Year.  As its name would suggest, “Marsala” can be described as a rich, wine color. We should expect to see Marsala frequently on the runways and in home decor throughout the year.

You don’t need a complete design makeover to give your room a little pizzazz. Pantone’s Color of the Year works great with just about every color scheme. Start out simple with some centerpieces, rugs, or even  window treatments to refresh your interior space. Curtains are an easy way to add that pop of color, but don’t take our word for it. Check out these fabulous home decor designs for inspiration on how to use Marsala.

Marsala as an Accent 



These carefully chosen pillows add just the right amount of color and keep the room feeling light and open. Go a step further and add some tastefully placed window treatments to block out the mid day sun. If you are looking for a splash of color, Marsala’s earthy tone adds a nice contrast in any room.

Lamps, rugs, chairs, curtains, and even a table centerpiece can add that extra finishing touch to your space. Try out some fun accent centerpieces.

Marsala Blog #1

A bold accent wall or window treatments keep a room from looking stark and uninviting. Give your space a modern twist with a dark colored accent wall or drapes.




As a Contrast 

As a rich, bold color, Marsala certainly makes a statement when set in contrast to a white backdrop.  If you want a complete design makeover, here are some artistically designed spaces using Pantone’s Color of the Year.



As a Compliment

We think Marsala works as a nice compliment and brightens up the room. Consider a multicolored rug, or custom shades.


interior design

The possibilities are nearly endless because this shade is so versatile. Start out with some accent curtains, a valance or custom shades to add visual warmth to your home.

How will you use Marsala this year?