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Source: Huffington Post

Royal Window Treatments

Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

It’s a boy for Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Inspired by of the newest addition to the royal family, here are some tips on how to transform your place into a palace.

royal window treatments

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royal home decor

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Red is Royal

Whether it’s red painted wall, accent pieces or curtains and draperies, red symbolizes lushness and riches. 3 Day Blinds draperies in Kimberly Cardinal will give any room a touch of opulence and sophistication.

Royal home decor

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Modern Elegance

Not looking to totally recreate the Buckingham Palace, use baroque accent pieces to achieve a modern spin on royal home decor.

Royal home decore

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Glittery & Intricate

If there are two things that royalist love in home decor, it’s anything glittery and intricate. While traditional tones are golds, reds and purples, this neutral room is intricate and sparkly, certainly fit for a modern day royal.


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Consider Curtains & Drapes

The royal philosophy, more is more, certainly applies to their vision of home decor. Enormous and grand curtains are one of the most recognizable trends in royal decor. Not only did beautiful draperies add to the opulence royals were looking for, but they were a heating and insulation necessity. 3 Day Blinds has a variety of draperies made from stunning interior fabrics that can help you transform your place into a palace. 

Hopefully these royal decor tips have inspired you bring the opulence into your home. A great place to start is with your window treatments

After all, at 3 Day Blinds- You’ll love the “royal” treatment.

horizontal sheer shades

Window Treatments 101

horizontal sheer shades

What to consider when selecting window treatments?

There are many factors that go into choosing the right window treatments for your home. Style and function are probably the most important elements to consider when in search of blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and draperies. Identifying what items are important to you when selecting window treatments can be difficult and that’s why 3 Day Blinds supplies you with a expert Design Consultant to guide you to the perfect window treatment solution. Here are a few elements our experts have identified as important factors to consider when selecting window treatments.

Window Treatment Privacy

The degree of privacy you feel is important often varies depending on room and preference, but certainly an important element to consider when selecting window treatments. Do you prefer complete privacy, or a moderate degree to maximize light? If you are looking for window treatments for your living room or office, you want to consider solutions that reduce glare. 3 Day Blinds has excellent privacy options in all respects.

Window Treatment to Preserve a View

Many people run into the problem where they have a fabulous view and are hesitant to install window treatments but at the same time they would like to have a bit more privacy. 3 Day Blinds suggestion is to not block your view but frame it. A rule of thumb, wider louvers, or  slats on blinds and shutters will offer more “view space” when open. Another view preserving window treatment option is 3 Day Blinds top down/bottom up solution for shades and horizontal blinds.

Window Treatments that are Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a big priority these days, and window treatments can greatly impact your energy use. Something to keep in mind is a homes heating and cooling energy is most often lost through its windows. At 3 Day Blinds, we provide several energy efficient window treatments that will exceed you insulation needs and ultimately lower you heating and cooling costs.

Eco- Friendly Window Treatments

Going green has never been more in style than it is today. We all want to be more eco-friendly in the home and 3 Day Blinds can help! One window treatment solution that is especially eco- friendly is 3 Day Blinds Woven Wood Shade. Made from natural textures like bamboo, these shades are not only eco-friendly but create a sophisticated yet, natural look in the home.

While these elements are just a few to consider when selecting window treatments. 3 Day Blinds expert Design Consultants will help you identify which factors are important to you, and based off those needs they will guide you to the perfect window treatment solution for your home



Red Blinds

Red Blinds

The Pit Falls of Red Blinds

Red is a very distinct and popular color, however when used in a room for your walls carpet or red blinds it can be overpowering and may not really be what you are looking for. Sure red represents strength and passion, but also represents war and violence. Additionally anytime you try to adjust reds color you either get pink or burgundy, which by themselves are great but as colors to match your red blinds may prove to be a problem. This is why 3 Day Blinds recommends to it clients to choose a neutral based blind color and accent the new blinds with curtains of a red hue. This makes it easier to change if you get tired and you are guaranteed to not have any worries of fading from the sun as red does so often.  A 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant can assist you in finding the right blinds for your room with our free in-home consultations.  More ideas can be found here with examples of rooms that need blinds and the solutions that 3 Day Blinds provides.

Other Choices from Red Blinds

When contemplating those red blinds we have found that neutral colors work the best and with over 35 years of experience we know that you have to be extra careful as to the colors and styles you choose. You know those individuals in the 70s with their shag carpet? Well how disappointed where they when a few years later needed to replace it when it quickly went out of style. We know styles come and go, but going with a more neutral classic design, you will be more likely to enjoy your blinds for a longer period of time. At 3 day Blinds we don’t want to just provide you with blinds, we want to provide you with a sound purchasing process knowing that when you are happy you will enjoy our products much longer. If a darker hue is what you need, then we recommend using wood blinds which have a timeless appeal. Plus they have a texture-rich luster that provides a warm glow to any room. It is a great way to ramp up the design and feel of a room and not only adds a classy professional feel but helps to keep utility costs in check keeping the sunshine out and cool air in during summer months.  With our award winning website, three day blinds the blinds professionals that red blinds may sound great, but there are other alternatives to red blinds that are available to provide you with a happier finish.




What Louvers Are Right for My Window Treatment Needs?

In short, louvers are the horizontal slates that make up blinds and shutters. These horizontal slats, or louvers, can be angled to allow light or air into a room or home. Louvers can also be angled to keep out harsh weather conditions including snow, rain and bright and warm sunlight. The angle of the slats or louvers can be adjusted or fixed. Louvers are often constructed out of aluminum, wood, faux wood and even glass and can be opened and closed using a metal lever, motorized operators or pulleys. In considering different window treatments for the windows in your home, you should note that shutters make for an intelligent investment that basically pays for itself over time. 3 Day Blinds’ shutters come in wood and faux wood polymer that doesn’t warp, crack, fade or peel. You can choose painted or stained finishes for the slats/louvers to compliment your interior décor. Blinds at 3 Day Blinds come in a variety of finishes including wood and faux wood plus many more.


Louvers, Blinds and Shutters

In many rooms, windows tend to be the source of romance by setting a certain mood by filtering sunlight and casting a warm light upon the entire room. Romantic living rooms and bedrooms alike usually are best suited by window treatments that are warm and rustic, like wood or faux wood blinds. Quaint English cottage interior décor looks can be achieved with shutter or blinds. Even beach homes or island retreats are suited for faux wood blinds or shutters that feature horizontal faux wood louvers. One can adjust the angle of the slats or louvers during the daytime to add romantic lighting to a room. If you have a great view from the window you want to treat with window treatments such as blinds or shutters, you want to keep in mind that instead of blocking it, you want to frame the view. In this case, you want to select a window treatment that opens up the outside world while still suiting your other wants and needs in a window treatment. As a general rule, wide louvers or slats on shutters or blinds will give you a larger view space when open.

For an amazing selection of louvers visit our Award Winning Website, or contact one of our highly qualified Design Consultants to find the best louvers for your home.

3 Day Blinds blue

Trending- Summer Blues

When it comes to home decor trends the color blue consistently ranks as a highly desired color palette when decorating in and outside the home. Consumers are most attracted to shades varying from cool colbalt, indigo, and aquatic blues. It’s no wonder that once Summer rolls around these colors are popping up more than ever in all home decor items. Inspired by the many shades of blue trending in home decor here are a few 3 Day Blinds window treatment fabrics that complement any rooms look.3 Day Blinds blue

3 Day Blinds navy

3 day blinds blue